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  1. @DrAzTiK, you seem to be using an obsolete version of the translation mod. I couldn't find the version in the debug file but this line [bg2eetrans/language/fr_FR/setup.tra] has 70 translation stringsis a sign that you're using an old version (the latest has 80 strings). The file L_fr_FR.lua has always been part of the mod since version 2.1 of the game. However the previous version was copying it into lang/fr_FR/override, where WeiDU doesn't find it, while the game does. Otherwise you would'nt have the game interface in french. In the newest version (release september 30th), L_fr_FR.lua
  2. I'm a bit late but I thought I should warn about this. BG II makes an uncompressed bif when it copies a bif file into the Cache directory. So it may not be a good idea to copy a compressed bif into the Cache directory.
  3. Installing the mod in French on BG2EE (V2.3) breaks the game: on Windows, when you double-click Baldur.exe, it starts but never displays the interface. The executable keeps running for a long time (I killed it after more than 30 minutes) while eating processor time. The cause lies in the fact that the journal texts in setup.tra (among other texts) are not converted to UTF-8. It can be fixed in the tp2 file by removing setup from the list of files to not convert and adding it to the list of files to reload. This requires adding the array of files to reload in the call to HANDLE_CHARSETS. A
  4. Translation is still in progress in this file. I'll update it once I'm done. I'll avoid translating things that are obviously debug data. You can find a description of Translation Retriever here. Although the principle used to recover texts for BG2EE is similar, I'm not using the generated tra file to build the language file for BG2EE. Instead I created a tp2 file making the link between a BG2EE text and a BGII or BGEE text. Here is a link to the latest version of Translation Retriever. It includes this new capability to create a tp2 file. The content is similar to the BG2 Fixpack
  5. Fouinto, you can find the initial translation here: https://github.com/Isaya/EET/tree/master/EET/lang/fr_FR. You're welcome to review it. K4thos, I pushed the translation files on a forked repository on GitHub. I also created the ogg files. The movies play well in game. Your process to insert the sounds at installation time is amazing. I'll make a pull request once the translation has been reviewed. I also extracted from the tp2 file all texts used in PRINT/WARN/FAIL and their PATCH counterparts and put them in setup.tra. I assume this file will be used to translate them in the end. I start
  6. Hello jastey, There is a contradiction between the statement that the mod is available only in English (both in the first post and in the recent announcement of V10) and the update mentionned for German and French for BGEE. ;-) Besides, the items are used only on BG1 (romance) and are not installed on BGEE, so technically you didn't need to convert the descriptions to UTF-8. The only text used in the setup.tra are installation texts and in French, we always keep them without special characters because they don't display well in the DOS window, so they don't really need UTF-8 encoding
  7. Sorry for the late answer. The way this file name is built reminds me of a simular one for Alora, with the final n. I gather it was meant for a new dialog when the component where Eldoth is moved out of Cloackwood is installed, but that that dialog was not created or removed. However the tp2 never references this tra file for any purpose. Here's some feedback regarding the French translation and a tool we used to help recovering texts taken from Baldur's Gate or to identify the duplicates between x#ict3.tra and all the x#**int.tra files. The tool is called Translation Retriever and can b
  8. Here is the French translation, and a few minor updates And here's for the readme I did a quick review of the readme included in the mod and found a few typos and improvements. Since I can't attach a file here, I'll send you an archive through Spellhold Studios.
  9. Sorry Miloch, I didn't understand the code would be protected by language check and that it would only serve when extracting texts from the game. To avoid other issues it should also be protected so that it doesn't trigger with MacOS and Linux. I believe they don't have the same stupid difference between DOS and Windows charset. You're right, WeiDU and the game seem to use ANSI only. That's why it can get nasty if people edit the tra files without paying attention to the coding. Too bad WeiDU doesn't know about languages (using specific id for each) otherwise this kind of code would be
  10. I don't believe this is worth the trouble. The impact for French is very limited, only a few wrong characters once in a while. Nothing preventing people to read the names properly. I believe new problems will arise with this kind of conversion. For instance Russian and Polish use different code pages. When you open a text file, such as the TP2 file, including special characters but in another code page, they look different. When I open a polish or russian tra file, or if I check the typical language description stuff of a mod (the first parameter of LANGUAGE), it's not rare to find special
  11. That would indeed be more flexible for the mod if that worked. Either we test or thebigg could tell. This text is taken from the game, as are the kit names. This has a drawback: when they include special characters ("Prêtre"), they don't look good in the command window. Nevermind. Look for this block in the TP2 file COPY_EXISTING - ~kitlist.2da~ ~override~ GET_STRREF 0x3f17 ~none_of_these_things~ SPRINT ~kits_list~ ~0 %none_of_these_things%~ The text is indeed in the dialog.tlk file (0x3f17 = 16151) I'm wondering whether Nythrun was forced by WeiDU to use hexad
  12. I'm glad I can help. But it's you, cmorgan, who'll do all the job and should be thanked. #58410 is a reference to a text in BG 2. It was used if you clicked on Lucy to talk, but she didn't have anything to say then (LUCY.DLG). If the translators of the game did their job, the text shall match for all languages. I can confirm that French and Spanish match the English text. I assume there is no need to add the text to the mod.
  13. The problem with Lucy speaking English is actually plain and simple: the u!lstore.d file has the English strings built-in instead of refering to the tra files. Here is a fixed version: BEGIN ~LUCY2~ 4 // non-zero flags may indicate non-pausing dialogue IF ~True()~ THEN BEGIN 0 // from: SAY #58410 /* ~Somewhat haughtily, Lucy turns away as you approach. The wyvern ignores you.~ */ IF ~~ THEN REPLY @0 /* ~Pardon me, um... ma'am? Might I inquire as to your name?~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("LucyStore","GLOBAL",1)~ GOTO LucyStore1 END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN LucyStore1 // from: 0 SAY @1 /* ~Not that it'
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