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  1. Thank you Isewein for those kind words. Time is passing, and the laws of physics being what they are, days to days, the galaxy of Domi seems to move away from mine ! And it's not the only one ... Those where the different modders lives does not seem so close either ! Yet I have another difficulty with DLTCEP, similar as the previous one. I can not correctly set a region (Travel zone) in DLTCEP. The addresses that NearInfinity recognizes as Alternate point X / Y must be filled in for the zone to work. However, these parameters do not exist in the DLTCEP regions editing window. So I still have to go through Nearinfinity to retouch the settings when creating a map.
  2. Hi Avenger, I have a problem when i want to add an actor in an area for IWD2, with DLTCEP (v7.7) DLTCEP not allow to reach the offset 0x002f, which set the presence of an actor according to the difficulty of the game. So nobody can't ever appears in the game ! It is then necessary to go through Near Infinity to add / modify this value - and it's wasting time when you have to do this for each map an each actor. Do you think you could easily add this parameter in the actor's window ? It will be very useful !
  3. Just a small update to the setup.exe, which now supports English, since, as it seems, a certain number of people (several hundred million at last count) used to practice this language, and encounter some difficulties with French. You can download this latest version here.
  4. Thank you for your compliments - and i'm glad to see that this mod is useful to some people. I hope that my blog will not soon going to break down, by the way, i'm going to think about it.
  5. Sorry, not for the moment, because you're the only one who want that version, and it takes some time to be done. Perhaps if there is more demands ? If you wish to create your own version or just modify the files, it's not too difficult. You only have to convert the .mos files with Mosworkshop to the format of your choice, like .bmp or .jpg. Then you'll can work them with Photoshop. I suggest you to place all the files in different layers in one file : so you can easily adjust them. Once your job is finished, you can reopen Mosworkshop and do the same in the other side, and put your new .mos files in the folder "override".
  6. Good morning, I'v made some graphical modifications that aims to redo the IWD2's main game GUI, modified by Widescreen, wich are not centered, and display black bars. These modifications have been made for those resolutions : edited 01.04.2013 1280x720 1280x800 1280x960 1280x1024 1360x768 1440x900 1600x900 1600x1200 1680x1050 1920x1080 1920x1200 You can download this file at this page of my french blog "Retour à Havredest". before... ... and after
  7. Hi all, There's an issue when i use the hot keys to drop away interface panels on the main screen (using the Y key) : a part of the screen is frozen : Thank you,
  8. Luren

    Looking for a tool

    Thanks for your answers, Miloch Yes, it's an useful function, but it must be done manually for each type of file... Thank you also for the link to the small utility you've done, i will test it. Avenger It only indicates the modifications which were made on the .tlk file On the other hand, the function "export TBG area file" is interesting. The .tbg file contains some useful indications (WAV references for example), but i use a text editor to read it, and references are not easy to read. What would have been very useful, initially, it's to have a list of all the files used by an area. It's not too tiring, in the second time, to see those wich were modified, by comparing the list with the contents of the override folders.
  9. Luren

    Looking for a tool

    Hello, I'm seeking a tool allowing to list and join together (in a text file or in a zip file) all the files associated with a map (...and they can be numerous, between the .CRE, .BCS, .WAV, .BAM...) This would be very useful during the creation of new maps, because this would allow to see in a wink which files were created, which original files were modified or not; and consequently must be backed up, sent in a separated zip file, etc. Is there such a function in DLTCEP which does that? I sought but I did not see it. Thanks,
  10. Thank you, it is very pleasant . But how could you send them to me ? Can you show me some images ?
  11. (Sorry for my bad English, my native language is French... fortunately that there exist translation software…) For the moment I work the maps starting from several softwares : In first, for the reliefs and the ground, the map editor of AoM ! (modified, for which I added textures !), from which I take a screenshot which is used to me as a basis. Much work then under Photoshop, because it's the software which I best control for the moment and with which I really have fun. Some elements are created under 3ds, that I start to deepen and whose place will be growing. About the use of 3d models, those of Titan Quest are not badly also (the buildings, the ships, weapons…) For your question about the trees, I did them under Photoshop (they are not 3D models… I would like well that this is it besides !). I constituted myself a collection of boards which I paste under Photoshop. I saw the information of The Big, about Speedtree, which seems indeed interesting. I tested it, and that can be interesting. Taken individually, the trees do not seem not drawn well. On the other hand groups some, the effect goes rather well.
  12. Congratulations, it's really a good work ! If I understood well, you use models imported since NWN1 or NWN22 that you work again under 3ds, that's it ?
  13. That's it. And if an area have no entry in the .2DA file, a yellow square appears in the upper left corner of the worldmap (the first of the three in IWD2). It's easy to make a test to check out that. - Replace AR1000 by AR2000, in the third column of the first line of the areaload.2da file. - Launch the game, go to the Targos Docks (AR1000), then go to the worldmap : you're localized at the Shaengarne Ford.
  14. Hello, I would like to bring a precision on the significance of this file. It seems that the third column was not well understood : In IEDSP, we can read "The third column seems to set the world map icon of the area (isn't this set in the ARE already?)" The areaload.2da associates an area with specific graphisms, as well as the localization affected on the worldmap (worldmap.wmp). - The first column is the reference of the given area. - The second column is the reference of the MOS file used for the loading screen. - The third column set the localization on the worldmap with which it is associated. The name of column “MAPICON” lends to confusion. It is not a question to indicate which icon will be displayed, but rather with which place referred in the file worldmap (and by extension to which icon under which it is represented) the zone is associated. When creating new areas, it is essential to modify this file, or else all the zones will be localized on the worldmap on Targos and will have the same screen of loading (first zone of the file worldmap, allotted by default)
  15. Hello, According to the configuration that I use, certain error messages appear with launching (which do not affect probably any the operation of the program). With Icewind Dale II: During the program start, an error message indicates that the following files are absent: ATTSTYLE.ids DIFFLEVL.ids However, they do not exist in Icewind Dale 2 ! On the other hand, the ATTSYL.ids file (without E) exists indeed; as for file DIFFLEVL.ids, it does not exist at all… In the same way with Icewind Dale, a similar error message appears, with the files: DIFFLEVL.ids DIFFMODE.ids presumedly absent by DLTCEP, but which does not exist in Icewind Dale! The only alternative that I found, consists in putting fictitious files in the OVERRIDE folders. Did you encounter this problem ?
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