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  1. Maybe some day merciful soul will do it. This mod is really worth it. For me, it's one of the best BG2 mods.
  2. Neysa

    Sarah is broken

    Yes, one timer was missing. I don't clear rember now, but it is maybe SarahRomanceTimer=1
  3. Neysa

    Sarah is broken

    "Only nice" is not enough, you need show "interest"(Sarah is a girl and PC too, so... ) I didn't remember all that talk, but it was a one of friendship path. I think you had it(looking on number friendship talks) Try this : SarahRomanceActive = 1 SarahTalkRomance = 1 Ahhh, you had "You're ticklish" talk? Or "Did you know your mother?"?(this one probably active romance path)
  4. Neysa

    Sarah is broken

    In one of friendship talk, you should clear say, "I like you more then you think" (or something like that) Then romance will active(If you didn't choose this answer, romance probably never starts)
  5. A strange error when I instal mod, game can't find any of ogg's files.(Any sounds from NPC-s) This happens every time, mod or game reinstalation doesn't work. I hate mute NPCs Edit: Fixed, just copied sounds from version 1 and reinstal mod
  6. Neysa

    Not getting love talks

    Thank you very much It's okey now.
  7. Neysa

    Not getting love talks

    Same problem here... And yes, I use version 3.1.(I didn't have this with version 2)
  8. Ahh, I envy you. (if I don't have a car sick, than maybe someday, teheheh...) Good luck
  9. Neysa


    It's version 3. Edit: So only Jaheira is "hetero" teheh
  10. Neysa


    *In one of lovetalk: "[CHARNAME] I have been thinking. The wa you....feel about me(...)" If you choose second option("I can't imagine why not") talk are looping, Angelo repeat story. *And small in "Can I ask about...?" My elven female had option "Viconia and I"(but she is not lesbian, teheh) BTW, Jaheira didn't have this .Maybe it's drow's charm? PS. Sorry for my english, it's much easier read then write
  11. Very, very nice. I like Angelo's voice(and Xan's ) and banters/romance, music track is good too.
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