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  1. WeiDU since v240 can fetch files of MENU type (along with LUA, TTF and PNG) from biff archives automatically.Maybe an error with that feature of weidu with macs though? Probably not a ton of other mods attempting to edit ui.menu on macs maybe?
  2. Once you get weidu down problems like this would not be as big a deal because you can install and reinstall at will. If you get this working now with your custom tweaks when a game update or new version of EET or whatever and you would have to hack everything together again at that point. Better to use weidu.
  3. Do you really believe that? Yes I really believe that if enough people complain about it on Beamdog, they will notice and possibly change it. If no one says anything there nothing will happen for sure.
  4. I'd like Beamdog to convert those pseudo-banters to dialogue instead of Stringhead. We should leave the fixes to them. I guess that's the best course in this case. It is best not to fix something that they've (arguably) messed up - just in case they decide to change it themselves sometimes in the future. If you were to change it now and they change it in the future, then you've made something incompatible and you'd have to change it on your end. So you'd be making more work for yourself. If it's too much work for EETweaks then don't do it. If it was in EETweaks (or another tweak pack) then I would install it now but just in case they change it themselves in the future I wouldn't recommend making it a default part of EET.
  5. Not all mods are compatible with EET and some require fixes. Check this thread: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27741&page=1
  6. Yes mine changes during Thalantyr's dialogue at the point where he's transformed from chicken to man. Cool that there's no conflict. Glad you like it.
  7. wow, you've actually implemented the random portrait assigning? If I remember correctly I offered you help to write something like this but became distracted with these RC releases. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to try it out. here is cpmvars file for IWD-in-EET : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35433122/iwd_in_eet_cpmvars.tpa As you can see only 9 CRE files have been renamed, so probably nothing has to be changed in your mod. As for IWD2 content nothing is since almost all IWD2 resources already have 2 number prefix, so they don't conflict with other games. About half the 4K+ speakers are specifically assigned and about half can be randomly (or sequentially) assigned. It runs through all the possibilities first before reusing portraits. (thanks argent77 and others here). It's pretty cool.
  8. Agree with Argent. If they fix it later at Beamdog then your custom fix might Bork things up. Suggest reporting it as a bug on bd forums ...
  9. @K4thos I just released this:Portraits Portraits Everywhere. It's primarily for EET though it can install on IWDEE, BG1EE, or BG2EE also. I'm not sure how it will handle IWDinEET, if you are planning on renaming creatures or not. For my tests, I've been installing after EET-End. It patches a couple of dialogue triggers, but mostly just adds a portrait on small portraits of all speaking actors in EET.
  10. If a level 20 party is going to the vale of shadows, maybe they should just chunk everything and cruise along until they get to a point in the story that challenges them. But yeah iwd is so linear you don't have a choice but to run through everything in order. Your idea of average party level and different tiers of upgrades sounds good. How it will work in practice will have to be tested. Again suggest options being available. No increase, encounters scaled by average party level adjustment, and maybe a flat increase of the tiers as well (1, 2, 3,4). If you offer the flat increase, people can plan their attack of iwd at a certain point in their adventure and expect a certain level of difficulty.
  11. I see what you are saying about things like the Saradush guard soloing bg1. IWDEE and BGEE + BG2EE are for overlapping character levels. Maybe it'd be good to be able to hop back and forth between campaigns. Maybe a gem that allowed travel between the north and the south instantly or something would be a good idea. Also if scaling is to be introduced, perhaps an install option to add 2 hit dice to all creatures, 5 levels or automatic scaling which k4thos was already talking about.
  12. I'm not a huge fan of the scaling idea, suggest making it optional in IWDinEETTweaks.
  13. There's no way to have a bgdialog.tlk and a dialogue.tlk and just reference one or the other is there?
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