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  1. Great to have heard from you bri, regardless of the bad news. Hope things turn around for you!
  2. After you've been through the underdark if you have a reasonable charisma (ring of human influence from the circus helps)
  3. Ok, as far as i can tell (when trying to re-create this myself) your problem is that your stuck on an even # talk, when they mean that your currently IN a talk, Talk 14 is about her war paint, it has no special conditions Try this : CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("G#tf.lovetalk","Locals",13) while having your pointer over Tyris' portrait
  4. Same here, cant wait to see Aklon at release, after following your updates it'll be great to have him about
  5. I think he meant of the romance pack, not of Sand's part.
  6. Great news! Glad to hear old aran is still kicking and... strangely enough newborn. Thanks for all the hard work you've put in to him, cant wait to see him at release
  7. No coran's romance has no effect on Kivan in BG2.
  8. Im sorry but thats completely unfair, the Kim mod was never finished and was left in progress, the author of the mod also said parts were missing between the talks that WERE in place which effect the variable the mod checks to decide the outcome of the few final talks.
  9. Gotta agree with above ^-^ always seemed like they overlooked a really great possible character with del and glad to see you making something out of her.
  10. Pretsal

    A Question

    There are a few good romances for female PCs, G3s own gavin and kivan are well written, as for Tyris you CAN change the portrait yourself if you make the right sized image.
  11. CLUACommand: AdvanceRealTime (50000) Should advance the timer to skip from the end of one LT to the beginning of the next
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