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  1. -Телепорт7 - Ненавижу телепорты! - Я тоже. Удивлена? Пришлось привыкнуть... I'm trying.
  2. BLAST ye, bloody moder! Yeah, yer right to ban me for it, whatever, I'm outta here, but CURSE ye all for moving HDR, the inspiring star for the likes of me, from hope to yer forum's-"grave" and let the balors ever have at ye! HDR WILL live!
  3. I mean this little and unworthy elf is now trying to write nice dialogs. Darn, I doubt my "skills" - just think what I get is not as gorgeous at it deserves to be.
  4. Sheesh, I AM making my own HDR now. The trouble now is that it's a totally russian thing and I'm not that skilled to translate all his beautiful words to English. But I'm really trying!
  5. That's the main question for me. And if JPS agrees, I'd love to get what is already written so that I can catch the style.
  6. You bet! I'd jump out of my skin if it'd help JPS somehow.
  7. I'm ready to pick it up, if JPS officially refuses it. Though it would be great if he could give me what is already done... if anything
  8. Aww, drop it! After my cousin almost made me crazy, trying to prove me that his eyes are BLUE... His wonderful eyes are black and the difference of the hue is because of the different lighting here and on the original, where he is actually outdoors. D'you think I was DRAWING his face with my own hands anew here? Thank you, Minarvia. And yep, we're still hugging... ohhh, happy-happy Kanny! ... waiting for your letter
  9. Heheh, I don't matter here, just Dalis looks a little bit different than usual, thoughtful mayhap?
  10. Sheesh! Mooney, WHERE did your list of MODs've gone from the Chosen? It was so nicely copied to my webpage (with your authorship and everything, of course) and I wanted an update.
  11. Xzar! Xzaaaar! I WANT Xzar to my party! Just joking, I anyways have him. Awww! Look-look! What a SCREEN I've got five minutes ago!!! No photoshop, I swear. Isn't it cuuuuute? ... well, Khittix is not much photogenic, is he?
  12. Hmm, I don't understand either. Mayhap he means that Kido is crazy like dear Xzar? Minarvia, dear, you are right, I'm not worrying about anything and I'm totally happy after recently my Dalis got himself a wonderful bug, and I don't even imagine, what could cause it - he always runs against me, crossing my "green circle". Tis 'cause he wants to hug me, I know!
  13. *laughs* Oh, I get it. So HERE is the difference - Dalis doesn't love me (yet ) so he didn't ever say such things to me. And when all is finished with the tattoo's regeneration, he will maybe think this is cool. And what do you think *I* feel about his earrings and his pretty ear aching? But that was what he WANTED, so I'm not saying a word.
  14. Oooops! I'm sorry! Really no offence meant, after all we didn't have long conversations about who is who, right? What I meant to say is that perhaps Tsu is not that important for you, as Dalis for me. Edit for typos, silly Kanny!
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