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  1. From the testing I have seen people do, the saving throw bonus for Protection from Evil does work. Chant, like you mentioned, is something the Fixpack likely addressed. I did not know about that particular psionic blast having a -4 penalty. That makes it like Symbol, Stun. Dangerous. Just as a thought exercise: Level 9 Holy Liberator with Protection from Evil/Helm of Balduran/Delver's Plate (innate spell with easily accessed equipment giving a total -5 to save vs. spells) against the Psionic Blast with -4 gives him a 25% chance to be stunned. Sure, not as desirable as the blanket immunity
  2. Well, it is easy to lower those saving throws to the point of immunity. Level 9 Holy Liberator + innate Protection from Evil spell = 5. Throw in an Aid or Chant spell (4), Helm of Balduran (3), and Ring of Protection +2 (1) and voila, immunity to mind flayer stun. Accomplishing this rather easily at such a low level is significant, in my opinion. The Chaotic Commands immunity is both inspired by the rules and important for balancing the kit. Solo players would not care at all about it, because Paladins cannot cast it anyway. I know Power Word: Stun has no saving throw. However, in 2e
  3. Thank you for the response! #1) I looked over the special abilities that inflict the hold or sleep effect in vanilla (my modding skills are basically non-existent, so I am not going to pay attention to other mods) and only the Pixie Prick's special ability stood out as relevant (it is possible I am missing something and would appreciate anyone pointing out other possibilities!). Demon abilities that inflict hold were tricky, but they are usually treated as paralysis rather than an enchanted compulsion in pen and paper, so I am leaving those alone. #2) I will be doing the kit for the
  4. Chaotic Commands would very likely be a mind-affecting compulsion spell if it had a 3e counterpart due to changing how the target's mind works. Immunity to charm and compulsion effects includes all charms and compulsions, whether beneficial or not. I could take the "letting the kit have its cake and eat it too" angle by removing the immunity to specific beneficial spells, but this strikes me as poorly balanced. The kit is, in my estimation, already very powerful without Chaotic Commands. Stun is not a charm or compulsion*. The kit is not meant to have blanket immunity to every status effe
  5. Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I last posted, but I got the urge to finish a kit I was working on around a decade ago. The Holy Liberator kit has been done before (in Oversight), but I wanted to make it as close to the spirit of its 3rd edition pen-and-paper counterpart as possible. This interpretation is based on Defenders of the Faith's iteration of the Holy Liberator, and it took some time determining exactly what immunities should be derived from its "immunity to charm and compulsion" feature. After quite a bit of reading and reasoning and comparing 2nd edition's spells to 3
  6. I'm in the process of creating a kit that I recently made a thread on here for. However, I don't know how to go about creating the spells/making sure the effects are correct. Also, I don't know how to enforce the May not turn undead restriction I want to put on the class. Here's the .tp2 I have so far:
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