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  1. **** Looks at the forum catagory the sisters have been put in. Falls to his knees in a schocked and depressed state ** NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! say it isnt soooo **a tear runs down his face** ok yea its possible im being overdramatic ...but hey i was realllllllly looking forwardto this. Hope it will have life breathed into it again one day.
  2. Im sorry you had a virus but i am soooo glad to see you Im still around waiting paientely hopeng one day ill look at my BG2 screen and see K elli and Indra W E L C O M E B A C K !!!!
  3. thanks forthe reply I really cant wait till its done !
  4. hey ummm I really like giving foot massages so if I had the chance Indra's or Keli's claws would be worth the risk I just wont tickle them lol. or make any sudden movements if I feel........ somthing while at a table eating dinner or having a few drinks ( I am usally a monk (the ulimate class) ) so I dont wear armor. on second thought mabey I should think about getting at least one piece of armor..... *bored proffreading my posts*
  5. hey all women (at least the ones I have known) love to have their feet massaged what about a flirt where you offer to rub there feet after a long day on thee road. their shoulders and back might need someattention to
  6. I chose both I am defiantly going to go for Indra first ...But I have to play though it again in a different game ummm for the complete experience and chance to get to know them both
  7. New here just wanted to say HI and that after reading about these two I am REALLY! looking forward to them. Just wondering if you had though of putting in "npc flirts" like the pc version. Something quick would come up on screen. ( I am just going to say she meaning both of them ....well you going to have to play though twice right ) instead of the "flirts" and ...ummm other activities always being "pc" instigated. for early in the romance " you happen to glance over and catch a flirtatious smile your eyes lock for a moment and you continue on your way" later in the romance she could come put her arms around you as she walked (Indra could havea "tail" flirt of some kind ) Holds your hand Gives you a kiss comes up and tries to ummmm "convince" <charname> its time to take a "break" away from the party in that secluded spot over there...... Edit ( you also could have somthing where after your choose to rest in an in somthing triggers a coversation before the "rest" animation comes up where she comes up and well......(see above ) (disclaimer I have NO modding experience so I don't know if this is possible or not so if its way to complicated or not possible sorry ) Have the flirts actually affect the relationship. For example the more affection you are to her the closer you become and the more affectionate she is to you. It could also open more different types of flirts. ( I am a total romantic and totally affectionate person in real life (there can never be to much affection) and hence tend to be the same in Role Playing.) I hope you don't mind this new guy spoting off all these Ideas at you but when I saw your work I became inspiered and a instant fan I already can't wait. hmmm did i mention tail flirts would be good
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