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  1. Cool...  I do have a question though... a very minor one, but a question anyway.  I noticed on her character sheet she has a lore of 107 - which for a level 10 bard (and Int bonus) is right.  My question is do you think her starting lore value is a bit high?  I mean she has spent most of her life on an island with close to zero contact with the outside world. But hey... just a thought. I am looking forward to this mod... when Bioware mentioned they would bring over some NPC's and include the romance options, I was surprised Delainey wasn't included.  Thank you for adding to the BG story.
  2. Uh, perhaps CKC - Crispy Kobold Commandos? Quite simple... 1 dead kobold commando 2 Arrows of Fire Shoot arrows into kobold.  Then carve to your pleasure or eat off a stick...
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