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  1. I am having a similar problem. Except, I haven't even gotten that far. I got to the sequence with the knights, rescued Garren's daughter, and went to the Order. But, I don't really know what to do now.
  2. I would be happy to proof read text, too. I was an English major in college so I can proof read with the best of them!
  3. I would be happy to assist with any testing required. I am new to these forums but I would love to get my feet wet with a project like this. Keldorn is one of my favorite NPC's, after all.
  4. Yep. Wish I could delete posts. Sadly, as soon as I posted this, I thought to look at items on the character that my have the effect. I immediately thought that it must be that special spear that he has. Nope. It's the hood. Sorry!
  5. Hi there, I am new to these forums but a long time Black Isle fan and gamer. I recently installed the Kivan mod and have begun a new campaign. I have noticed, however, that Kivan's looks are very odd. He appears as if in stealth, permanently. I've tried re-installing the mod, restarting the game, taking him in and out of stealth, resting, etc. and yet he still appears this way. Any thoughts? http://img545.imageshack.us/i/kivan.jpg/ That's a snapshot of what I am seeing. Otherwise, everything is great. Thanks so much for everything you do.
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