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  1. Psionica

    Interest check: new romanceable NPC?

    I enjoy playing Romance mods more than other mods. So far since I've played mods, I've romanced: Sarelieth, Tsujatha, Amber, Sirene, Tyris Flare, Petsy Chattertone, and Yvette (though wasn't able to finish hers due to the old bug problem). Sirene is a Well written and very enjoyable romance that I'm still doing in my current game. GL with ur mod
  2. Psionica

    Dynaheir (and misc) SoD content

    I never played her romance in BG1, I don't play BG1 anymore.
  3. Psionica

    Dynaheir (and misc) SoD content

    How does Dynaheir know she is dead if shes dead? She forcast it?
  4. Psionica

    Dynaheir (and misc) SoD content

    Dynaheir for BGII !
  5. Psionica

    BG Saga on PS4

    Looks like they are gonna make it for PS4.....wonder how u will control all 6 party members with a controller? https://www.amazon.com/Baldurs-Gate-PlayStation-4-Enhanced/dp/B07SRDJBT9/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=baldur's%2Bgate&qid=1560902814&s=gateway&sr=8-2&th=1
  6. Psionica

    Dynaheir Mod

    Hexxat is Undead (not a corpse) and u can romance her which I'm doing with one of my runs.
  7. Psionica

    Dynaheir Mod

    Well if someone wanted to make a mod for her, they would of course explain how she survives. Someone did it with Xzar after he was killed by the harper spy. I've played all I am going to play of BG1. If I knew how to mod i'd make her one. Unfortunately I didn't stick with computer science or coding when I was in college. What I can do on the pc I taught myself. I see Ajantis was made into a BG2 mod and hes dead to. Tiax dies in spellhold yet I think someone is making that a mod. So why not Dynaheir?
  8. Psionica

    Dynaheir Mod

    Is anyone made or considering making a mod for Dynaheir for BG2 on? I saw that a romance was made for her in BG1. Lava made Skie for BG2 and so far its really good. I'd gladly love to play a Dynaheir mod/romance.
  9. Psionica

    How do I update old mods?

    If I do that and don't start a new game with the old one bug?
  10. Psionica

    How do I update old mods?

    As far as Mods, if u have one installed say Amber and a new version comes out, and u are currently playing with said mod in game. Can u just install the new version over the old one? Have to start a new game?
  11. I will eventually play Minyae, only problem is I don't like Edwin. I never use him, xpt once when I wanted to do that quest he has. When I first played BG1 back in '98 I couldn't stand his character. I will make a party though in the future to see Minyaes npc interactions with other characters.
  12. Psionica

    Baldur's Gate 3 Announcement Teaser

    I like Shar-Teel wish she would have been in BG2
  13. Psionica

    Baldur's Gate 3 Announcement Teaser

    Good then there is a chance that Jaheira will be in the new game
  14. ITs weird does neera always say that to Minyae if u take her along during her hidden refuge quest? It happened again w/out minyae
  15. Psionica

    Baldur's Gate 3 Announcement Teaser

    Cant elves live past 100?