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  1. You're the first person ever to say that I guess.
  2. You may want to try this. It will (should) be pretty much made obsolete by 2.6 patch, but it should do what you want. However it needs to be installed before SCS.
  3. You cen only pick Globe as a HLA once. The damage is imo pathetic (avg. 8 per round, reduced by physical resistance), they require melee range, so if anything they should be buffed. I try to avoid the "save for half" as much as I can, I hate that since it always favours the player in the long run. 1) yes 2) there's about 0,0001% chance of that to happen in game. Same thing would apply to Confusion, nobody complains about that? As I said several posts above, have some faith in my abilities and knowledge about this game. 3) Mind Blank is vastly superior to Chaotic commands now. It lasts for 8 hours (CC is nefed to 5 turns only), it protects vs all PW spells, it protects against a multitude of impairing spells (even covering holding magic, which CC lost - but not on-hit effects). SI:Div mixed in isn't imo proper for this spell, since Divinations don't affect the mind. did you switch to EE in the end? yup. It just allows for so much more. It+s far from perfect (it's fairly prone to crashes) but some stuff EE allows for is really good.
  4. MArek quest will (I guess) be fixed in EET. Per shields- a few of them look silly, I agree. Will fix. Safana - no promises, I've never tweaked NPCs. Cold Iron - this is as old as IRv3 I think. Will fix. Iirc, Flame Tongue, Balduran bastard sword, Balduran dagger and, Albruin and +3 Bastard vs Shapeshifters had this. I'm gonna set it for Balduran items and Flame Tongue, it doesn't fit to Albruin nor LAwgiver in IR.
  5. That's all cute, unless it's your PC you have to kill. Typo. Globe does 2x damage Blade barrier does.
  6. This isn't limited to Beregost. In BG1 area with Mutamin, even the statue nearby (petrified female you can revert) goes hostile. She can't do anything, but becomes red-circled.
  7. Same as "normal" death.
  8. When Sarevok dies, cutscene starts immediately and you appear in SoD starting dungeon. (EET) High-level scroll drops also appear in SoD part. (Ruby Ray, Incideniary Cloud). (EET)
  9. One more, again,can't say if this is an EET, 2.5, or SCS32 issue, final battle in BG1, Sarevok dies, you get no XP (afaik you should get 15K) and SoD won't start. The bug is as described here, and the solution also.
  10. Then these mage bugs could be linked to 2.5 patch rather than SCS. I had no issues with SCS (30 or 31) on previous EE versions. Also, the quest where you get +3 vs Shapeshifters bastard sword in BG can't be finished. I kill all the dopes, and still get "there are still more monsters" answer. The mage-like character on the same floor as Aldeth (conversable) never turns into a doppelganger.
  11. There's a big difference between duration = 5 turns and duration = permanent. The fact you can kick somebody out of party isn't a solution. Some NPCs leave forever if you do that. Some faith in my abilities, please. They won't just "randomly" follow you around and keep bashing you. You might get hit occasionaly, it's not like they'll be running amok following their target across the map. And if anything, immunity to fear effects shouldn't stop this effect.
  12. I doubt insects will cause issues, unless you willingly cast them in inns etc. These spells are rarely used by AI (BG1 Cloakwood & Larswood, BG2 Druid Grove, ToB Yaga Shura's mother). Same would apply to confusion, no? Petrification - is all ok for 8/24 hours? Shadow walk would be kinda ok, but Shadow Door already does pretty much the same (mazes nearby enemies on a failed save).
  13. Davaeorn script seems bugged (SR install, EET). He constantly uses Dimension jump rather than offensive spells.
  14. Terrific. (What did Mulahey do? I didn't specifically mess with that fight beyond what was in v30.) Sorry, Bassilus, not Mulahey. Buffed up skellies! Anyhow, there may be a bug present on EET installs; I don't know if it's SCSv32 or EE2 2.5 or latest EET mod - but enemies in BG1 (even random Hobgoblins etc.) drop 8th level scrolls and the like (Pierce Shield). It happens very rarely however. I'm positive this didn't happen before (SCSv30/31; EE patch 2.3)
  15. kreso

    IRv4 Final

    Rationale here is that AI will usually use this asap. You'll cast Slow, and it's gone, no save, nothing. I wanted to make a distinction between a spell and a potion, and allow for 2x movement speed (for those who like to kite). Also, it's made usable by monks. I can revert it back if most people disagree (it has more to do with SR than IR, in any case)
  16. Man, that's above my pay grade.
  17. My intention wasn't only to end the game for solo players; that will happen even now. If you're not soloing, but have no means to revert petrification, you'll be stuck (can't travel between areas) and the only way to proceed is to kill petrified character. That's what I want to avoid, since it breaks immersion.
  18. I've played a bit with SR + v32. You've outdone yourself...great work. Seeing enemies use Sound Burst, True Strike etc. is awesome. Mulahey fight...wow. SRDetectInvisibility trigger is the best thing in SCS ever since v21's removal of Misleads.... As per changes: - in kill_maze_stun; SR Disintegrate is magic damage, so you can put a check for magic damage resistance there - in IR lib, L1 safe and L2 safe can be deleted, armor will be reworked and these checks arent needed - for clerics, smite and blight don't care about alignment in SR, they affect all enemies regardless - Nature's beauty is a charm spell in SR, it doesn't blind anyone
  19. @Ulb I don't understand what's the differnece in case you're solo. Domination = instant death = stoning = permanent hold = feeblemind etc. In all cases, it's game over. I can get around permanent/item equiped immunities, that's not an issue. @Grammarsalad Likewise. Mike contacted me about your work with ADD_SPELL, when I'm done with SR base (and EE stuff....I've just spent 2 hours delving into code and fixing stuff..meh) we should merge our work.
  20. Same question as with SRR - which of your changes (if any) are in Git IR downloadable version? Some of these are great, even if I don't understand the logic behind install order (1)SR - (2)IR.
  21. I see no way of doing this. I can leave the spell as it is (i.e. no death) or I can delay the death further. For now, it seems all dislike the "kill" idea, so I may as well roll with no kill option.
  22. I've browsed through this; so - Which changes are in official SRbeta available on Git? I'd *hate* to do the work already done and a lot of these could go into the major release.
  23. Casting speed penalty I ain't gonna implement, anywhere. It's too detrimental for AI. Movement speed penalty seems fine for as long as it doesn't go to 0 (that ends up looking bad) . but--- Free Action effects usually carry "immunity to effect = ms modifier". So in this instance, Free Action would prevent this effect while the others would go through. Is it really killing the creature affected that bad? Do note that you could revive him, no romance would break, no loot would be lost etc. And you still got a window of time to depetrify him.
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