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  1. @DrAzTiK, you seem to be using an obsolete version of the translation mod. I couldn't find the version in the debug file but this line [bg2eetrans/language/fr_FR/setup.tra] has 70 translation stringsis a sign that you're using an old version (the latest has 80 strings). The file L_fr_FR.lua has always been part of the mod since version 2.1 of the game. However the previous version was copying it into lang/fr_FR/override, where WeiDU doesn't find it, while the game does. Otherwise you would'nt have the game interface in french. In the newest version (release september 30th), L_fr_FR.lua is now copied into the global override.
  2. Isaya

    Can't decompress area bif

    I'm a bit late but I thought I should warn about this. BG II makes an uncompressed bif when it copies a bif file into the Cache directory. So it may not be a good idea to copy a compressed bif into the Cache directory.
  3. Isaya

    Wheels of Prophecy version 6 released

    Installing the mod in French on BG2EE (V2.3) breaks the game: on Windows, when you double-click Baldur.exe, it starts but never displays the interface. The executable keeps running for a long time (I killed it after more than 30 minutes) while eating processor time. The cause lies in the fact that the journal texts in setup.tra (among other texts) are not converted to UTF-8. It can be fixed in the tp2 file by removing setup from the list of files to not convert and adding it to the list of files to reload. This requires adding the array of files to reload in the call to HANDLE_CHARSETS. ACTION_DEFINE_ARRAY cdnoconvert BEGIN END // All files, including setup.tra, have texts to convert ACTION_DEFINE_ARRAY cdreload BEGIN setup END // After conversion, setup.tra must be reloaded for immediate use LAF HANDLE_CHARSETS INT_VAR infer_charset = 1 STR_VAR tra_path = ~wheels/tra~ noconvert_array = cdnoconvert reload_array = cdreload default_language = ~english~ END Additionally, since English setup.tra is stated as fallback if a text is not present in French setup.tra (in the LANGUAGE statement), I think English should be declared as default language when calling HANDLE_CHARSETS (by adding default_language in the call to HANDLE_CHARSETS, as I did in the example above), so that English texts are also converted just in case a text uses a non-ASCII character.
  4. Isaya

    Translating EET

    Translation is still in progress in this file. I'll update it once I'm done. I'll avoid translating things that are obviously debug data. You can find a description of Translation Retriever here. Although the principle used to recover texts for BG2EE is similar, I'm not using the generated tra file to build the language file for BG2EE. Instead I created a tp2 file making the link between a BG2EE text and a BGII or BGEE text. Here is a link to the latest version of Translation Retriever. It includes this new capability to create a tp2 file. The content is similar to the BG2 Fixpack GTU component, very much like what White Agnus used for his text patch. I built the dialog.tlk using exactly the same process, except that I applied two components, one for BG II texts, one for BGEE texts. Additionally, there is some work to do on the tra files extracted from games before using Translation Retriever. You need to convert the encoding to ANSI for the BGEE and BG2EE English files (Translation Retriever is an ANSI application). To improve the comparison result, you also need to cleanup the ToB file, especially remove the item usability bits, and to fix typical typos or changes mode in BG2EE. I kept a list of all regexp replacement patterns I applied for this cleanup. I can also provide the tp2 files Translation Retriever built regarding text matches between BG2EE and BGII / BGEE, if you're interested.
  5. Isaya

    Translating EET

    Fouinto, you can find the initial translation here: https://github.com/Isaya/EET/tree/master/EET/lang/fr_FR. You're welcome to review it. K4thos, I pushed the translation files on a forked repository on GitHub. I also created the ogg files. The movies play well in game. Your process to insert the sounds at installation time is amazing. I'll make a pull request once the translation has been reviewed. I also extracted from the tp2 file all texts used in PRINT/WARN/FAIL and their PATCH counterparts and put them in setup.tra. I assume this file will be used to translate them in the end. I started translating them in anticipation. Regarding the BG2EE translation, I did something similar to what WhiteAgnus created to make dialog.tlk file using the original translation. Instead of assuming that there is no change in the texts, my attempt is based on a tool I wrote to extract translations from an existing tlk file when the text is identical (or near identical) to the one you have to translate. In practice this process recovered about 70000 texts of the original set and 1200 of the new texts (74107 and beyond). Using the same method from BGEE file, it also recovered 13500 texts of the original set and 1000 beyond 74107, Most of the texts recovered from BGEE are probably the same as those recovered from BG II, except for things added or changed by the EE games and common in both games. All in all, it probably covers a bit better the interface and game rules texts than by only using original BG II strings but it leave many items or spells in English as it seems that the authors decide to rephrase or reorganise many of them. The files are available here. The sounds gathered in bif files are also included.
  6. Isaya

