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  1. Seifer


    I'd hope so. At least it got me back to the community, if even briefly.
  2. Seifer


    I've just picked up a message that I believe has come from a spambot, linking to some adult dating site. I'm not who's running the boards nowadays but they may want to check it out. And hello to the community greybeards that might remember me. - Seif
  3. Seifer

    Amber and multiromance

    The mod isn't unsupported, just not top of my priorities right now. I didn't know there was a potential problem. I'll have a look at the code as soon as I can and will see what I can do. Meira, do you mind if I take a look at the source code of your mod when I'm looking to work out a solution? Seif
  4. Hi all, After many, many delays, TBG is finally ready to release the first version of the PhotoShop Plug-in Suite. Please click on the link below to obtain it: - http://www.teambg.eu/memberpages/seifer/TBG_SuiteV1.rar Currently we cater for TIS, MOS and PLT formats, the elusive BAM plugin is still in development. Please note that we are writing a few tutorials for the pack but we would like to hear back from anyone wants to feed back to us here how they found them. We've also added a mod section to cater for igi's latest mods at; - http://www.teambg.eu/forum/index.php?board=21.0 Lastly, we'd also be interested in adding some mod reviews to our section so if anyone would like to see their work featured, please get in touch. - Seif
  5. Hey guys, TBG is in need of some beta testers for a few tools we've coded up recently. Anyone experienced with kit making and anyone who often edits images would be our first choice but we'll talk to anyone who shows an interest. If you're interested, please drop me a PM at TBG (http://www.teambg.eu). Cheers, Seif
  6. <ENGLISH> Cheers for taking such a vested interest in the mod Ice, seeing as you revived your own thread a full two weeks your own last post. Still, I would take your sentiment more seriously if you weren't such an annoying troglodyte or if it was expressed in a manner that elicited a warm response. Still, I'll saunter over to PPG next time and let you know when the next one is out eh? <SPAMGLISH> CHERS FOR TAKNG SUCH A V3STED INTER3ST IN DA MOD IEC SENG AS U REVIEVD UR OWN THREAD A FUL TWO WEKS UR OWN LAST POST STIL1!!!111 OMG LOL I WUD TAEK UR SENTIEMNT MOR3 SERIOUSLY IF U WER3NT SUCH AN ANOYNG TROGLODYTA OR IF IT WAS EXPR3SAD IN A MANAR TAHT 3LICIETD A WARM RESPONSE STIL!11!! IL SAUNTER OVER 2 PG N3XT TIEM AND LAT U KNOW WH3N DA NEXT ONE IS OUT 3H?!!?! WTF
  7. I bet you say that to all the ladies. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Come on Ice, you can do better then that. On topic, I agree with Sim.
  8. The RPG Kit pack has been released. You can grab version one here. Currently it adds 10 new kits and has optional modifications to a number of others. The forum is here: - http://forums.rpgdungeon.net/index.php/board,11.0.html
  9. What size icon files do you chaps use when packaging your mods? Cheers, Seif
  10. It's a rather messy way of doing it though.
  11. I'll take dibs on the arrogant sounding Elf. I can do those pretty well.
  12. Would there be a problem with me packaging this, or parts of this with the RPG kitpack to let users get off to a clean slate upon installation? Full credits and linking would of course be provided. Cheers, Seif
  13. Seifer

    Scripting Compiler

    If you've got context or you're using notepad, just go to save as and add .baf to the end of the filename making sure therer isn't a .txt at the end of it.
  14. In the next few days, the KitPack at RPGD will be in a testable format. I've already got one person who's willing to test it before release but I'd appreciate a few more. Please PM me at any major forum or email me at Olryx2@yahoo.co.uk if you're interested in testing the mod for me. Seif
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