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  1. @DavidW Regarding Maze, you've included a console option to prevent Mazing the protagonist but I don't think it's working as intended, the SSL block is as follows: IF TRIGGER IgnoreBlock(IsBG1Only) RequireBlock(Indiscriminate) TargetBlock(EnemiesInOrder) TriggerBlock(Maze|SpellTurn|MR|Helpless|SIConjuration) Range(scstarget,6) OR(2) InPartySlot(scstarget,1) // isn't Player 1 Global("DMWWMazePlayer","GLOBAL",0) /*slowspell*/ THEN DO Action(Spell,WIZARD_MAZE|150|50) END This returns true - the Maze spell is cast - if the Global Variable "DMWWMazePlayer" is unset and/or if the target is the protagonist, in other words it will still be cast on a solo character regardless of what the player does with the console. Maze is also defined as a "slow" spell although it's actually rather fast, it has a casting time of three segments. I think the solo-friendly block should look as follows: IF TRIGGER IgnoreBlock(IsBG1Only) RequireBlock(Indiscriminate) TargetBlock(EnemiesInOrder) TriggerBlock(Maze|SpellTurn|MR|Helpless|SIConjuration) Range(scstarget,6) OR(2) !InPartySlot(scstarget,1) // isn't Player 1 NumInPartyAliveGT(1) THEN DO Action(Spell,WIZARD_MAZE|150|50) END
  2. Here are my thoughts on Splicer's criticism (I've played and playtested SCS since loooong ago, but hadn't touched BG2 in the past few years, until I dug it out during Coronavirus quarantine). As Jastey and DavidW said, the text-string bugs are almost certainly due to closing the Weidu executable mid install, never do that. The final battle of SoA with SCS indeed frustrates many new players; without two mages (or one mage with Improved Alacrity, and since your only mage is Aerie she'd need 6 million XP to cast it) you will have great difficulty interrupting Irenicus's Time Stops, and this is one place where you really need to interrupt Time Stops to reliably avoid getting characters (perma) killed. Encounters which demand a certain party composition to succeed without save-scumming and reloading are not my favourite, either. If you didn't install Ascension the battles will get easier from here. In 2nd edition Time Stop is supposed to last 1d3 rounds, personally I think it should be three rounds only when cast by a single class mage or sorcerer, two rounds for cleric/mages and one round for everyone else including fighter/mages and rogues using scrolls, this would also nerf this spell's abusability by the player. Holy Word might also work to disrupt Irenicus's Time Stops, especially 2X Holy Word from a priest and their Simulacrum if you have Vhailor's helm. Unfortunately, your only single class cleric is Viconia who can't cast that, and it's not reliable anyway due to his magic resistance (and if you can strip his magic resistance with eg. Pierce Magics under Alacrity then following up with an immediate Power Word: Blind is likely a better choice anyway). Valygar isn't meant to be used as an archer, that's likely why you find him ineffective, he's a good backstabber (and does good teamwork with Keldorn, backstabbing mages after their Stoneskins are dispelled) and a good flanker for dealing damage, although his poor armour class and lowish hp means he shouldn't be up front taking hits, not until he gets HLAs and can stack Hardiness with Armor of Faith. He can also protect himself with Minor Spell Deflection against most single-target spells, which includes most Save or Die magic. On the subject of Keldorn, even with the nerf to Inquisitor dispel magic it's useful, at 10th level he has a 50% chance to dispel 15th level mages, including Yuan-Ti mages who are often quite deadly for a low-level party and usually appear in packs. Agreed about Aerie but I've found melee-heavy parties to be very effective with SCS, they're viable at low levels because enemy mages at this point in the game focus on debuffing and disabling spells, if you can fan a (hasted) party out the moment you see the swirling golden graphic that indicates a mage is casting an Enchantment then you can usually avoid more than one warrior being disabled, with the remainder hopefully preventing the mage from completing a second spell. Not to mention fighters lose less from a Remove Magic than casters (prior to Spell Immunity). Melee power is also important in encounters with mid to high level mages because they usually rely on their summoned demons and Dark Planetars to kill you, if those are chopped up fast enough then things become much easier. My last party, playing with a maximal install of SCS + Item Randomizer was as follows: PC Invoker, fighter/mage/cleric, dual classed swashbuckler -> fighter, duelist and dreadnought (Prestige kitpack kits, but could easily be subbed for a vanilla kensai and cavalier). All humans except for the half-elf F/M/C so no racial save bonuses, and light on clerical defensive buffs, but made it all the way to mid ToB with no reloads or even party members needing to be raised from the dead (although the duelist was imprisoned a couple of times by liches), had already defeated Yaga and Demogorgon when I got my invoker killed by the demilich on the way out of Watcher's Keep. Fin, but surprisingly the easiest run up until then, considering I had only one pure mage and she wasn't a sorcereress, at that.
  3. polytope

