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  1. I get the feeling you guys don't play much BG1, do you? As any BG1 player will tell you, healing spells are absolutely essential at lower levels. Nerfing them in this manner would disrupt the game balance greatly.
  2. I just noticed that SR's Call Lightning can be cast indoors. Perhaps it's just me, but I find this change a bit immersion breaking. If I may, I'd suggest doing what Icewind Dale did here e.g. add a Static Charge spell which works similarly but can be cast everywhere. At the same time, restrict Call Lightning to outside areas again but improve its damage which seems too low right now.
  3. By the way, I've recently discovered the changes that SR makes to Protection from (Normal) Missile, and the spell now seems very overpowered to me. A 3rd level spell giving complete immunity to all missile weapons in the game? Even high powered stuff like Gesen's Bow and Firetooth? Heck, it even blocks arrows fired by the Fallen Solar and Ascension's Illasera. Seriously, that's way too much. Couldn't you make the spell scale somehow? For example, it might be more balanced if it granted immunity to normal missiles at level 5, +1 missiles at level 10, +2 missiles at level 15 and +3 missiles
  4. Uh-huh. And gosh, that's especially painful to look when there's a plenty of free space in the room, but them are just to lazy to make a few steps out of it. I think your problem is with the dumb AI and not the spell itself. Try using SCS. With that mod, enemies become smart enough to run out of cloud spells.
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