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  1. It's not an "issue". *Realistically* your party shouldn't be able to kill these guys at all. That's the point. The devs' original idea was likely something along the lines of "we want to make it painful for any player who wants to kill these guys", rather than to make it "sensible". Shandalar is a mage, right? And supposedly a powerful one. How can you tell what kind of magics he has on him? Maybe realistically he is able to wipe out your party in 3 seconds flat. He has special magic that makes him almost impossible to be hit by low level grunts, maybe? I wonder if anyone has ever cared e
  2. I only know how to use Near Infinity or DLTCEP for these fixes. These are easier to me.
  3. Edit his dialog file THALAN.DLG using DLTCEP or Near Infinity. There are a few things you can do depending on exactly what you want. You can make a custom variable, make it so that the dialog line checks if this variable is 0 (Global("ThalantyrDialog","GLOBAL",0), then in the responses you set it to 1 (SetGlobal("ThalantyrDialog","GLOBAL",1). This way this dialog can only happen once. You can also use the condition NumTimesTalkedTo(0), which can only be true if you have never talked to him.
  4. 1) There are not a whole lot of Hold/Sleep-type spells. If you want to restrict it to *spells* I'd say that's about it. There may be some tough situations when there are mod-added spells/abilities. For example, Spell Revisions' Sphere of Chaos uses both Hold and Sleep opcodes (unless this spell has been changed; I still use a rather old version of SR) among others. There are also special abilities like "Improved Bodhi" Sepulchral Sleep, but if you're not including special abilities, then there's no problem. There may also be items that apply hold/sleep on hit, but if you're also not including
  5. Well it does, and in some cases it has to, even if you put aside everything that does not have to be changed. There are things like the proficiency system. You can't have the 8 old proficiencies anymore; there will be like 20 of them. And then there are the kits - although you can choose to ignore them. BGT also has its own list of bug fixes for original BG, so if you'd prefer to have the original bugs in your game, you're out of luck. Then there are differences like the journal and the worldmap - how they look and feel - but things like the worldmap are just cosmetic. In general though,
  6. Pretty sure you need BG2's engine for both of these hacks. So I guess it's BGT for you (and say no to all options?).
  7. If RomanceActive = 2 and the character is in party. You can either kill the character(s) or kick them out of party before triggering the scene. They won't be taken in either case (unless some mod changes this behavior). Resurrect, or come back and pick them back up, afterward.
  8. So we're assuming that the person happened to be alone in his home, isolated, couldn't go out for a reason or another, unable to contact someone for more information, and STILL worked on the code for the game when they didn't even have access to the game? They must have not had access to the game, because otherwise they would've been able to launch it and verify the thing, like I said. You're saying if it were you, you would still work (and agree to handle the task) when you're in that kind of situation? The guy must've been in the middle of a desert or some post-apocalyptic world in an altern
  9. If they were so worried about this, they could just use DestroyItem., instead of making a whole new spell just for this (seeing as the spell name contains MISC90 it's safe to assume that it was made solely for this purpose). And you'd think that it's only natural to ask yourself, "would the NPC ACTUALLY be encumbered to begin with?", and verify that FIRST, before going about implementing a "fix" that is NOT even needed. Must say I don't find this nearly as amusing as some may. smh
  10. Assuming that WAS the reason for that little spell... If they just spent a minute to test this, they'd find out that NPCs DON'T have encumbrance... He can have 3 STR and five bodies loaded on him and can still walk just fine. NotLikeThis
  11. I suppose you have a few ways of going about this: -. Dig through the mod's .tp2 file (this may be the least efficient way) - Browse through the images (I think it's safe to simply search for bmp's) inside the mod's folders, see if you can find the portraits - Install the mod or mod component, launch the game, recruit the party member(s), make a save, then use Near Infinity to open the save and check the creature files and see what portrait files they're using
  12. Hmm? It's quite straightforward - you just assign your custom portraits to the relevant creature files. - If your custom portraits have the same name as the default ones, after you drop them into override they will override the default ones, and that's it. For example, make three custom portraits with names NAERIEL.BMP, NAERIEM.BMP, and NAERIES.BMP, drop them into override, and Aerie will use these portraits ingame. If you want to know the name of the portraits used by anyone, you can track the creature files down, maybe via the area the character appears in, or via their dialog file by l
  13. Looks like you're using a save that used to belong to a different installation. The "Invalid" numbers are string references - the IDs of the strings that used to be the descriptions for these weapons. In your current installation these strings no longer exist. As an example, if you used to have Item Revisions, and ported a save from that installation to one without Item Revisions, this problem will happen to existing items in that save, because Item Revisions creates and assigns new strings to items. Not sure about the missing proficiencies. Could be because of a mod that modifies the proficie
  14. Yes, the game uses BALDUR25 once you're in ToB.
  15. You sure? That block starts something like this IF Global("drowTalk","GLOBAL",0) Global("slayer1","GLOBAL",0) PartyRested() GlobalGT("AsylumPlot","GLOBAL",43) THEN But this is vanilla code though. Why would it not be there? I don't see much reason for any mod to remove this. As they put it, if something goes wrong and you don't notice it, it's probably not that important anyway : ) Otherwise, it's standard business to play through a modded BG having to debug and fix your game along the way, heh.