    Ajantis BG1 Expansion Modifikation Diskussion

    Hello jastey, There is a contradiction between the statement that the mod is available only in English (both in the first post and in the recent announcement of V10) and the update mentionned for German and French for BGEE. ;-) Besides, the items are used only on BG1 (romance) and are not installed on BGEE, so technically you didn't need to convert the descriptions to UTF-8. The only text used in the setup.tra are installation texts and in French, we always keep them without special characters because they don't display well in the DOS window, so they don't really need UTF-8 encoding either. It won't hurt though. Thanks for the update.
  7. Isaya

    Sarah for BG2:EE

    Thanks for the tip. I'll have to tell Wisp, as I copied the iconv directory from Edwin Romance.
  8. Isaya

    Sarah for BG2:EE

    Hello, Les d'Oghmatiques have completed the French translation of Sarah. We understand people here may not be available at this time so we decided to test it on our own. Since using translation on BG2EE requires that texts use a different encoding than on BG II, I took inspiration of the new HANDLE_CHARSETS function written by Wisp and demonstrated in Edwin Romance V2.06 to make a package including the French translation and the code required to handle its installation on BG2EE. Here is an archive that is built as a patch compared to the archive linked in the previous message. The archive Sarah for BG2:EE from the first post is required and must be extracted first, than the patch archive should be extracted in the same directory, and overwriting files from the original archive shall be agreed if requested. There are a few more changes in addition including the translation: French translation by Le Marquis from Les d'Oghmatiques Fixed k#sarahb.d and k#sarahb.tra: @670 and @671 were present twice, with different texts Fixed directory name for BG II portraits (was "bge" while tp2 uses "bg2") Fixed large portrait for BG2EE (it was the same as medium) Updated the tp2 to take into account the charset for BG2EE as per the new solution used in Edwin Romance V2.06 WeiDU Updated to v236 Version bumped to V3.3, history updated in the readme I checked installation on BG2EE for French language. In game testing was limited to recruting Sarah in the team and getting the first banter, while ensuring the dialogs were properly displayed. Overall Sarah for BG2:EE and this patch should work on BG II. The "patch" needs to be applied to the mod before installing it. Notably it replaces the tp2 file and the two files mentioned above. Due to the fix to the inconsistent naming of the BGII portraits directory, you may delete directory sarah\portraits\bge since it's now named bg2 in the patch, as expected by the tp2 file. The size of the archive is mostly due to including the iconv program for Windows used to convert texts into the UTF8 encoding required for BG2EE. As explained by Wisp, the sources of the tool are also included, due to its license. We would very much like these changes to be included officially in the mod once you have proper time to review them. Feel free to contact me for more information. Isaya
  9. Actually the process to obtain the UTF8 files is the same as during installation, except that you have to do it for each language, and provide the proper original encoding name. The question of knowing the proper encoding used in BG II (not EE) depending on language is the same whether you convert the files before packing the mod or during installation. At some point, you need to determine the initial encoding. I know them for western european languages (english, french, spanish, german, italian all use CP1252, portuguese/brazilian probably too), polish (CP1250, probably for czech too) and russian (CP1252) but I'm not able to provide an complete list. Due to the way BG II could handle fonts, to make the game in polish or cyrillic required specific font files. I have no clue which encoding was used to make versions in chinese or korean, for instance (they are available in BGT). All languages are not yet available in BGEE, for instance russian is only available in the latest beta version (I should try Xan with it). In my experience (just tried now with Notepad++ 6.51, not the latest but not old either), this doesn't work except for the encoding used by Windows on your system. When I start typing special characters in the default CP1252 (in my country), then tell Notepad++ to convert to UTF8 without BOM, it works. However, if I open a file from the polish translation, encoded in CP1250, the text is still displayed using the character using the equivalent 8 bit code in CP1252. So I see things like superscript 1, 2 or 3 or the reverse ? of spanish instead of the proper polish character. These things remain after conversion to UTF8, instead of the intended polish character. As Argent77 said, Notepad++ has no way of guessing the encoding of 8 bit characters.
  10. Actually, Kulyok, the code in Xan Friendship is not really different, it's mostly a copy from BG1 NPC. I may even use it as a base to explain how to proceed. I'll see to writing a short guide in the next few weeks. In a discussion on the same topic on the WeiDU forum, Wisp provided a template for those who prefer adding the two sets of files in the mod. I'd rather suggest his way for most mods, notably those with only a few tra files, as it's easier to implement and does not require check on the operating system and including script depending on it. I could suggest an equivalent script to maintain the utf8 set of files from the initial ones to run before packing the mod in this case.
  11. The tp2 file for widescreen is in the widescreen directory. WeiDU and probably WeInstall do look for a tp2 file either in the game directory or in the mod folder. Try WeInstall widescreen, as stated in your tutorial, or WeInstall widescreen/widescreen.tp2 if it doen't work. I never used Linux for gaming, so don't take this for granted though.
  12. There is no such thing for BG2EE. The standalone client has a key for itself, but it points two levels above the actual directory where the game executable file and chitin.key are. This means there is no key for the game location itself. Each downloader/client, Beamdog, standalone or Steam has its own way to find the actual game executable file. In addition, the executable file name differs in Steam, at least it did for BGEE: BGEE.exe instead of Baldur.exe. My personal opinion about using NSIS is that you should probably stop using it. I believe it makes things more complex for players as many PPG mods (but not all) require specific instructions while the rest of mods use of a simple archive or autorun archive. Besides NSIS makes these mods unavailable for people not using Windows and it's also more difficult for people using Big World Project (they have to prevent automatic installation of the mod). This is even truer for EE games where it's already difficult to tell people where to run the mod installer from. I believe instuctions such as "extract the archive into the game directory, where chitin.key file and lang directory are found", while giving examples of typical locations for Beamdog, standalone et Steam directory.
  13. Isaya

