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  1. Ah right, I'll check that change-log file you mention.
  2. I fear so. I just wish there were more detailed readmes covering all the changes plus definite walkthroughs so that people encountering the inevitable mod-breaking bug here and there can complete quests etc. I have no idea how to use nearinfinity - the vague. really short online tutorial was quite useless for me. I am a bit of a technophobe and so have used the much easier method of just transferring the item-code to the override folder and just ignore the non-relevant spell-description(which has changed to some bizarre dialogue about Artemis Entreri in Riatavin). I'll try reluctantly to use nearinfinity in the future if I can ever get round to mastering it.
  3. Well, Viconia is guaranteed to have sky-high magic-resistance in most games(65%+ in bg1 and 90%+ mr in bg2?, I think?)and is one of the most popular characters used as a result. Plus, the many item-adding-mods, even the moderate not overpowered ones, routinely give numerous magic-items offering from +10 to +25% magic-resistance. I'd imagine by the end of the game, in a standard BWP-install most characters would have 25-50% magic-resistance due to possessing items like the holy avenger etc. with a few like Viconia, Drizz't and the Bhaalspawn having more than that. Well, there actually is already an area-effect lower resistance 9th level spell which some other mod must have had in it with my BWP install. However, it reduces by only 5% per round and only lasts 1 turn(not sure if the reductive effect lasts beyond that point - it would mean casting it twice at least per heavy-duty encounter with drow/demons).
  4. OK, I thought I'd installed the spell revisions mod as normal.Via shadowkeeper, I've checked numerous spells for whether they have the spell-revisions-altered description to them and they all do - except the blade barrier spell. It seems that despite my previous misconceptions, a weidu install can omit certain items being installed, without the installation of that mod being rolled back. It might(?) be due to my watching DVDs while the installation happened, perhaps, despite the speed of my PC? Anyway, no other mod in the BWP installations seems to have altered the blade barrier spell(indeed I now have a 6th(?)-level wizard "blade barrier" spell with the spell-revisions mod's new description re effects, though the priests' blade barrier spell-versions are all with the vanilla BG2 description. There were some changes made by spellpack(but I didn't install that particular component) and there was an scsII component mildly altering the globe of blades and blade barrier spells, but the globe of blades spell is fine.Unless , that is, that scsII component replaced the spell_revisions-altered spells with its own ones without just patching the spell-rev-added versions of those 2 spells? I think I can salvage the situation by putting the relevant spell-rev spells from the spell_rev folders(plus any extra files from projectiles etc. if required) into the override folder - it worked for the wall of fire spell from the spellpack mod. I'm just afraid that if it's possible for the spell-rev's spells not to be installed, that the spell-rev descriptions might have gotten installed but not the actual spell_rev-altered spells. This would be problematic as I only want most but not all of the spell-rev spells added into the game. I would have to do a majore reinstall so as to ensure all spells got installed correctly.
  5. OK, I have done a new megamod BWP installation and thought everything was fine after checking my weidu file to see if everything was installed. The item revisions main component was indeed listed as installed(plus the hotfix). But, when I idly checked shadowkeeper one time, the blackrazor sword had the same exact (vanilla BG2) description in both of the items named blackrazor(both describing the same sword, same image). Now I've checked many of the other item-revisions-altered items previously out of vague interest, and they all seem to have been altered properly given the descriptions. So my questions are:- is it possible with a BWP weidu installation that some items in various mods fail to get installed? I'd thought that weidu always rolled back the installation if not all components were installed properly. Is it possible for me to correct the above error re blackrazor? I was thinking of simply putting item_rev's blackrazor item-code into the override folder. Can I do that and then load a savegame with blackrazor already equipped by 1 of my characters, with the change showing re effects re combat? I have no idea as to how to also transfer item_rev's correct description as well.
  6. I was thinking of a 9th level area-effect cloud-like spell which lowered magic resistance in a 30 or 60 foot radius in the same way that the 5th level lower resistance spell does to just 1 individual. Any chance of implementing that? It's just that numerous encounters, later in the game, involve highly magic-resistant demons/drow etc., which force one to mostly just use combat most of the time rather than spells for obvious reasons.
