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  1. To clarify, I do this all in the game folder, where I installed all the mods? And I would rename the setup-SR.exe? My biggest problem at this point is that I'm on a mac, so I'll have to figure out how to run the .bat file, or is there a similar extension I should use for a mac executable? Thanks for the tips, Jarno and Bartimaeus, I'll give the changelog a try! Preemptive apologies if this turns out to have nothing to do with SR!
  2. So I did this, and it got kinda interesting... Sanctuary, as it is intended, was restored: blue cylinder thing, the right amount of time if immunity. BUT the description is super wacky. The spell in the spellbook now has a period after it, and the description reads: "Nowhere he can help me against such fighters as these." Weird stuff. I made a copy of the pre-existing SPPR109 so I could put it back in if needed. Not sure how I'll continue. Having a weird spell description takes me out of the experience a bit, but it is nice to have the spell work as intended. Does this prove some other mod I have interfered with SR?
  3. I'm not sure I understand what you are saying - You think because I'm using EET that the resources aren't used correctly? I ran an EET run two years back with SR and had no issues with Sanctuary casting correctly. I also tried to console level my priest to a high level and had the same result. The invisibility I do get lasts half a second with AI on, rather than two or so with AI off. Would it be reckless to take the SR file for Sactuary - SPPR109, and overwrite the file in my Override folder? Just in case some other mod glitched it? I don't use Sanctuary a ton, but without it will have a tough time in the drow city later on...
  4. Hello, I just posted this issue in the thread about v4b16, so I'm sorry for the double posting: Doing an EET game with SR and some other spell mods (IWDification, Divine Remix - just spells and kits, TnB) and discovered that Sanctuary seems to be bugged. My priest (Branwen) casts it and is turned invisible for a few seconds before becoming visible again while taking no action. No blue cone that I remember from Sanctuary. I checked the mod file for this spell - SPPR109, I believe, and it all seems to be in the Override folder. Any idea what could be causing this and/or how to fix it? I don't think the other spell mods could be at fault, they don't modify Sanctuary in any way, I don't think. Could I theoretically replace the override file with something to fix it? Thanks for any help!
  5. Hi all, I seem to be running into a problem with Sanctuary - when cast it my priest character turns invisible for two seconds and then loses this invisibility. The usual cone of blue I'm used to is not there. Is this something that could be caused from Divine Remix or IWDification? Niether seem to mess with Sanctuary. (Divine Remix was just spells and kits, no spheres or anything).
  6. Thank you both for the tips! I did start my EET journey a few months ago, in June I think. I think Console Commands to move to the pocket plane will be effective, and the link provided above did detail some ways to change the code to put in the ability. I'll try that later. Thanks for the responses!
  7. Oh teleporting directly to the pocket plane? I'll try that thanks! Resting doesn't work, unfortunately!
  8. Hello! Loved the EET so much! Odd glitch though starting TOB. Not sure if its related to EET or if anyone has heard of this before. Upon completing Saradush I find that I can't teleport back to the pocket plane. The ability isn't there. I received it after completing the first challenge, but it disappears upon save/load. I tried to EE Keeper the ability to my charname, but when I try to click the + button to increase the memorizations it tellls me I've reached max memorization for that level. I've also tried C:AddSpecialAbility("SPIN649") but that doesn't work. Could this be related to EET, or has anyone any idea of how to fix this? Thanks for any help anyone can provide!
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