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  1. Bumping this topic, it's of interest to me. I do use OR() a lot in my scripts to see when a caster should attempt True Sight, dispel etc. you're saying that it's faster to check in separate blocks whether Player1 is STATE_IMPROVEDINVISIBILITY, Player1 is STATE_MIRRORIMAGE, and so forth for each potential target? I have noticed script related slowdowns on a map I was working on with 5 mages, 10 archers and 10 warriors. The mages when spawned together via console on a separate map didn't cause such problems, and their scripts are ~3400 lines each. Experimentally, I replaced them in
  2. Of course it isn't, why would it be? Chaotic Commands protect from mind control; conceptually, psionic powers originate from the mind but don't necessarily affect it, detonate blows up solid things. Same applies to the amulet. Protection from Magic Energy will block the damage from Detonate (...it's another spell that does more than it should, much like Chaotic Commands). Stoneskin or Mirror Image will absorb Ballistic Attacks, which are usually even more of a threat.
  3. David, I've found a few more if you're planning on updating soon: The precast druidic Iron Skins (DWSP506.spl) is still flagged as a spell rather than combat protection (on classic, anyway). I mentioned in another thread the issue with giant spiders launching multiple web tangles per round, I forgot to note that phase spiders can teleport multiple times per round due to the same bug (much less troublesome though). The more aggressive AI for Invokers (flinging AoE damage spells without regard for their own safety) increases their threat level but also has some unintended conse
  4. Incidentally, the Icharyd buff-expiration thing also happens with vampires summoned by Limited Wish, which sets the time to midnight. I like Angel's idea of teleporting the party to a cloned "night map" and back instead, which is simple enough to do (editing the TIS to give the "starry void" effect is not). Further findings from my playthrough, in no particular order: Necromancers (can spot them even without a editor, they have no illusionary prebuffs) use minor sequencers with Blindness (not sure if they also have spell sequencers with Imp Invisibility). Mages can turn invisi
  5. I've been very busy at work for the past two weeks but I've found some time to play and consider the feedback. Well, @Salk I will just say that I avoided using opcode 226 in favor of 220 because certain nonmagical abilities are flagged as "Combat Protections", Hardiness and Greater Evasion for instance (those are also considered alteration magic in vanilla, my mod changes that); incidentally, this means they can be removed by Breach, but then it's the prerogative of Breach to make a creature easier to hit, whereas Dispel Magic really should be incapable of negating protections that are
  6. Thanks, with my modification it caps for both caster and recipient at level 36, I also experimented with +/-7% per level difference (as an average of vanilla game 5% above ,10% below) but found it was still too poor at removing buffs of a higher level target, too overwhelming against lower level foes (fine for dispelling harmful magic on your own team though, which I guess is the only point of Dispel Magic versus Remove Magic). A breakpoint of 7th circle spells was chosen because this is the tier where archmages part ways with bards, and as I mentioned, where seemingly redundant spells
  7. I will, but it might take me a while because so much of my earlier work has been lost with my old hard drive (backed some of it up on USB stick, but not enough) for now I must just emphasize what other posters have already discovered do not use the troll component on Enhanced Edition. (In my defence, EE hadn't touched the troll-death mechanic when I released Polytweak all those years ago)
  8. Following the other recent threads about nerfs of the Inquisitor relative to the mage and dependency on Spell Immunity: Abjuration in SCS to keep protections active, I had the thought to post my own view about the overwhelming effect of Dispel Magic on gameplay and a modification of my own that I made a while ago, but it was part of my much larger mod which is now mostly lost and mostly incompatible with EE. Even with the fixes implemented by ToBEx, and later EE it's still a fool's game to throw Remove Magics at buffed spellcasters who are even slightly higher level than the party, becaus
