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  1. This came up as I was looking for a particular animation to play on my character, and next thing I knew I had to dig through almost all the VVCs to find the one I desired :) hopefully this will spare others that time consuming procedure. All in all, I'm at least grateful I don't have to dig through the BAMs...


    Cam told me this would be the place to put this, so decided to put a listing of what each VVC is, a very short description of the graphic (usually meaningless) and related to some spell. I tried to make every identical graphic have an identical wording, so hope it helps ^^;; may be mistakes here, or if there are effects here listed to the wrong spell, or which are unlisted but could be linked to a spell, please feel free to post here :)




    AMCALL - Call Lightning

    AMYAG_B - Yaga Shura's Green Glow Backward

    AMYAG_F - Yaga Shura's Green Glow Forward

    ANFIRE - Burning Fire

    ANPILLAR - Flame Strikes

    CALLLIGN - Call Lightning

    FIRE2B - Bright Burning Fire

    FIRECOLD - Expanding Whitish Glow

    FIRENC01 - Melf's Meteor Explosion

    ICARMOR - Spirit Armor

    ICBLESAI - Blessing Ground Spotlight

    ICCLKFR - Cloak of Fear

    ICCLKFR2 - Cloak of Fear

    ICCSWOUI - Round Blue Spell Effect

    ICFIRSDI - Melf's Metor Explosion

    ICFRACTI - Blue Lines like Wings with Gold Shine Ending

    ICGYLPTI - Blessing Ground Spotlight

    ICINHIT - Insects

    ICINTRAV - Insects

    ICMAGICH - Burning Effect, ala Harm

    ICPRAYI - Prayer

    ICRAISEI - Resurrection Rose

    ICRMPAR2 - Blue Glow, usually when Special Unit Dies

    ICSPAIN - Pink Symbol Explodes

    ICSTRENI - Strength of One Arm

    ICWRATI - Regeneration Effect

    MAGRES - Dotted Balls, ala Magic Resistance

    MAGRES2 - Dotted Balls, ala Magic Resistance

    MAGRES3 - Dotted Balls, ala Magic Resistance

    MAGRES4 - Dotted Balls, ala Magic Resistance

    MINORGLB - Blue Surrounding Globe

    MSOLG1 - looks like nothing

    POISON - Acid Arrow Hit Effect

    POLYBACK - Polymorph

    PROJEND - Mirror Appearing from Ground ala Project Image

    SHACID - Acid Arrow Hit Effect

    SHACID2 - Acid Arrow Hit Effect

    SPABJURA - Abjuration

    SPALTERA - Alteration

    SPANISUM - Animal Summoning Flower

    SPARM2 - Dotted Balls, ala Magic Resistance

    SPARMOUR - Dotted Balls, ala Magic Resistance

    SPATTCK1 - Spell Shield Removal ala Pierce Magic

    SPATTCK2 - just after Spell Shield Removal ala Pierce Magic

    SPAURAFB - Fireshield appearing top

    SPAURAFD - Nothing

    SPAURAFF - Fireshield appearing bottom

    SPBEHBLA - Silvery Glow

    SPBEHPOO - Half of Comet Explosion

    SPBEHRAY - Medium Fire

    SPBGBFST - Bigby's clenched Fist

    SPBLDBTM - Blade Barrier Bottom

    SPBLDTOP - Blade Barrier Top

    SPBOLTGL - Burning Effect, ala Harm

    SPCHLGT1 - Chain Lightning up 1

    SPCHLGT2 - Chain Lightning up 2

    SPCHLGT3 - Chain Lightning up 3

    SPCLOUD1 - Cloud 1

    SPCLOUD2 - Cloud 2

    SPCLOUD3 - Cloud 3

    SPCOMEND - End of Comet

    SPCOMEX1 - Half of Comet Explosion

    SPCOMEX2 - Half of Comet Explosion

    SPCOMSTT - Comet Start

    SPCOMTRV - Falling Comet

    SPCONFUS - Confusion above Head

    SPCONTIN - Book Effect for Contingency, etc

    SPCRTWPN - Create Weapon, Cromwell

    SPDEATH3 - Death Spell Spirit Effect

    SPDIMNDR - Dimension Door

    SPDISPM2 - Blue Poofy Smoke

    SPDISPMA - Blue Poofy Smoke

    SPDRGNBR - Dragon's Breath

    SPDUSTY2 - Disintegration after Hit

    SPELEMND - Held in Place

