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  1. I see... Well, I thought there was a way to do it. If not - I'll skip the alternative way this time, or save a game before making the decision and try both mods. Btw, there should be a mod increasing the maximum number of party members up to at least 8! Now even if I want someone to join me, I have no free slots as I need all of the guys to move on in the mods... Anyway, thanks for the answer!
  2. PS I re-installed Widescreen, Crefixer.exe and now I'm installing Generalized Biffing. Before the problem with reinstalling was caused by read-only files:) I hope it'll be better now. Just one more question - should I also reinstall ToB_hacks and ToBEx? As far as I remember, they were installed after widescreen mod. @Jarno The big font mod - thanks for the link, it's nice, but I'm waiting for the 3.0 version which allows to choose the font size - as in the current version the letters are far too big - they cover half of the screen - I'm not that blind yet;)
  3. Wait wait, one more question:) I have a 17.3'' widescreen on my notebook, it's basic resolution is, as I wrote, 1600x900. Do you think 1280x720 in widescreen mod will be comfortable enough or maybe you can recommend another resolution? With current resolution it's just hard to read the small letters. Sorry for asking so many questions, but I've been installing this game for 2 days now (first trying to install Tutu, but unsuccessfully, as I don't have the english version of BG, than gathering info about BGT, Megamodification, BigWorld project etc. etc.). So you can imagine I don't want to start it over and over again;)
  4. Thanks for the tip! But just one more question. You wrote the latter mods (installed after Widescreen) had to be uninstalled and reinstalled... and how can I do it? Should I do it manually (just like reinstalling Widescreen) or will BigWorld project somehow notice it and do it automaticly? I doubt it... As I wrote there weren't many mods installed after Widescreen, just a few of them. The problem is I can't remember which ones;) But I think I could check it on the web, I've seen many lists, so it shouldn't be problem. I just don't know if i should reinstall them manually, as the whole instalation so far was done by BiGWorld program.
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