    on-hit effects

    Thanks. This will overlap frequently, you're better off leaving a gap of at least 2% i.e. 1-5% for 1st effect and 11-15% for 2nd effect. If you want contiguous probabilities with no chance of both effects triggering you need the feature block to look something like: 1-5% effect A 1-5% either zero duration opcode 101 vs effect B and it's related "cosmetic" effects or zero duration 101 vs 146 if they're all launched from a .spl file 1-X% chance of effect B (where "X" is larger than 5%) This works and guarantees no chance of simultaneous A & B triggering.
  4. A hold effect has the same problems as feeblemind as far as dialogue goes - sleeping creatures can have dialogue with the player, held creatures cannot (though their scripts continue to run, unlike feebleminded creatures). It also has the additional problem that the creature is frozen in place (not showing the normal 'idle' animations) and can be struck automatically without an attack roll. Disabling spellcasting and setting physical attacks to zero via eff files is the way to go IMO.
  5. Correct, if they have taken fire or acid damage in the past 1 round (by default six seconds) a timer ensures that the troll just dies and for simplicity's sake does not spawn a new 'downed' troll. This makes battles with trolls much faster. Turns out the planar sphere snow troll isn't affected by my mod at all, so his unwillingness to die is actually just vanilla troll bugginess (which the improved troll component aims to prevent). He should have been included in the trolls component, but I made a mistake and wrote OBSICE04 (actually a mountain bear, an apparently unused creature) rather than OBSICE01, the correct creature file. COPY_EXISTING ~trolsn01.cre~ ~override~ //Snow trolls, don't ask me why I bother with ~trolsn02.cre~ ~override~ //this rare and trivial creature... ~obsice04.cre~ ~override~ //Planar sphere snow troll
  6. Valid points. Another option would be to replace the feeblemind effect with disable spellcasting (#145) and setting attacks per round to zero. So long as these were applied on a per-second basis via #272 repeating eff (and IDS targeted vs GOODCUTOFF i.e. player charmed creatures) then a charmed creature that breaks the charm due to being attacked could be ready to fight again in a second or two, party members would in this case need zero duration immunity to #272 instead of #177.
  7. I know a way to make Charm Person work as desired (I've done this for my upcoming v3). Basically Charm Person already works properly when cast by enemies on PCs (they turn "hostile" or red-circled but don't participate in combat unlike Dire Charm or Domination). It's only overpowered when used the other way around. My solution was a follows: In the spell feature block after the charm effect add two EFF files, first one is zero duration, targeted at PC's (ids file=2, entry=2) and is called A^IMM177 which simply gives any PC failing their save against Charm Person immunity to the secondary EFF through #101 immunity to opcode #177 (this is necessary, because a PC can fail their save without actually being charmed, i.e. because they have charm immunity as a kit feature or via their equipment/buffs). The second EFF allows a saving throw vs spell (so it's checked simultaneously to charm success), has the same duration as Charm Person spell (30 seconds) and is targeted at any GOODCUTOFF (ids file=2, entry=30), meaning it will affect any creature successfully charmed by a PC, this EFF file is called A^FEEBLE and causes feeblemindedness - i.e. making the charmed creature uncontrollable, so they cannot be made to fight for the party. I decided to remove the saving throw bonus also to balance the spell being less useful. It would also be possible to allow 232 removal of the feeblemindedness effect for creatures that are attacked while charmed if that seems worthwhile.
  8. It's the same for every opcode, that's just how probabilities work in the Infinity engine. If you have "disable portrait icons added by equipped items" from the Tweakpack installed you'll see that it actually sets the equipped effect probability of portrait icons appearing to zero, but sometimes they still do. There IS a way to ensure that different effects in a spell or item feature block won't overlap if that's undesirable (i.e. 80% chance of effect A, 20% chance of effect B) but it involves shell spells and is off topic anyway.
  9. Changing ADHW to inflict fire damage has other problems though: It makes it illogically effective against mummies, skeletons etc. (how could dehydration harm them?) Can now be protected from by a 3rd level spell rather than a 6th level one, making it possible to tackle high level mages in relative safety earlier than before Also it makes it much easier to get undispellable item-based immunity to ADHW considering how many rings/helms/armour boost fire-resistance My solution was to leave ADHW as dealing magic damage, but add a zero-duration eff file (A^IMMDAM.eff, gives 101 immunity vs opcode #12 - damage) before the damage in the spell feature block to prevent it affecting those classes of creatures who should be immune:
  10. I haven't played this mod and I don't expect to, but it seems to me this thread was less about OP being traumatized by video game dialogue or even concerned about this site's image being tarnished and more about showcasing his politically correct sensibilities.
  11. polytope


    You could set it to trigger "On Hit" or "Attacked" and also via #248 melee hit effect (set by another CLAB file applied spell), this way the "aura" would be guaranteed to come into play one way or another once the fighting starts.
  12. polytope


