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  1. This is a new version! Thanks to an anonymous member of the Polish Children of Bhaal forums, traification is (somewhat) fixed. I was not informed how much was fixed, the only thing I am sure of is the .tp2. Alas, I cannot be sure if it contains the bugfixes from SHS. I am unable to test it due to my new Win7's User Account Control acting up when it comes to Infinity Engine related stuff... Anyone know how to disable UAC? Link: http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=25912
  2. I've got Win 7, actually, and both games separately do work fine w/o CDs, meaning it's a full install.
  3. I did fix some more bugs since my last post here, but there are some I can't fix, including traification. I have posted a call for help on SHS forums, as I had no time to work on bugfixing Khalid in half a year...
  4. Were any updates made to the Delta? I have got a full install of IWD II and a full install of BG II, I do everything per instructions yet it never installs... I gave it up as a bad idea after 6-7 tries...
  5. I was toying with the idea of BGT + Icewind Gate, but never could get even the clean Icewind Gate to work...
  6. I'd love a 4th wall fix for these monks. Deleting them entirely is a bad idea IMHO.
  7. It seems (from what is known) that EE will not screw with the mods. It's also said to expand on the continuity from BG 1 to BG 2.
  8. Fixed a problem with .tp2 reported on SHS. The corrected file can be downloaded from SHS.
  9. There's a mod that has a sort of a pre-romance with Viconia. I can't remember whether it was NToSC or TWM. TWM, I think, has an English version too.
  10. Oh I awaited some message telling me it was ready. Well I'll be taking Khalid with me on the next run. Thanks for reminding. Did you do it? Anything to report?
  11. Brilliant news! I read through your report and I think I'll try it out when the bugs are all (or mostly) fixed!
  12. Could you make it a .zip please? I can't open .ace. BTW is it compatible with other mods? I'm working on Safana... I know there's a Coran mod and a Xan mod by Kulyok. There are two Branwen mods...
  13. I forgot to write here that a new version has been uploaded to SHS. Some of the bugs are fixed. I've got a list of the others and they'll be fixed when I have time.
  14. Fixed that. There's another problem, described on SHS by Senka. I hope there's some script wizard that can help us...
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