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  1. Actually over the French forum, a guy was listing misspelling and other mistakes in grammar to try and complie a corrective patch for the French version on BG2. Luckily with the DVD, I can have both text and voices in original version. I hated when they adressed my male character with feminine grammar
  2. I am lucky enough to be fluent in French, English and (almost) in German, so I have tried some very good mods such as Kim, Malthis or Ajantis. They can indeed compete quite well with the more reknowed (did I get this right this time ) English one ^^
  3. I'd agree with you on this She is awesome, most of dialogues are really funny (although I never played her through the entire game, shame on me).
  4. I hope the modder concerned will read this post. If you have a mod being translated to French by the D'Oghmatiques, do not send anymore queries to Egrevyn. I am now in charge of the whole thing, and you can contact me via e-mail on the adress I use here. If you still do so, you might not receive any response. Thanks for your understanding
  5. We do have two teams of translator on French forums, one of which is linked in my signature, but we mostly do "foreign language" to french... and we are quite overwhelmed with it. And by experience, I should add that a translation is always better done that way (from another language to your native one). As regards Kim, the modder hasn't been seen on the forum since 2005
  6. Omg! If she sounds Glaswegian, I won't romance her (just kidding ) Actually, the different accents in BG2 shocked me, as we don't have that in French... Minsc sounds REALLY weird... Nalia on the other hand Much much better than her French shrieking voice
  7. Yes I guess so My problem is that I have no more excuse to shout at modders who take breaks from modding Anyway, I started so many mods that I really want to finish that one! And I will!!! (I'm not telling when though ) Ho, and I already have some people volunteering for the French translation of IWD2 NPC Project
  8. Hey! Thank you I don't remember if I had time to congratulate you for completing Gavin, so here you go: Confratulations for completing Gavin
  9. I can't believe I haven't posted there for two month; I'm so lame... No update but the mod will be going. I have been lazying a bit too much, not I got caught in uni-work, but I should be free from essays and readings after the end of the month, and go back to my modding activities. I hope I'll remember where I am in the devellopment of it
  10. I shouldn't have problem with block because I'll do it via script Thanks for the information
  11. Question: does the MoveToOffset + Deactivate technique works for your courtesans? Because I need to get rid of a whole gang of eleven creatures for my quest, but I'd need them to reappear after (for they have nothing to do with the quest, but I need the area they are in ) Thanks you
  12. At least I found some time to go throught the typoes you pointed out. I shoul be more careful :/ Actually the story about the maid is the one in Jaheira's in game biography. I've alway loved the character of Jaheira. She is a strong person as an adult, and I always wondered how she might have felt this night when her parents were killed. If I have inspiration again, I might be writing more about her. Not her whole life, but I'd like to write on important passages of her life (her education as druid, her meeting with Khalid, then with Gorion...) But we'll see if I can come up with anything interresting. Thanks for reading and commenting
  13. Maybe, who knows... Well my last exam is tomorrow (that is to say in 14 hours), so I don't need a storm anymore
  14. I wish I had this kind of winter scenery. All I had this year, both in France and Scotland was rain, rain and more rain... Oh, and huge amounts of wind in Scotland (meaning fences down, rubbish flying away from garbage bins,etc...). And of course, because I have an exam in two hours, today the sun is shining
  15. Actually, YU#MAG is both the file name and the DV I'll get easily confused otherwise. I guess I'll use various DV, thanks
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