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  1. Thank you Isewein for those kind words. Time is passing, and the laws of physics being what they are, days to days, the galaxy of Domi seems to move away from mine ! And it's not the only one ... Those where the different modders lives does not seem so close either ! Yet I have another difficulty with DLTCEP, similar as the previous one. I can not correctly set a region (Travel zone) in DLTCEP. The addresses that NearInfinity recognizes as Alternate point X / Y must be filled in for the zone to work. However, these parameters do not exist in the DLTCEP regions editing window. So I sti
  2. Hi Avenger, I have a problem when i want to add an actor in an area for IWD2, with DLTCEP (v7.7) DLTCEP not allow to reach the offset 0x002f, which set the presence of an actor according to the difficulty of the game. So nobody can't ever appears in the game ! It is then necessary to go through Near Infinity to add / modify this value - and it's wasting time when you have to do this for each map an each actor. Do you think you could easily add this parameter in the actor's window ? It will be very useful !
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