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  1. Thats either using an ingame strref or taking its cue from a tra file. Look for anything that has the extension .tra and crank it open in notepad. It should make more sense when you're looking at it.
  2. 1) I imagine you'd have to set each spell to the speed you'd like. You can probably take a canvas approach to this via weidu. 2) Is your new kit a mage/bard kit?
  3. That's what I thought but best to be sure. Cheers Nick
  4. One for you lot to ponder over. What's the most effective manner of limiting a kit to only one attack per round. I'm already limiting weapon specs to one star a piece but would like to be doubly sure.
  5. We got any heads up on the next one of these yet?
  6. http://www.final-exodus.net/Images/travels/mal042005/ Photos. need to wait for comments though
  7. http://www.final-exodus.net/Images/travels...32005/index.htm
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