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  1. Dragon Age Origins is well worth your time. Just put it on easy and you should have little trouble with the combat. I'll put in a vote for the Mass Effect series. The second one really grabbed me and I normally hate both space games and shooters. I'm not sure how playing the second game would be without having played the first. I liked The Witcher also, but I suspect I'm the only one who did
  2. Ouch sorry to hear that. I hope he feels better soon.
  3. If you would like another tester at some point in the modding process feel free to look me up. I'm starting a new playthrough of NWN2 this weekend so I should have plenty of saves to test various content.
  4. Quana

    A little trouble

    Uhh okay. Hopefully Domi or someone will poke their nose in here to help you, because my technical knowlege is about nil. However... Are you running version 8 of BG1npc? I remember someone saying that the good path romance didn't work right in version 7, and I don't think his quest was in there either. What's your party reputation? I didn't think to test this, but perhaps trying to do the good romance (requires rep 12) with a lower rep maybe breaks it? I will try to run through the romance path again this week to confirm it with the same party you had. This week is awfully busy though
  5. Quana

    A little trouble

    It worked when I tested it I swear! Okay first question is: did you do the thing with the wyverns? If not go back and give that a shot. Also, have you tried forcing him into the next lovetalk by changing the variables using Shadow Keeper or some such, or at least checking the timers? Who is in your party? Oh yeah and with his romance I made sure I rested a lot, both outside and at inns. Some of his stuff won't trigger otherwise.
  6. A potential alliance yes, but unless they stand to inherit not a very attractive one. I think if you look in the history books you will find a lot of younger sons shipped off to the priesthood or the military instead of being married off. There is only so much land. So anyways, back on topic now that I have slept a bit. I really don't see paladins having casual sex everywhere they go. Well, not paladins that worship Helm anyways. The reason I say this is that whenever you are intimate there is the possibility of a child, and I think that the paladin would feel obligated by duty to provide support, not just monetary but emotional as well. With Ajantis being a noble there is the concern of illegitimacy as well. P.S. The Princess of Cleves by Madame de Lafayette is an interesting book dealing with the french court of 17th century France. While it's really more of a moral-lesson type book it does do a good job of providing some perspective on arranged marriage, mistresses and courtly love. It's available for free at http://www.chawton.org/novels/Cleves/docs/Cleves.pdf if you're interested. It's a short book but a long read (well it was for me).
  7. On the note of arranged marriage, one thing to keep in mind is whether or not Ajantis is the first child. From what I remember, the first-born had a lot more responsibility as far as marrying politically and maintaining the family name. Of course this is because the first-born, in theory, is the one who will inherit. If Ajantis is say, fifth down the line, he may be able to marry for love with no issues from his parents since he will be a less desirable match. Also, can paladins even inherit the family estates and whatnot or does the church forbid? I'm not sure how this is handled in Forgotten Realms. Just a random thought.
  8. Heyas, new to the boards and all. Anyway I would be willing to test out Coran if you still need someone to do it. I have a bit of free time right now until Jade Empire is released. Uhh..I'm not sure if these forums show email addresses but mine is hallmt@purdue.edu if you need to get in touch with me. Later and keep up the good work! Quana
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