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  1. Hi Bart! Thank you for this! Are you going to update/fix the official version of this mod, too? Just asking to know whether I need to keep these files for future installations.
  2. Thank you! I might actually do that. Lol. I'm in front of the Bhaal Temple anyway, so not much ctrl+J needed. batm1.itm batm2.itm batm3.itm
  3. I have all three of those. So now I'm at a loss why it happens. It's not like you'd often use MF on bats, but I'd like to see if it makes a difference. Testing random game aspects and being thorough with my playthrough. Right now, I need to test, if after killing Sarevok, I'll be able to do TotSC, or will I be transported to SoD without a chance to go back. In older installs you had to talk to Belt to progress to SoA.
  4. You're right, I don't have that file in my Override folder. The only thing that resembles that file is a folder named mfang, containing various animal files. Help? Do I only need to obtain that file and place it in? I couldn't find it even in the rar of spell_rev. Does MR then loop around like the old thief skill points used to? Okay! And which of your mods do that? Might take a look at all of them, anyhow. But still asking. EDIT: What do you do with WS Kit's MR then?
  5. @subtledoctor Then if someone's MR is near 100%, it's nigh impossible to hit him with anything magical. That really topples any elemental resistance as it's so all-magic-encompassing. Feels like a cheap way to buff bosses when you're trying to figure out their weaknesses.
  6. I'd also like to report that if I cast Magic Fang onto bats (Animal Summoning I), the game crashes. I am also unsure if the animals are actually affected by the MF spell... There aren't any visual indications that they've been buffed. Though the spell must somehow affect bats as the game crashes the instant there is a bat present in the 30' radius when the spell is cast.
  7. Hey. If this post is bothersome for some to be placed in this thread, let me know if there's a thread or a group as active as you that would answer my questions. I'm trying to figure out how BG mechanics work, yet I get flabergast with some in-fight msgs. I use wand of lighthing on Sarevok, and the msg is: Magic Resistance. I use Wand of Heavens, and the msg is the same. And Chromatic Orb, and Cause Affliction. Same msg every time. MR. Yet WoL deals lightning damage, and WoH deals fire damage. What has MR got to do with it? CO indeed deals magic dmg but then requres a save vs spell. Yet S
  8. @subtledoctor , that saves me hours of headache. Thank you for the shortcut.
  9. Thanks. I guess the big takeaway is to differentiate between 1) Spell Protections, 2) Combat Protections, and 3) Specific Protections. Some spells can be inferred to belong to a certain group just by their names, while I'm not sure all spells belong to certain groups by such intuition. Protection from fire protects you in 2) combat against fire enchanted weapons, it's a 3) specific protection against fire, and it 1) protects you against certain spells.
  10. Can anyone explain to me the difference between Spell Thrust and Dispel Magic? Is ST in any case better than DM? Of couse, you might ask whether I'm talking about Vanilla or SR or SRR ... in that case, please explain all the differences. And it's not like I haven't tried reading spell descriptions like 30 times. It just seems DM is flat out better. And it potentially removes everything with one swipe, if RNG aligns?
  11. @DavidNYC For what it's worth, when it comes to naming the mod, I prefer both of @subtledoctor's suggestions. They're short and simple and enough to the point. Even if they may not be the most exact names for what the mod stands for. My suggestion is: More Distinct Spell Visuals. An opinion from a casual but thorough player. Keep up the good work and let us know when we can test it and if it can be installed after a megamod install, as that's what I'm running rn.
  12. Hi there! Maybe you could share what tweaks you made to IR and SR so that we may see the idea and do a comparison. I for one am also interested in what you're doing right there. I'm all for removing imbalace as much as possible. One glaring vanilla imbalance is IH doubling your APR. My wish in the end would of course be to make pure and single classes viable to play through to the end of ToB, as well ... but I think that wish is just too far out. Kits, duals and multis are just too powerful in comparison. I like your permadeath style. I'm playing a no-reload right now, and it's fun w
  13. Yeah, just checked it, and you're spot on. I see that SR now has Haste back to AoE. So I must have been doing my trilogy playthrough on that exact SR version that you just mentioned. Well, that certainly clears things up. Thanks. Since H's duration is longer than IH's, there might be usefulness of H over IH in some late-game encounters, methinks. With SR. And subtledoctor really finds ... subtleties.
  14. Wow. You've even been doing IRR alongside SRR? Let me join in on the fun! Great stuff. In your OP you noted the Installation Order, and when Infinity Animations main component and IA secondary components should be installed. I've been browsing through a recent thread by Ser Thomas where he's having some installation problems to get your mod to work. I'm not really savvy, but there was a proposed solution that infinityanimations-b5.rar be modified in .tp2 level, specifically in the line number 4419, which should be quoted out to enable the installation of the zero component independently.
  15. Are you sure Haste isn't overpowered now that it's an AoE spell? It lasts way longer than IH. Yeah that fatigue occurs in the end but whatever. You have powered through a fight anyway.
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