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  1. Kreso, we did almost all of those fixes and also some that are not documented here. You can find all of the changes in github: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/SpellRevisions/commits/master From Commits on Sep 12, 2018 (this is your beta 15) to Commits on Oct 25, 2018 are our fixes described. Grammarsalad is continuing this work on his github here: https://github.com/Grammarsalad/SpellRevisions
  2. It is just insert of SR spell description if it is overwritten by IR. Irrelevant if SR goes after main IR. EDIT: check it further, it just changes "Draw Upon Holy Might" to "Draw Upon Divine Might" in upgraded Purifier description.
  3. I went through IR & SR (original, not Bartimaeus Revisions), and IR main component should be definitely installed before SR. Other IR components can be after SR. Only IR component that checks for SR is 1030 Store Revisions, which in fact should be installed near end of everything, as it checks for Cursed Items, Rogue Rebalancing, SCS & aTweaks. I don't know when install order changed in BWS, but BWP (from which BWS took first install order), still install main IR component near beginning. Again, this is only for main, G3 IR & SR. For Bart's Revisions use his recommended order.
  4. I don't know. I remembered just now something Kreso said about side-effect of installing IR after SR: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=28894&page=14&do=findComment&comment=263240 This could be it.
  5. IR scrl15 also has same protections. Incantatar, check yours scrl15 itm & spl in NI. EDIT: Checked again, IR scrl15 does protect from spl604, not from spl604D, but it has immunity to petrification effect. So I think it should work, anyway, maybe... EDIT2: I think you are right, kreso_petrification.tph code in SR adds spl604 & spl604D to basilisk weapon, so scrl15 should have protection from both.
  6. Thank you, Bartimaeus, for kick-starting this release and tireless bug-reporting and fixing. Let's hope we can make it bug-free.
  7. Great, thank you! Now it works fine. Can you apply same fix to your other mods?
  8. First, I want to thank you for updating these 3 big mods. It is huge task and I think those are last ones that wasn't updated to EE (maybe only Dritz Saga, don't know). Second, I think that old engine has some problems with biffed files. It leads to, not only to failed installs, but to crashes ingame. That is why BGT ask you at beginning of install "do you want to biff all files or just some?". This is last example of crash Chevalier had: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/58231-announcement-lets-play-baldurs-gate-trilogy-mega/page-2?do=findComment&comment=604734 I also like your idea to have all files from each mod nice and all in same-named biffs, but unfortunately that won't work with old engine. Maybe with EE it is solved. Camdawg had also problems with Sensible Entrances and biffs. Why is that, maybe some veteran modder can explain. You can test it yourself. Install BG2 and then CtBEE, open NearInfinity and try to access shoutids.ids. It can't get file from biff. To be certain everything works, just biff files that old CtB biffed. Next, BGT should go after all those mods, because it was newer mod then those 3 and had checks for each one so they don't overwrite each other. Also, there were some corrupted files after installing CtBEE and RoT, I can check what are they and send you list, if you want. Thanks again for your work!
  9. Jarno, CTBEE is supposed to work on classic version and I (would like to) use it on classic version and use BWP to install my mods. How about putting new version number or something like that, not changing all, name of mod, folder name. They are supposed to be same mods. If they like EEEEE's so much they can attach it by version number or put it in readme's or name a topic, but why change folder name? And I agree about changes you propose, but they are not my mods. Weigo or Klatu or anybody else in last 20 years who made that check should change it. Are you sure? Didn't know that, thanks. One mod less. Even Leonardo always installs Tethyr Forest Patch with Worldmap.
  10. Thanks for explanation. It just seems that in this case, some files meant for EE slipped to original. From quick glance at my mod files, most mods check for data\CTB-RULE.bif or data\ROT-RULE.bif, but some like: Tethyr Forest Patch (don't know if it is included in CTB): REQUIRE_PREDICATE (MOD_IS_INSTALLED ~SETUP-CTB.TP2~ 0) Klatu Tweaks and Fixes: REQUIRE_PREDICATE MOD_IS_INSTALLED ~SETUP-CTB-CHORES.TP2~ ~0~ REQUIRE_PREDICATE MOD_IS_INSTALLED ~CtB/SETUP-CtB.TP2~ ~0~ Didn't go through them all. And changing names also breaks up BWP. It check for CTB and ROT in lot of places. I see no benefits of changing old mod name. Nobody will install CTB if they install "CTBEE".
  11. I'm sorry if I've been rude, didn't mean to. Should've contacted Weigo. I did another testing now with CtB and SOS, clean BG2 (with or without fixpack), and then started NI and it doesn't even load SHOUTIDS.IDS. Problem is with biffing. Both mods (probably same with RoT) biff ALL files from override. I think if IDS files are biffed, next mods can't pick it up, so they make new one. I commented line in tp2 that biffs all files, and it worked, but after testing, NI found few corrupted files, anyway (WED, CRE, not IDS). And I have a problem with changing name CtB to CtbEE and from setup-Rot To setup-RoTerror. Lots of years big mod (BGT, TS, CtB, RoT, SoS, TDD) detected each other with names of mods, if you change it, they don't detect each other. I can do thorough search and change name in every tp2, but it is not helping others. What I meant, I know there are some differences between engines and I know that mods for EE don't work on original, but if something works fine on original, it should work also on EE (maybe with some minor changes). I see that these weigo's mods have different ARE, WED, ITM files for old and for new engine. Is it really necessary? It leads to this corrupted error that I get EE file and somebody on EE gets old file. And we all had working file to begin with. I own EE's for PC and for Android, and play it mostly on tablet. But on my PC I still like old engine, main reason is that its mods are playtested to the bone. I'm too old to have crashes mid-game, again. NTotSC you did, and DSotSC are great examples how it should be done. ToA and Fishing For Trouble are also nicely done. All like original. Sorry again!
  12. I tried 3-4 installs and it erased it everytime. Can try few more to make sure... No, I didn't tell weigo, my fault, because I was too frustrated with lost time, just went back to old versions. Main reason I said it here, is that these conversion, with or without approval of original modder (don't know) should stay true to original mod. You participated in conversion of NTotSC, is it necessary to remove compatibility with old BG to make it compatible with EEs?
  13. Those are the ones I tried. Lost a week to make them work and didn't. Appreciate effort but in current state they are not good. As I said, some of these mods (CTB, I think), erases SHOUTIDS.IDS, so it breaks all mods that need it, compared with old version, some of the resources are missing, after installing (ROT, I think) lots of files gets corrupted (NI check).
  14. This is happening a lot and I don't like it. Why break old tested mod to make new buggy one? I lost last week trying to install BWS recommended CTB, ROT & SOS from github, which is now in very bad shape, destroys some IDS so it breaks mods that go after, lots of missing resources, who knows what bugs I may encounter in the game... Went back to old tested versions. Who needs broken mods at all cost? EEs are now mostly bugfixed, why introduce new bugs with breaking tested mods? K4thos & jastey (Thanks!!) did a great job on DSotSC and NTotSC, fixing bugs, improving mod, keeping old compatibility, and made possibly for EE. I wish somebody will do same with rest of big mods (CTB, ROT, SOS & TDD).
  15. It doesn't work in v30, also. Yeah, you probably already fixed it new version. Can't wait for new release.
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