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  1. For me...? Diriel or Rizdaer... Rizdaer, rather. I love drow...
  2. Okay, I went through the index, and... the link to JCompton's WEIGHT in BG2... doesn't work.
  3. Zireael07


    I'd love to see that mod too. Wonderful concept...
  4. What about mod NPCs? Did any appear? And what should I (or shouldn't I) do if I want my mod to be compatible with Level1NPCs?
  5. Would it be enough to drop you a PM if I want to modify Kivan's banters slightly as crossmod content when my Khalid mod comes out?
  6. I use 'ZI' as my prefix and my friend picollo uses 'PI#' - could those be added to the master list, as I don't have an account at BWL and (I think) neither does he?
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