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  1. @jasteyYou are very welcome and thanks for hearing me out. I believe a simple rephrasing could go a long way to make it consistent. What about something like: "We can check this area for traps, if you desire."? I like it better than "any remaining traps" because the latter implies that there have been some whereas the first will cover every possibility. Cheers!
  2. And if I am not mistaken, there is full compatibility between Questpack AI and SCS. Please DavidW correct me if I am wrong. And welcome back!
  3. Found it. Unfortunately I am a BGT classic player so I won't be able to use it. Too bad and thanks anyway.
  4. Interesting mod this one too, temnix. You certainly show you have many good ideas but I have a simple question: where can we download Monsters Beat Enchantment which you recommend installing together with this modification?
  5. I like the idea of adding some variation to the most common type of NPCs. Good job. The antivirus is blocking the download for me (using Kaspersky). It would be nice to have an alternate download site.
  6. Thanks for your interest in my queries, jastey. Excellent! I'm not completely sure how DavidW did it but here's his code for it: DEFINE_ACTION_FUNCTION sarevok_traps BEGIN LAF edit_area STR_VAR area= ~%Undercity_TempleofBhaal%~ editstring="delete_trigger=>~trigger_type=0~" END END UPDATE: jastey, I can confirm you that the traps are completely removed from the area after installing that component.
  7. Hello again! The check should be for whether they exist at all or not actually. I am very rusty with scripting and I forgot practically everything but could a simple Exists("Trap1") work? If not, I guess your workaround is our best option. Oh what I mean was simply that the Sword of Chaos used by Sarevok isn't an ornamental/lore only item but rather a sword you are going to use later on. It doesn't seem internally very consistent that the first time you cannot use it and then you find it again and then it's perfectly usable. Cheers!
  8. Hello jastey! I'm interested in this modification of yours and I plan to use it whenever I'm going to play my BGT game again (2020...2021...2022... Who knows? ) and I have a couple of suggestions: 1) SCS's improved End-of-BG1 Final Battle SCS's component (which I personally use) removes the traps from the Undercity Temple so I was wondering if you could account for that in your "Flaming Fist Healer come into Undercity Temple" so that there won't be a scout offering to remove traps. This is the relevant .tp2 code from SCS: 2) About "Sarevok's Sword": there is a similar component for BGT in BGT Tweaks called "Put Sword of Chaos +2 in Sarevok's inventory" (component 27) which I used to install. Would it be possible to account for that component so that the sword you find using "Sarevok's Sword" will be that one? I like the idea that it will later on be stolen but I like a bit less not being able to use a perfectly functional sword wield in the last BG1 battle by Sarevok (especially considering "Sarevok's Unique Items" go completely the other way by allowing you to use both his armor and helmet) Thanks!
  9. Well, it seems that I could answer my own question just by looking at the code. DEFINE_ACTION_FUNCTION sarevok_traps BEGIN LAF edit_area STR_VAR area= ~%Undercity_TempleofBhaal%~ editstring="delete_trigger=>~trigger_type=0~" END END
  10. Hello! I seem to recall DavidW decided to remove the senseless traps from the original end-of-BG1 encounter if the component "Improved final battle" is installed. I tried to look for corroboration in the read me and by making a few searches without success. Can someone confirm it? Thanks!
  11. Some neat ideas there, subtledoctor. I like Improve Mantle, Improve Otiluke's Sphere and Nerf vampires Level Drain proposed changes. I'm uncertain about Mirror Image. Would the AI (and AI modifications like SCS) still use it as Level 2 spell? If not, I would approve of this change too. Even if some interesting components may be installed over SRR, I would still recommend Bartimaeus be given permission to integrate approved non-EE spell tweaks into his own SR fork for the benefit of non EE players like himself or me.
  12. The OT speaks of version 32.8 but the download link still brings to version 32.7. Where do we download the newer version that fixes an incompatibility with the newer SR(R)? Thanks!
  13. Hello Thrawn. Sorry for the delay in my answer but I have not been around much the latest month. Unfortunately my modification does not support EE and the ported version is not recommended because I fixed critical issues later. The only version that is safe to play is the latest (2.5). Porting to EE should be quite a mundane matter but I honestly don't even own BG2:EE and couldn't do any testing myself.
  14. I share Bartimaeus' sentiment about subtledoctor's extensive presentation of the invisibility status in the BG games. I'd like to have it pinned somewhere in this Forum.
  15. Yes, it seems there is a discrepancy between the Horn's description and the description of the Globe of Power effect there but it's actually more of a misunderstanding. The partial magic resistance would be the temporary immunity to spells from level 1 to 3. I agree that with magic resistance the player assumes we are talking of MR.
  16. I might have forgotten that little I knew but I seem to remember what you wish might not be impossible. Perhaps "ChangeClass" allows for the class-specifics buttons to appear in the selection bar? Cheers!
  17. Hi Bartimaeus! Thanks for both the updates! Very much appreciated.
  18. NdranC, in some way your bug is similar to the one reported by Chitown Willie above (bonus/malus not being correctly applied) and even in this case I am unable to replicate it. Everything is fine with the magic resistance on my end. I doubt it is a visual bug though. I do believe that the bonus is applied each time, for some strange reason.
  19. Hello! I will investigate the occurrence and check whether the magic resistance is correctly applied. I wouldn't recommend playing with the EE version of this modification though. It was made by a third party and it is not updated, meaning that at best there will be critical issues that I have been fixing since then and at worst there will be other problems which I cannot identify and solve. Cheers!
  20. The topic about WTP Familiars is here. There is an EE compatible version released in the past by @flamewing but I don't recommend it because it has not been updated and the only version one should play is the latest (2.5) which is only compatibly with ToB/BGT. If you do play with my modification, feedback is always welcome.
  21. Unfortunately it is. The frequency of the crashes and the less than prompt return to full functionality may be cause for considering a merge. Gibberlings3 is, very probably, the strongest community website for IA game and keeping its name and content unaltered may shave a sense but wouldn't you think SHS and Pocketplane (I would add Black Wyrm's Lair but I know that there is unfortunately bad blood) could just pool their resources and manage a shared website? I know there would be problems, starting with what the name should be but... It feels a bit anachronistic and ineffective to not change
  22. Hello! I tested the rabbit in my BGT game and the HPs are correctly removed at level 1 or higher. I had tested the HP gains/losses extensively in the past so I was very surprised to read CHARNAME's HP adjustment was not working properly for you. It'd be good if someone else could confirm this issue. Cheers! EDIT: Another player confirmed the HP loss working correctly. Would you please attach your WeiDU.log?
  23. Bartimaeus, should we still use version B16 to install SRR 1.2.0? Thanks!
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