  7. My current problem has been that as certain mods have been updated(ie item revisions and spell revisions) some cool components from earlier versions get wiped out in later versions and replaced by something that I don't like. While, in both cases, I can cut out the ones I don't want in the latest version and just keep the good ones, I would love to insert 1 or 2 of the really good ones from a previous version. This means fiddling with the setup file and replacing files with others in key folders before installation. Of course, as the mods get continually updated, this becomes more difficult.
  8. Re the archmagi robes:- I do think that it should incorporate some way to improve spellcasting(eg:- -2 to spell-casting durations) and a couple of extra protections(mind blank or protection from petrification). The vanilla versions were rather underpowered, I thought. I would love the aura reducing opponent's magic resistance to be kept instead, of course.
  9. Oh, I see - yes, AD&D 2nd edition was so broken from the start that I'm surprised how it even got started(I had hear of an attempt to change the BG2 game-engine to an Icewind Dale 2 engine, but it never seems to have gotten anywhere which was a pity as Icewind Dale 2 had a great 3rd edition gameplay(though an awful plot). Actually, there are now several items I see in shadowkeeper with +2 and above for dexterity due to all the extra item mods I've installed. Of course, the trick is to work out which ones make a game more interesting and which ones are just too overpowered Oh, I didn't know that. Not that I would use that. I just try to keep 2 characters at 18 constitution and then hope for those +1 CON tomes to raise them to 20 CON so that they effectively rest between areas(makes sense in a way). I'll read that thread. I presume the aura effects can cause a slowdown on a PC. Fortunately my PC is pretty fast. Well, I'm glad that SCS now has effectively dealt with the problem. In the past, a character like Viconia plus a few magic-resistance-giving items effectively became immune to almost all magic bar imprisonment. Oh. It's the one found in the pirate cave in BG1. Once taken on there's no revert to human form function available.
  10. Well, it was just a thought. Maybe 1 of the 3 mods which enhances the shapeshiter druid does allow all classes to use the paw and change. Yes, I see what you mean as the while AD&D 1st/2nd edition was made too easy by not allowing dragons/demons to be far stronger than humans/dwarves etc. I mean a dragon with 25 strength as an upper-limit when a person wielding vanilla Crom-Faeyr has 25 strength too, that's just ridiculous. It's just that I view the non-STR-enhancing items such as the vanilla gauntlets of dexterity as being a lot less cheesy than girdles of giant-strength(at 25 dexterity just 3(?) AC points better than with 18 dexterity, plus some benefits re thievery scores) Just had a glance at a few items. IMO, if you're trying to delete the endless regeneration effect of 20 constitution points, then you really ought to keep the troll form of the cloak of the sewers as, otherwise there are very few ways for people to regenerate, forcing endless buying of potions(not too realistic re gameplay). Also, wasn't it your mod(version 2) which had the robes of the (arch?) magi with an effect reducing all opponents' magic resistances(within 10 feet) by 10%, that I see in shadowkeeper? That was cool. Replacing it with a +20% magic resistance effect is, IMO, too powerful, as there are so many magic-resistance-bonus-giving items in vanilla(and other mods) that characters can effectively become immune to all spells(well, fortunately the SCS AI now has hostile mages casting lower resistance but that only reduces MR by c.30% at a time or so at 20th level). I see your arrows of dispel can now bypass the Spell revisions/SCS spell which has protection from normal missiles protecting against magic arrows as well. The belt of inertial barrier etc. are quite good as well. I think I saw your previous Kiithix figurine fix which made it more powerful than the ridiculously inadequate vanilla version but not as overpowered as the improved kithix of the item-upgrade mod.Good work. Lastly, I seem to recall that the cloak of the wolf is a cursed item, where you can't turn back to human form after assuming werewolf shape. Perhaps that could be changed to a non-cursed item? Just a vague thought.
  11. Another point:- I like your alteration of stat-changing items so that characters can't suddenly go all the way from 9 strength to 19. However, I have a couple of quibbles:- first of all, there is only 1 vanilla dexterity-changing item, I think(gauntlets of dexterity) giving a +2 to dexterity in your mod's version. Since you already give up to +5(?) for those giant-strength belts, +2 seems rather weak by comparison - perhaps +4, instead? Also I think(?) that the stone-giant strength belt now gives +3 to strength. Stone-giants had only 20 strength in AD&D 2nd edition, so a character with 18 strength would have 21 strength with item_rev's stone-giant strength belt. Seems like it ought to be +2 not +3.
