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  1. Thank you one more time and sorry for: a) a stupid question b) wasting your time I reloaded the conversation moment and it seems that I have a brain problem that manifests itself by me not being able to identify a double negative question and cofusing like "are" and "aren't"... Thankfully there are good people like you that make my problem mangeable.
  2. The thing is that after a love talk about what my character see's in Angelo I chose the last answer which was something like "The heart wants what it wants" and it seemed fine but.... well it happened about 20 days ago and Angelo is quiet ever since soo i started wondering if it was the wrong option or is it a diffrent kind of problem? I would really appreciate some help because I still have a save a bit before this love talk and i don't know if I should load it or keep playing? Thanks for the help in advance. And of course Angelo is a great NPC you did an amazing job.
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