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  1. possible yes; feasible in our case, not really. For simple C++ depending on the stdlib is'nt too hard, but gemrb is quite complicated and depends on windows APIs. Its certainly not a trouble im willing to go through. plus getting the build bot back, or having somebody with windows setup a new one is much easier and more likely. Anybody with a Windows box can set one up; the problem again is that none of the developers really have a windows box
  2. The non-opengl one; i havent a clue how to fix the opengl one...
  3. The text editing stuff proved too hacky and complex without my view hierarchy implementation so that wont be back until then (currently held back by needing to update the SDL2 driver). I want to find time this weekend to look at the SetVarAssoc bug with the TextAreas and even the PST map notes, but i cant make sense of your comment about that. I also notice you mention that PST animates dialog transitions. this should be trivial to accomplish since I added the duration parameter to TextArea::ScrollToY. in fact, we already do this for the feedback messages appended in BG2. looking at the co
  4. The type of programmers we need most would need to know next to nothing about IE itself. What we need is somebody that can build a nice configuration interface for android and somebody that can finish the OpenGL driver... Changes in my dev branch have completely broken the OpenGL driver and I lack the know how to fix it and we have no active dev that does. Upgrading the SDL audio driver would also be welcome and requires no knowledge of IE. lynx and fizzle generally has a good handle on all the game scripting and spell issues
  5. FYI, the changes i've been making to GemRB the last couple of months will automatically create a functioning scrollview with scrollbar any time a windows contents exceed the bounds so the portrait stuff should be a non issue at that time. In short, no need to waste time dealing with that issue now (or any similar content display issues) if you can be patient for another few months while that work is polished
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