  12. Well, anyway, I have resigned myself to summoning the improved spell revisions mod demons/devils and getting a wider variety of (albeit hostile) demons/devils by installing the atweak's revised fiends component without the latter mod altering the fiend-summoning spells.Fortunately, for me, I am still able to summon a wider variety of demons/devils through the Unholy Ritual Book mod where I can summon a random variety of cornugons/balors etc. through an unusual item, so I'm able to get around this, just.
  13. That would be great. Also, the shapeshifter rebalancing components of other mods like BG2Tweaks now give an item for the paws which you have to insert into your character in order to turn your PC into a werewolf. This paw used to be one usable by all classes but now can only be used by druid-shapeshifters(I think I used the problematic refinements mod's shapeshifter component in the past but the bg2Tweak's component in my latest BWP game). What I was wondering is if you could allow a shapeshifter-paw to be usable by all classes? The reason for this is that, in the past, I've always found the werewolf-island-outcome to be highly unrealistic for evil-aligned characters and that an option be there for 1 or more party-members to become werewolves as well. At the moment, I am resigned to waiting until I am of high enough level to get HLAs for my fighter-mage/thieves at which point I can get the "use any items" HLA and use it. Well, I've always found it ridiculous how some players would have paladins in their parties and yet routinely slaughter innocent civilians for their money if they failed to pick their pockets.However, I am playing with 6 characters, all of whom are fighter/mage/thieves or fighter/mage/clerics all, getting triple the amount of XP such characters normally get to make them equal to single-classed PCs re levels, and I have some trouble with defeating the SCSI and II AIs even so -so I'm always looking for weapon to be slightly improved. I figure if your mod can improve Carsomyr to +5, then a slightly improved version of your item's cool Soul Reaver weapon(+5 etc.?) might be an option as well.It's just that the item-upgrade's Soul Reaver+6 is just too powerful to be worth playing with. Carsomyr might be better if nerfed. Does your mod have the dispel magic at a set level like 15th or 20th? That might work. Besides, it's unrealistic for it to match player-levels re gameplay in BWP. Yes, I'd vaguely guessed it might be 9, but wasn't at all sure. Pity, I didn't read any data re your item being able to stack with other movement-bonuses,otherwise I would not have excluded that component from being installed.
  14. First of all, I wish to thank you for enhancing our Baldur's Gate experience. I have found that too many items are overpowered or just boring or not fitting into the game in terms of realistic gameplay. I am also deeply pleased that you have allowed us to not install any of the items from your mod which we didn't like. I have a minor issue re the soul reaver weapon:- I like your choice re 1 chance of negative level energy drain etc.(and have installed it), but I would like you to allow a nerfed version of the Item upgrade mod's soul reaver. That mod made the already very powerful Soul Reaver+4 to a +6 weapon(with dispel magic on hit etc.), after combining it with Carsomyr. I think it is vital for evil-aligned PCs to be able to wield evil-aligned weapons which are on Carsomyr's level re abilities, so I was wondering if you could include such a weapon for the next Item_Revisions version. I accept that the original Soul Reaver+4 had a too powerful effect(-2 to THACO(automatically?) for every hit it made for 120 seconds), but something nerfed might do the trick(eg:- save vs death or get -2 to THACO for 20 or 30 seconds etc.) Also, I wasn't sure whether to install your version of the boots of speed(+5 to movement-rates, not doubled like in the original), so kept the original item(re doubled movement). I would like to know what the original average movement rate is for each character, so that I can have some idea of how +5 compares to doubling movement-rates.
  15. I concur. As already noted on the SHS forum, there is no incompatibility between aTweaks and Spell Revisions. The problem that Strontium Dog described here cannot be reproduced on a clean install + BG2 Fixpack + Spell Revisions + aTweaks. I don't believe a word of it. For 1 thing, I only commented out a few specific spells(eg:- fireball, lightning bolt and horrid wilting) from the spell revisions mod,hardly all or most of them. I will try all over again, with a non-altered spell revisions mod but I seriously doubt it will work.
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