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  1. How is the project going? I'm super excited seeing how it seems to be coming closer and closer to completion! And I definitely still play NWN2.
  2. Well, Good Luck with doing your magic thingy! As I've stated multiple times I have no idea what it is you do, except that you guys are completely awesome at doing it!
  3. I am hanging in! And I just got a new computer and NWN still works on it, so hopefully it still works on yours too!
  4. BACK! (After a few months) Anyway, I'm just checking in. I keep on delaying playing Neverwinter Nights 2 cuz I really want to play it with the Neeshka fully voiced romance.
  5. Makes sense. Thanks for making it simple for me to understand.
  6. Ninety percent of what you said went over my head, but the ten percent that didn't made sense. I just poke my codder friends until they do things. Or poke their computer screens. Which might explain why I get viruses every few months.
  7. YAY for it not being years. But since I have no idea how to code anything, I'll take your word on it being easier then writing the thing. I personally do all the writing for storyline and leave it to my mod coworkers to program it. But most importantly YAY for not being years!
  8. Oh oh, a month after a post, and now I read it! Anyway, just wanted to say I'm going through the Neeshka romance again, and I'm loving it, even not finished. So I'm just imagining what it would be like if finished.
  9. That makes me really happy. Like extremely so. I'm going to celebrate now.
  10. Thanks for the response. I was just thinking of the project in general. I specifically was most curious about the Neeshka part, however I enjoyed the project as a whole, so I was just curious for any news on it. And while trying to read through two years worth of updates, I realized that all information I had was confusing to comprehend because it would require knowledge of what happened when and where. Anyway, yay for Sand! I love his character soooo much. A tiny bit less then Neeshka, but I love him lots! Though, I must admit, I hate having to choose between him and Qara. I love both of their characters. But if the mod does contain a Sand romance, I'm totally doing it.
  11. I mean, I know it's been a while, but I've been checking in here for what feels like a long ass time (Two years this April) and I kinda feel bad that I never post, but still want an update as soon as possible. So, I decided for once to ask the modders what is the state of this project currently?
  12. Quick question. Wanted to know if I'm doing this right, but when is the earliest you can start flirting with Neeshka?
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