    I know. The issue with this is a) it's not an aura anymore, it's an ability b) AI won't use it Latest SCS picks up on anything done with the kits, so loosing auras would be a terrible shame imo. Keep in mind, they do properly work on oponnents. It's "friendly" auras bugging out. Ok then, I'd say add an AP_SPXXXXX to the clab file, whereby SPXXXXX is a timing mode 9 .spl that uses 232 to cast a secondary spell once per round on self, this 2nd spell lasts for 'x' rounds (say 30) and in turn casts the tertiary "Aura" spell via delayed 146 and has a 206 protecting from itself for 'x' rounds at the end of the block to prevent overlapping. The game sometimes crashes when you use 232 to cast a self targeted spell, not sure if I've found the pattern to that yet. My editor shows it is....it may not work tho. I promise you it won't, if it did there'd be no need for the extra effort of making custom sectypes.
  13. polytope


    Unfortunately that opcode isn't included in the regular BG engine. You could always make the fighter/paladin's aura something that is X-times per day special ability, lasts a few turns (like Mazzy's Invoke Courage, so as to be suitable for prebuff) and applies the effects to nearby allies through delayed 146/148 - this coincidentally solves the slow/haste issue. I tried this with the Chant spell and it seems to work ok.
  14. Bumping this because I just stumbled across a way to do it (and because I'm somehow able to remember year-old threads): You can use the "Animation Change" opcode (#53) with a timing mode of 9 to set the creature's avatar to the desired type (including the same one it naturally uses) and it will keep this avatar after death even if it should have been gibbed by damage (or disintegration).
  15. Well the days have a way of turning into weeks, then months, I'm finally on the verge of releasing version 3 though, the breakdown is as follows: Class & kit changes - done Item changes - done Spell changes - 90% done Mindflayers - done Golems - done Beholders - in progress, more than 50% done Other creature changes - bout the same as the beholders Now I just need to package it all and iron out the parse errors etc. Creature changes will now be grouped under one installation option (it's too long and messy otherwise - there's too many interdependent files) I won't post the full readme until I'm ready to release it, but I'll note a few things here. Regarding the berserker's rage, I eventually went with bonus hp of 5, 10, 15 and 20 at levels 1, 6, 12 and 18, usual immunity to mind affecting magic, +1 AC, +1 attacks per round and a cumulative 15% chance per round of losing control for one round, starting from the fifth round (with a 75% chance maximum). Can be ended at will if not uncontrollable, with the berserker automatically slowed for 1 round (ignoring free action) after snapping out of his rage, losing the excess hp (falling unconscious if brought to zero) and taking -1 penalties to THAC0 and AC for 5 rounds. Since kensai gets a plain damage bonus and barbarian a strength bonus during rage, giving the berserker an APR bonus seemed the most appropriate - it does make dual wielding a little unnecessary though and instead pushes this kit toward shield use, which doesn't seem right for a berserker. I could always make shields unusable by them. Testing a solo (pre HLA) berserker in some random melee heavy battles like House Jae'llat, ToB oasis and Karashur in WK shows that even with the chance of losing control he's still better off than the other warrior kits and monk regardless of my changes to them (Karashur and his devils always kill them). Speaking of the kensai I've made a few tweaks to this kit as well, the kai ability now lasts one extra round per 5 levels (maximum 4 rounds) since it tends to be overshadowed by HLAs and it applies a zero-duration luck penalty (opcode 133) as a "melee hit effect" - since melee hit effects are added to the block before weapon effects this means that when using kai they will inflict maximum elemental damage when wielding a weapon with this property. Here for instance the kensai always does an extra 6 damage with Spectral Brand (normally 1d6): Spell changes; some spells and abilities deal sonic or force damage, which was just implemented as "magic" damage in the vanilla game, but since that's now reserved for necromancy spells (with some spells specifically protecting from it) I needed to find a replacement. Crushing damage is the obvious substitute, but it is blocked by stoneskin - I've found a way to make it ignore stoneskin though, by applying it as an EFF through opcode 272 (once only), so Lance of Disruption for instance - the Skull Trap replacement - can affect stoneskinned/ironskinned creatures (like this druid). Concerning beholders, I think I've finally realized why they seem broken and too luck-based in vanilla: Their most deadly rays (Disintegrate and Flesh to Stone) are supposed to have a very short range, which wasn't implemented in game. I could have scripted them to only use these powers at touch range, but I didn't see what benefit it would add to gameplay except forcing the use of ranged weapons vs beholders (tedious), so instead I replaced these with a poison ray and level-draining "Enervation" ray (level drain is very dangerous though because of the beholder's Death Spell ray), I also added a "Shatter" ray so that they have a means of damaging summoned skeleton warriors or golems. Beholders are also now briefly protected from magic while using their Anti Magic ray (AoE bombardment was the way to go usually).
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