  16. You could take a look into the master script BALDUR.BCS. There's a block that triggers self-talk when PartyRested() and AsylumPlot > 43, after which charname goes berserk in Slayer form. In this instance, it doesn't matter whether this variable is 1 or 2. You can see this if you go through the response triggers in PLAYER1.DLG state 7. But no you shouldn't change that cause that'll likely mess up the romance progression. As for the Slayer Change ability itself, after a quick check it seems you get the ability after a dream in which Imoen counts from 1 to 5 when you kill stuff...
  17. Is that so? Do you have a mod that modifies this encounter? Because in vanilla game (and in my modded game) they are not in bat form, and Bodhi should initiate dialog as soon as she sees a party member. It doesn't matter if you're invisible. You can try spawning her in that area; her cre name is PPBODHI4.
  18. In vanilla game the code is in the area script AR1514.BCS. There's a short timer after the conversation with Bodhi, and after that the transformation happens. You said Bodhi wasn't in the room with the minotaur, so this might be why the transformation never happend - it has to be triggered by the dialog with Bodhi. I always have UB and a bunch of other mods, and have never had this issue. Either because of another mod, or some freak interaction between UB and another mod.
  19. Exactly what are you trying to do that requires them to be so absolutely still? At this point we GET IT that your character is intended to be a statue. The only thing that causes the character to "twitch", like you said, is them taking damage, is that right? Then just make the character immune to everything, all weapons, all spell levels, all "damage" opcodes including "Damage" and "Poison", so they can never be damaged. Oh, also remove their feet circle while you're at it, so you can't click them either.
  20. Nothing to do about that. A character with idle animation will "tense" up when it takes damage, or when you click on it to initiate dialog (for neutral characters). It's like that for creatures in stone form (petrified) too. A work around is to make them tense up first by using a command like Wait() or NoAction(), then put a hold on them.
  21. Have you used Near Infinity before? You can get it here: https://github.com/Argent77/NearInfinity/releases Put NearInfinity.jar in your installation folder, run it, in the left panel navigate to MENU, then UI.MENU. Haven't tried myself but looks like that's how you start.
  22. By keep waving around do you mean they move normally and are not held at all, or that they are held but their sprites would "twitch" occasionally? If it's the latter, you'll want to also hack their scripts and disable their AI, if you just want them to stay perfectly still. This is assuming that your hold effect is being applied correctly. "Character subtitles" refer to the VO texts for character responses when they are selected or ordered to move or attack. Texts shown above character sprites in the game don't count as "subtitles"; they are just texts forced to appear by scripts for narr
  23. 1. If by "setting opcodes on creatures" you mean applying a specific effect on a creature, then it's done by putting said effect in a custom spell then applying the spell on the creature via script/dialog. 2. Subtitles over characters come from DisplayStringHead action(s). You can either remove them or change them to DisplayString which will only show the text in the feedback window. 3-4. Not sure about adding custom music, but you can try PlaySong. I think it suppresses ambient sound, like when romance music plays during romance talks. List of song files are in SONGLIST.2DA. For ex
  24. The "Power" stat is basically "spell level" of an effect, regardless of whether that effect comes from a spell or not. It indicates whether that effect would work against a target who has an "Immunity to Spell Level" effect. An on-hit damage effect with Power 5 won't work against a Lich, for example, as Liches are immune to spell level 5 and lower. Many vanilla and modded abilities have individual effects with rather inconsistent Power levels. Such abilities would only "partially work" against targets who have Immunity to Spell Level effects. For example, some True Seeing abilities may se
  25. There isn't one immunity icon for every one of those particular effects, but there is the "Mind Shield" icon, which is a rather versatile one that can be used when your character has immunity to one or more mind effects including charm, confusion, stun, etc. You can add it quite easily by copypasting the "Display portrait icon - Negative Plane Protection" it already has then change the Negative Plane Protection icon (90) to Mind Shield (52). Well, I see only one equipped immunity, "immunity to level drain". But there's also a "Set spell state" effect, which may be what confers the othe
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