    SPENTANG - Entanglement

    SPFDAWN - False Dawn Burning Explosion Effect

    SPFEARE2 - Muddy Face ala Horror

    SPFEAREF - Muddy Face ala Horror

    SPFINGER - Death Spell Spirit Effect

    SPFIREPI - Fiery Explosion

    SPFIRESA - Blue Fire Base

    SPFIRESB - Blue Fire Base

    SPFIRESR - Red Fire Base

    SPFIREST - Red Fire Base

    SPFIRSD2 - Melf's Meteor Explosion

    SPFLAMES - Cool Flames

    SPFLASNC - Rising Fire Up

    SPFLAST2 - Rising Fire Up

    SPFLAYER - Held in Place

    SPFLBLAD - Flame Blade Conjuration

    SPFLESH2 - Twirly White Effect ala Flesh to Stone

    SPFLESHS - Twirly White Effect ala Flesh to Stone

    SPFLMBLD - Flame Blade Conjuration

    SPFLSRIN - Small Fire Circle Below ala Celestial Fury

    SPGFLSH1 - Orange Poof for Unsummoned Creatures

    SPGLBBLD - Globe of Blades

    SPGREORB - Green Ball ala Disintegrate

    SPGRWHRL - Whirlwind effect

    SPH1HI01 - Left Half of Downward Blue Glow

    SPHANDA2 - Creepy Hand, eg Vampiric Touch

    SPHANDAT - Creepy Hand, eg Vampiric Touch

    SPHEALIN - Healing Effect

    SPHEART - Burning Heart ala Yagashura's

    SPHLHI02 - Right Half of Downward Blue Glow

    SPHLYBLS - Slowly forming a Circle-Headed Cross

    SPHOLY - White Glow, Holylike

    SPHOLYMT - white Pillar with some gold in top and bottom, ala Holy Might?

    SPILLUS - light blue shiny solid cloud below

    SPIMPFR - Fire from Implosion spell

    SPMAGGLO - Ball of Power, ala Spell Immunity

    SPMAZE1 - Maze Effect

    SPMAZE2 - Maze Effect

    SPMELBD1 - Darkened Twirling Words, ala Prophecy

    SPMELBD2 - Glow of the Darkened Twirling Words. Can be used together

    SPMETSW2 - Bright Burning Fire

    SPMETSW3 - Bright Burning Fire

    SPMETSWA - Bright Burning Fire

    SPMINDAT - Held in Place

    SPMONSUM - Monster Summoning T-Rex Head

    SPNECRO1 - Small Pinkish White Spooky looking Cloud with hole in the middle

    SPNWCHRM - Glowing Green Lights, ala just Charmed creature

    SPPLANAR - ExtraPlanar Summoning, a Cross on Ground then Golden Ball

    SPPOLYMP - Polymorph

    SPPORTAL - Portal, ala Solaufein calling Illithids with Phaere

    SPPOWATK - Power Attack. Silver Shining sharpened Glow from feet up.

    SPPOWRRD - White Glow to Spiky Shine and Orange Circle below, ala summon Pocket Plane

    SPPROIMG - Mirror Appearing from Ground ala Project Image

    SPROTECT - Power around the char

    SPSARMOR - Effect with Wings, ala Shield of Archons

    SPSDIMPA - Spiky Whitish Glow

    SPSETSCD - Set Spike Trap

    SPSETTID - Set Time Trap

    SPSOLBRD - Twirling Glowing Blue Words, ala Prophecy

    SPEV - Purple Cloud with Lightning

    SPSTONES - StoneSkin

    SPSTRMVA - Storm of Vengeance Cloud A

    SPSTRMVB - Storm of Vengeance Cloud B

    SPSTURNI - Creating Mirror Below

    SPSUMGTE - Demon Summoning Gate

    SPSUMP - Planetar Summoning Cloud Gate

    SPSUMPLN - White Gate Effect

    SPSUNRAY - Golden Down Glow

    SPTENSTB - Polymorph

    SPTENSTT - Polymorph

    SPTRAPBB - Trap Set

    SPTRUSEE - True Sight

    SPTURNI2 - Mirror Below

    SPUNHOLY - Golden "Holy" Glow

    SPUSEANY - Golden Moving Arch around char, ala Use Any Item

    SPWHIRL - Purplish Red Glow from Top

    SPWM104 - Twirly White Effect ala Flesh to Stone

    SPWOOD - Summoning Nymph. Nice.

    SPWRDFLD - Reddish Twirly Effect

    TRGOOYAA - Green Gook A

    TRGOOYBB - Green Gook B

    TRSPEART - Trap Spear

    TRVENTAA - Vent's pipe

    TRVENTBB - Vent's smoke

    WONDER - Reddish twirly effect

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