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  1. The old druidic sorcerer kit turned out to cause conflicts with shadowkeeper - will it also be impossible to edit via shadowkeeper if the Geomantic Sorcerer kit is installed? Secondly, if there won't be a problem with shadowkeeper, will the Geomantic Sorcerer kit-spells be usable by other non-GM classes, if one edits them into the game via Shadowkeeper? I'm intending to use Fighter/Wild-Mage/Thieves and Fighter/Cleric/Mages for my various characters, and would like additional spells.
  2. I always play as an evil-aligned PC, so I naturally chose the Shar-Teel Romance which was quite good. Now, what I'd like is a Faldorn Romance and especially a Safana Romance mod - even better would be the option to have them as joinable NPC characters in BG2 - after all, if ROT can sort of "resurrect" Dynaheir from the dead etc., why not others?
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