  9. Ah, there is definitely a problem with Giant Spider scripting now that I look closely. They lack this block: IF StateCheck(Myself,STATE_PANIC) THEN RESPONSE #100 RandomWalkContinuous() END Which most SCS enemies have at the top of their script to prevent them from using abilities while panicked. More importantly, the implementation of their ranged web spell like ability doesn't have a proper timer or count on number of uses: IF OR(2) Global("DMWW_spider_difficulty","GLOBAL",0) GlobalGT("DMWW_spider_difficulty","GLOBAL",2) OR(2) DifficultyGT(EASY) GlobalGT("DMWW_sp
  10. I never suggested you did, the fact that CC can be recast in combat is to the player's advantage though, rather than the AI's. True, but fighters are more item-dependent, so it's difficult to make enemy fighters level-appropriate in power without providing a surfeit of loot (and many in the vanilla game are useless anyway, as you know, 9 in every stat, no proficiency in the weapons they use etc.). I used to play sorcerers but not so much with SCS anymore as I find them simply too powerful (fine for Improved Anvil though, which I've recently tried out, and I feel the same way ab
  11. I can see where you're coming from re arcane power but I think the nerf to inquisitor dispel is about right (12th level inquisitor having a 50% shot to dispel 18th level mages seems neither weak nor broken). Inquisitors are also not the only class who have a chance to dispel enemy casters, bards can too, (and SCS adds scroll of the more convenient party-friendly Remove Magic for Haer). Even single class mages can have some luck with RM provided you're playing with a party of four or less, rather than six. Hmmm, I mostly agree. Timestop: Should have a reduced duration for anyone e
  12. It's always been the case that creatures suffering magical fear or morale failure will occasionally swing at you if you get close enough. It might be more noticeable with SCS because they are more often hasted (potion or spell) which gives an initiative bonus, and makes the attack more likely to resolve while they are fleeing.
  13. You're right, I was confusing myself, of course I can't do that anymore. The demiliches no longer try to use Trap the Soul! Not even on vulnerable targets. Just tested and they behave like a regular lich (but much more resilient) also a Horrid Wilting that was saved against for half did 102 damage (which is obviously impossible on a plain 10d8) so can confirm Insane difficulty still doubles it. It's true that the variables in your scripts prevent mages from using more than a certain level appropriate number of 9th circle spells, but they now have the sorcerer-esque ability to choo
  14. Now that I think about it, there's very little that can be done about mage HLAs occupying separate slots to other 9th level spells, since in the latest versions your selection of casters using HLAs is determined on the fly, in game and adjusted for difficulty rather than at install time i.e. If a mage has only HLAs memorized for 9th level but the difficulty setting is too low for them to use HLAs then they will simply be without any 9th level spells... What I will try for my own game is not to install the HLA component, but instead copy the references from the HLA choice 2DAs to the spell
  15. Most mages of level 18+ have far too many 9th level spells, up to 8 for a 25th level lich. I suspect the HLA for mages component assumes "Treat mages' and priests' High-Level Abilities as innate abilities rather than memorisable spells" is installed. A side effect of this is that every high level mage (except perhaps invokers) seems to have a gate to Dark Planetar memorized, but most won't cast it unless you're playing on insane, feels weird though. Incidentally, the component to disable difficulty based damage increases doesn't appear to work on classic BG2; enemies definitely still
  16. I haven't had time to reinstall everything and check whether 33.2 fixes these problems, but I don't see it in the documentation so I will just note some issues I had with G3 IWDification + SCS on BG2 classic. Acid Storm (with your tweaks) has problems with both it's damage (20d6, not 10d6) and the DW#VITRI shell spell it casts, which has a power level in the header that bounces it off Spell Turning etc., and Entropy Shield does not protect from offensive abjurations despite the description. Moreover several creatures don't have their level or class modified correctly with IWDificatio
  17. I can report one incompatability due to mod development; atweaks gives the option to have fiends with aVENGER/Wisps' scripts but untouched combat stats - for mods that increase the fiends' hp, resistances and level. In the recent version(s) of SCS the extra hp is applied by in game script according to difficulty level and so skipped... and it also seems to be much less than in previous versions, where fiends were, well, fiendishly tough.
