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  1. Ok, i reinstalled the whole thing from scratch. This time, i put the gemrb folder on my external SD card, not on the phone internal storage. The game itself is inside a BG2 folder i created which is located in the net.sourceforge.gemrb folder. After MANY unsuccessful other tries, I tried this: GamePath=/storage/extSdCard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/BG2 CD1=/storage/extSdCard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/BG2/data CD2=/storage/extSdCard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/BG2/CD2 CD3=/storage/extSdCard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/BG2/CD3 CD4=/storage/extSdCard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/BG2/CD4 CD5=/storage/extSdCard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/BG2/CD5 Casesensitive is set to 1. I pay attention about how i type the paths. I set the cache, override, etc.. paths as follow: CachePath=/storage/extSdCard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/cache #GUIScriptsPath=/storage/extSdCard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/GUIScripts #GameDataPath=/storage/extSdCard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/BG2/data #GameOverridePath=/storage/extSdCard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/BG2/override #GemRBOverridePath=/storage/extSdCard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/override Other options are set as follow: #Screen width Width=800 #Screen height Height=600 #Bits per pixel [integer:16,32] Bpp=16 #Fullscreen [boolean] Fullscreen=1 #CaseSensitive=1 #GameOnCD=0 GUIEnhancements = 1 TouchScrollAreas = 1 #SkipIntroVideos=1 #DrawFPS=1 FogOfWar=1 #EnableCheatKeys=1 AND IT WORKS!! A HUGE thanks to all who helped me, thanks for your time and your patience And now ladies and gentlemen, i'm gonna have helluvafun time with BG2!
  2. Alright, i'm erasing everything and starting all over again. I'll install the game on my external SD card. Wish me luck...
  3. Thanks for your imput, gonna try again.
  4. I tried what you suggested but it doesn't seem to work. Also, casesensitive was on 1 from the beginning.
  5. I don't get it. When i had my HTC Desire HD, i installed gemrb and BG2 in a matter of minutes. The paths were easy to set up and i remember playing right away. At the time, i had the GoG version of BG2, as i do now, and it seems to me that gemrb wasn't any different. I just can't figure out what's wrong...
  6. I've got no other folder in data. Only 70 bif files. In the game directory, i've got no bif file. I've downloaded alogcat, but i just fail to figure out how it works. There's just a bunch of lines written that seem to have no relation with BG2. What do you mean by my "old" version? The version of the game? old version of gemrb??
  7. i just tried GamePath=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/bg2 CD1=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/bg2 CD2=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/bg2 CD3=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/bg2 CD4=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/bg2 CD5=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/bg2 and GamePath=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/ CD1=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/ CD2=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/ CD3=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/ CD4=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/ CD5=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/ in both cases, again, bg2 starts but when i create a new game,the GUI is there but in the place where the action takes place, i get the blue screen.
  8. and because there's no cd1 folder in my game directory and the datas HAVE to be somewhere else, i tried ./bg2/data i tried ./bg2 i tried ./bg2/override i tried ./bg2/cache i mean... seriously... where are those goddamn fucking datas?! nothing works!
  9. the game isn't installed on the external sd card but on the internal storage of the phone. is it an issue? i tried this: GamePath=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/bg2 CD1=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/bg2/data CD2=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/bg2/cd2/data CD3=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/bg2/cd3/data CD4=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/bg2/cd4/data CD5=/storage/emulated/0/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/bg2/cd5/data the game starts normaly but i have the blue screen issue. i tried something else: GamePath=./bg2 CD1=./bg2/data CD2=./bg2/cd2/data CD3=./bg2/cd3/data CD4=./bg2/cd4/data CD5=./bg2/cd5/data but it just doesn't work either.... whatever i type for path setting, i get that damn fucking blue screen! what's going on with this? i mean everywhere i checked, tutorials, guides, etc.. state that it's path related but i think i've tried to type every possible path and it just doesn't work!
  10. Alright, sure. So do you have any idea of which folder i have to set the path to? Because so far i've tried a whole bunch of stuff and nothing actually worked. The last thing i tried was to put all the game datas at the root of the sourceforge folder. I mixed the sourceforge data folder, cache folder and override folder with the game ones. Then i tried to config the paths. It didn't work either. For CD1, i set the path to ./data Also, i've tried to put the game datas in a different directory that i called "bg2", without mixing gemrb and the game's data, cache and override folders. And then i configured again the config file. Didn't work either. Not sure if my English is good enough and if you understand what i mean, there.. :x Anyway... The question remains, where to set those damn paths to?...
  11. The game data, it ought to be somewhere in that goddamn game directory yes? I mean, there's possibly no other place where i can be! Correct?
  12. I do understand that i have to point somewhere for the game to look for datas. However, i just don't know where. There is no CD1 folder, so obviously, i can't set the path to /CD1/data... I tried to set it to /bg2/data, but it doesn't work. I thought about the override folder, but there's already a path that points specifically to override. I looked at some internet guide about the GoG version of the game, which i believe i have. (it's the DVD version, 1 for BG1 and 1 for its expansion. And likewise, 1 for BG2 and 1 for its expansion) It was written to set all the CD paths (from 1 to 5) to bg2/data. And as i thought, it didn't work either. I really can't figure out how to set those paths. There must be a correct path setting though!! EDIT: I opened the Baldur.ini, and here is what i found inside: [Alias] HD0:=D:\PC Games\Adventure - RPG\Forgotten Worlds\ CD1:=D:\PC Games\Adventure - RPG\Forgotten Worlds\English\;D:\PC Games\Adventure - RPG\Forgotten Worlds\CD1\ CD2:=D:\PC Games\Adventure - RPG\Forgotten Worlds\CD2\;D:\PC Games\Adventure - RPG\Forgotten Worlds\English\;D:\PC Games\Adventure - RPG\Forgotten Worlds\CD2\ CD3:=D:\PC Games\Adventure - RPG\Forgotten Worlds\English\;D:\PC Games\Adventure - RPG\Forgotten Worlds\CD3\ CD4:=D:\PC Games\Adventure - RPG\Forgotten Worlds\English\;D:\PC Games\Adventure - RPG\Forgotten Worlds\CD4\ CD5:=D:\PC Games\Adventure - RPG\Forgotten Worlds\CD5\ [Program Options] Installing=0 Install Type=3 [Game Options] Memory Access=100 Memory Level=1 [Local] Language=English Language25=English [uninstall] Uninst_dir=C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information\{7AF32AB1-CB97-11D4-9607-0050BA84F5F7} Uninst_dir_25=C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information\{B8C3B479-1716-11D5-968A-0050BA84F5F7} [GameSpy] Enabled=1 It's clearly written that there is a CD1 folder in my game directory, but i can assure you there isn't! Just an idea but... i've seen so many crazy things going on with computer that i'm wondering... perhaps it is because i installed the game to a directory of my choosing instead of the default directory?
  13. It seems there's nothing i can do about it though. Everytime i install the game, it creates no CD1 folder! You think it has to do with that folder alone? Nothing else?
  14. Btw, i loaded an old save just before the black drake in the elf city. It shouldn't be CD1, but rather 4 or 5. Nonetheless, i still get a black screen and a crash.
  15. Hi, thanks for your answer. As i stated in my 1st post, i have the GOG version of the game. It's the DVD version. When i install the game, i have no folder for CD1... but i have for CD2 to 5. So i can specify no path for it obviously... Any idea?
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