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  1. It is totally unresponsive. Next question is about GREATER_THAN and LESS_THAN. Does 6, GREATER_THAN mean 7+ or 6+? SAY I Wanted to cover a different behavior at 6.... let's just call it 6 "proximity". Which of the following would be appropriate? Range(NearestEnemyOf(Myself),7,GREATER_THAN) Range(LastSeenBy(Myself),6,LESS_THAN) OR Range(NearestEnemyOf(Myself),6,GREATER_THAN) Range(LastSeenBy(Myself),7,LESS_THAN)
  2. I've done some extensive testing on this and it looks like UseItem will only fire once. Can someone confirm or deny this?
  3. Hi. I've got this test script below, and I'm not sure why the item is only being used once. Is it the case that items may only be used once? This item is a wand, and this test script should use it once every 7 seconds. Any thoughts? IF !TimerActive(5) HasItem("KCWebSP1",Myself) // No such index !CreatureHidden(Myself) See(NearestEnemyOf(Myself),0) Range(LastSeenBy(Myself),20,LESS_THAN) THEN RESPONSE #1000 StartTimer(5,7) UseItem("KCWebSP1",LastMarkedObject) // No such index WaitAnimation(Myself,WALK) WaitAnimation(Myself,CONJURE) WaitAnimation(Myself,CAST) Continue() END
  4. Yes, Avenger. It's pretty nifty how that's done The area has an entry for each creature, and each creatuer may have different scripts attached. Even if you have 2 of the same creatures in the same area, they may both have different scripts. Summoned Creatures ( at least from the PCs ) still to use thier .CRE scripts I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like Area scripts override .CRE scripts per slot. Meaning, if the slot is empty in the area entry the .CRE script for that slot will take effect. Multiple Plot NPCs have no area scripts, and seem to be running their .CRE scripts as written.
  5. Thanks, Sam! Effect 51 works great!
  6. It seems IWDII monsters can't have thier color changed. But I look at the Hell Hound and it's clearly a Worg Model with a red texture. The settings in the .CRE are as I suspected, but I can't make a green worg or a blue worg, or change it in anyway. Infact, if I use the Red Worg as a base it is ALWAYS Red and when I use the Gray worg as a base it is ALWAYS gray. There must be some flag or setting somewhere... How do I make a blank .CRE and start from absolute scratch? I haven't tried that yet. Is that the only way to set a new color?
  7. Hi. At first glance it looks like coloring a creature is simple. However, I've found I can't actually do this. There must be some hidden setting, flag, or some such shinannagins... Besides the 6 color entries, what else needs to be changed to change the coloring of a creature?
  8. So, in the end my script looks like this. IF GlobalTimerExpired("BEETLE_CLOUD","LOCALS") Global("Action","LOCALS",1) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("Action","LOCALS",0) END IF !TimerActive(5) Global("Action","LOCALS",0) !Dead(Myself) HPPercentLT(Myself,30) Or(8) HitBy([ANYONE],SLASHING) HitBy([ANYONE],CRUSHING) HitBy([ANYONE],PIERCING) HitBy([ANYONE],MISSILE) HitBy([ANYONE],FIRE) HitBy([ANYONE],COLD) HitBy([ANYONE],ELECTRICITY) HitBy([ANYONE],MAGIC) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("Action","LOCALS",1) SetGlobalTimer("BEETLE_CLOUD","LOCALS",70) ForceSpell(Myself,INNATE_BOMBARDIER_BEETLE_CLOUD) WaitAnimation(Myself,WALK) WaitAnimation(Myself,CONJURE) WaitAnimation(Myself,CAST) Continue() END IF !TimerActive(5) Global("Action","LOCALS",0) See(NearestEnemyOf(Myself),0) Range(LastSeenBy(Myself),7,LESS_THAN) THEN RESPONSE #30 StartRandomTimer(5,2,5) SetGlobal("Action","LOCALS",1) SetGlobalTimer("BEETLE_CLOUD","LOCALS",70) ForceSpell(Myself,INNATE_BOMBARDIER_BEETLE_CLOUD) WaitAnimation(Myself,WALK) WaitAnimation(Myself,CONJURE) WaitAnimation(Myself,CAST) RESPONSE #70 StartRandomTimer(5,2,5) Continue() END My last question is about the "cooldown" counter I've made. With GlobalTimerExpired is it considered True ONCE after the timer has expired, or ALWAYS if the timer has expired. Meaning, will the first block of my script cause a 70 second cooldown each time, or only the first time?
  9. Nope... The issue is with HaveSpell(INNATE_BOMBARDIER_BEETLE_CLOUD) How is that possible when I've manually added the spell to the .CRE? I added memorization and charges too... I can actually run the script when I remove this.
  10. I've been able to get this to work.. So, the problem must be in the targeting somehow... IF !TimerActive(5) THEN RESPONSE #100 StartTimer(5,21) ForceSpell(Myself,INNATE_BOMBARDIER_BEETLE_CLOUD) RESPONSE #25 Continue() END
  11. I'm not doing my test with Weidu, I'm just using an override .CRE The Creature is a summoned creature, so it should be running scripts from the .CRE and not from an area assigned script. Am I missing something bigger? The .CRE has uses of the spell, and the spell actually works if I call it in some other way. I've tested other scripts and they work with an override .CRE. I can change to different combat scripts, and it's a summoned creature so the area and creature is not already loaded. Its fresh each time, but this specific script doesn't seem to work.
  12. I'm currently trying to RE-ADD the original script for Bombardier Beetles, 00BTLBM0. The script compiles fine, though there are some things I'm not familiar with. The spell.SPL is set up fine, it should work and I can call it from an item, as "cast spell". However, when I assign the script, I can't make it work. I've even chaneged some of the IF statements, but it never works. IF !CreatureHidden(Myself) HaveSpell(INNATE_BOMBARDIER_BEETLE_CLOUD) !TimerActive(5) See(NearestEnemyOf(Myself),0) Range(LastSeenBy(Myself),7,LESS_THAN) THEN RESPONSE #100 StartTimer(5,21) ForceSpell(LastSeenBy(Myself),INNATE_BOMBARDIER_BEETLE_CLOUD) RemoveSpell(INNATE_BOMBARDIER_BEETLE_CLOUD) WaitAnimation(Myself,WALK) WaitAnimation(Myself,CONJURE) WaitAnimation(Myself,CAST) RESPONSE #25 Continue() END
  13. ok. I think I undrastand. Thank you. IWDII seems to have 3 treasure tables. it looks to me like RT_NORM and RT_FURY are used, while rndtreas does nothing. Is this true? Could someone clear up the naming convention for me? RT = Random Treasure What is the 01 to 15 used for? Also there are labels, _L, _M, _R, _V Any one know these?
  14. Hi guys, I really appreciate you pointing out the documentation. I'm not understanding it. I really need an example to make sense of these instructions. Where can I find one? What does a single appended line look like? Then I'd be able to understand the document.
  15. I'm looking to hire someone to make a a dozen or so .BAMs I'm super, super, super busy IRL but I want to get my mod done and onto my website. I'm looking to pay someone to make some .BAMs, IWDII style. Ready to pay for your time. We can handle the transaction through paypal. If you are interested, respond to this thread with your email Best, - - Callirgos
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