  18. Also, Abazigal's Drakes (DRAKE01 to DRAKE04.cre) have only 12HD and can be killed in one hit with no saving throw by a warrior using Greater Deathblow HLA; this seems odd because while they have 125hp each (a bit more than the maximum of12d8 exclusive of bonuses) they have a base THAC0 of -3, save vs death of 4 and save vs spells of 5, which no 12HD creature should have. I'd be inclined to compromise and make them 18HD, base THAC0 3, hp and saves untouched.
  19. Thanks, I've discovered a borderline bug with Yaga. At the Throne, on difficulties below hard, he's supposed to immediately reduce his damage resistances apart from cold to 70% through finyeasy.spl. However, this .spl actually reduces all resistances to zero! If SCS smarter Yaga is installed on top of Ascension, then he appears in his final form with 60% resistance (not 70%) and doesn't reduce his resistances further via script. Now, I imagine most Ascension players will also be using SCS (the Ascenion finale is still probably the hardest encounter in the trilogy, dependent on party
  20. I get an inexplicable parse error when the installation tries to compile certain bafs, specifically those referencing a LONG_BOW as the object: PARSE ERROR at line 98 column 16-57 Near Text: ) unknown object CLASS specifier [LONG_BOW] [ascension/tougher/abazigal/abazdrag.baf] ERROR at line 98 column 16-57 Near Text: ) Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: parsing [ascension/tougher/abazigal/abazdrag.baf]: Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: error compiling [ascension/tougher/abazigal/abazdrag.baf]: Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: compiling [ascension/tougher/abazigal/abazdrag.baf]! Stopping installation
  21. I've been unsatisfied for a while about the behaviour of Vorpal weapons in BG2, both when used by and against (Balors, enemy mages' Dark Planetars) the player. In the vanilla game they either allowed a save vs death with a varying penalty or in some cases (the Ravager halberd and the aforementioned Balors) killed with a % chance and no saving throw whatsoever. In the former case the danger of enemy vorpal attacks is obviated once the player reaches a level where they can always make their save vs death (which varies depending on class, race and certain items like the Periapt of Life Prote
  22. @DavidW Regarding Maze, you've included a console option to prevent Mazing the protagonist but I don't think it's working as intended, the SSL block is as follows: IF TRIGGER IgnoreBlock(IsBG1Only) RequireBlock(Indiscriminate) TargetBlock(EnemiesInOrder) TriggerBlock(Maze|SpellTurn|MR|Helpless|SIConjuration) Range(scstarget,6) OR(2) InPartySlot(scstarget,1) // isn't Player 1 Global("DMWWMazePlayer","GLOBAL",0) /*slowspell*/ THEN DO Action(Spell,WIZARD_MAZE|150|50) END This returns true - the Maze spell is cast - if the Global Variable "DMWWMazePlayer" is unset and/or
  23. Here are my thoughts on Splicer's criticism (I've played and playtested SCS since loooong ago, but hadn't touched BG2 in the past few years, until I dug it out during Coronavirus quarantine). As Jastey and DavidW said, the text-string bugs are almost certainly due to closing the Weidu executable mid install, never do that. The final battle of SoA with SCS indeed frustrates many new players; without two mages (or one mage with Improved Alacrity, and since your only mage is Aerie she'd need 6 million XP to cast it) you will have great difficulty interrupting Irenicus's Time Stops, and
  24. A hold effect has the same problems as feeblemind as far as dialogue goes - sleeping creatures can have dialogue with the player, held creatures cannot (though their scripts continue to run, unlike feebleminded creatures). It also has the additional problem that the creature is frozen in place (not showing the normal 'idle' animations) and can be struck automatically without an attack roll. Disabling spellcasting and setting physical attacks to zero via eff files is the way to go IMO.
  25. Correct, if they have taken fire or acid damage in the past 1 round (by default six seconds) a timer ensures that the troll just dies and for simplicity's sake does not spawn a new 'downed' troll. This makes battles with trolls much faster. Turns out the planar sphere snow troll isn't affected by my mod at all, so his unwillingness to die is actually just vanilla troll bugginess (which the improved troll component aims to prevent). He should have been included in the trolls component, but I made a mistake and wrote OBSICE04 (actually a mountain bear, an apparently unused creature)
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