    Starting the game without Jaheira and Minsc

    You tell them to leave the dungeon on their own, if I remember correctly.
  14. Isaya

    Custom kit problems with BG2EE?

    Rhaella, I believe you only need to add "clsrcreq" to the first list, as you need to add a line at the end with content copied from the parent class. The second block adds a column to the files. Having "clsrcreq" involved here may do funny things to that particular file by adding an unneeded column with unknow content.
  15. Isaya

    Custom kit problems with BG2EE?

    While experimenting on my own on the currently available version of Bladesinger kit from deratiseur (without the latest changes reported by deratiseur), adding the suggested function and function call (without clastest.2da though), plus the code suggested by Rhaella for clastext.2da (and the proper kit variable suggested by Wisp), I found out that the function provided is failing to update CLSRCREQ.2da. The missing addition in CLSRCREQ.2da makes the kit unavailable to select, although it appears in the list (greyed). ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~BGEE BG2EE~ THEN BEGIN // Function included int tp2, does not patch clastext.2da LAUNCH_ACTION_FUNCTION ee_kit_appends STR_VAR class = "FIGHTER" kitname = "PX_BLADESINGER" END // Biography and simple description taken from the fighter APPEND ~clastext.2da~ ~PX_BLADESINGER 2 %PX_BLADESINGER% 99901 99902 99903 15881 0 31252~ COPY_EXISTING ~clastext.2da~ ~override~ REPLACE ~99901~ @89 REPLACE ~99902~ @92 REPLACE ~99903~ @91 APPEND ~CLSRCREQ.2da~ ~PX_BLADESINGER 0 1 0 0 0 0 0~ END