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  1. I enjoy playing Romance mods more than other mods. So far since I've played mods, I've romanced: Sarelieth, Tsujatha, Amber, Sirene, Tyris Flare, Petsy Chattertone, and Yvette (though wasn't able to finish hers due to the old bug problem). Sirene is a Well written and very enjoyable romance that I'm still doing in my current game. GL with ur mod
  2. I never played her romance in BG1, I don't play BG1 anymore.
  3. How does Dynaheir know she is dead if shes dead? She forcast it?
  4. Looks like they are gonna make it for PS4.....wonder how u will control all 6 party members with a controller? https://www.amazon.com/Baldurs-Gate-PlayStation-4-Enhanced/dp/B07SRDJBT9/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=baldur's%2Bgate&qid=1560902814&s=gateway&sr=8-2&th=1
  5. Hexxat is Undead (not a corpse) and u can romance her which I'm doing with one of my runs.
  6. Well if someone wanted to make a mod for her, they would of course explain how she survives. Someone did it with Xzar after he was killed by the harper spy. I've played all I am going to play of BG1. If I knew how to mod i'd make her one. Unfortunately I didn't stick with computer science or coding when I was in college. What I can do on the pc I taught myself. I see Ajantis was made into a BG2 mod and hes dead to. Tiax dies in spellhold yet I think someone is making that a mod. So why not Dynaheir?
  7. Is anyone made or considering making a mod for Dynaheir for BG2 on? I saw that a romance was made for her in BG1. Lava made Skie for BG2 and so far its really good. I'd gladly love to play a Dynaheir mod/romance.
  8. If I do that and don't start a new game with the old one bug?
  9. As far as Mods, if u have one installed say Amber and a new version comes out, and u are currently playing with said mod in game. Can u just install the new version over the old one? Have to start a new game?
  10. I will eventually play Minyae, only problem is I don't like Edwin. I never use him, xpt once when I wanted to do that quest he has. When I first played BG1 back in '98 I couldn't stand his character. I will make a party though in the future to see Minyaes npc interactions with other characters.
  11. I like Shar-Teel wish she would have been in BG2
  12. Good then there is a chance that Jaheira will be in the new game
  13. ITs weird does neera always say that to Minyae if u take her along during her hidden refuge quest? It happened again w/out minyae
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