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  1. IriaZenn


    Now I know where Gavin's clumsiness comes from. I'm very happy that the mod is still moving forward. I always love your writing style.
  2. IriaZenn


    Resurrecting an old thread since it was on the first page. Any news as of late on the status on ToB?
  3. Found an error when flirting with Gavin.
  4. I'm running into a weird little problem, which probably isn't a problem but I thought I would ask/tell anyhow. I have my PC reconize the ring, (him still having all fingers) and then choose the option that the engagement failed. Then when I go and talk to Gavin he doesn't reconize PC nor do I have any other option besides "Do I know you?"
  5. So, Angie, I have to ask you as a close friend of Sarevok's do you have any advice for romancing the grumpy giant? I mean you're nice and all but that's the problem, you're too nice. I'm looking for someone with a little more spice.
  6. Okay, Angie, I have to know. You seem to come on to any that has breasts and I really want to know, gnomes and halflings? How? Why?? Don't you feel strange dating someone who's so damn short?
  7. Okay, I've been having this problem that I just noticed since I've been wearing headphones while playing. For some reason when Kivan talks to my character his music plays only on the left side. It's only his music that this happens with. Everyone else's music is fine. I haven't checked to see if it's also like that on my speakers since everyone's asleep at the moment.ÂÂ
  8. Heya Angie, Now I remember your daughter Shary (That's my nickname for her) She was a fun chick. You see, she made me really mad one day and so I switched her usual belt with another that I had gotten from an ogre long ago. Well, she didn't take it too well, you know. You don't mind you have son instead do you? Oh and I should warn you, I'm a wild mage and there's a good chance you might get changed into something at some point. Happens you know?
  9. Do you have the Bioware patch installed? You could also install BG2tweaks which fixes a lot of bugs and install the "rest anywhere" tweak
  10. *jumps up and down* Can I? *bounces up and down* (Holy crap, I need to lay off the soda)
  11. Just so everyone knows, I'm totally kidnapping Sister V, because well his voicing is to die for! I can't decide which I like better Angelo or Xan. Hmm... I wonder if I can get him to cosplay them both at the same time?
  12. I recently reinstalled BG2 and I noticed that when I played as a cleric of Selûne or Oghma I'm not getting their holy symbol. I can always CLUA it into the game. Also when I got to select my Oghma cleric's HLA there's one slot that's blank.
  13. Some of my character are feeling horribly left out. Like my fem half orc, or my drawves and my gnomes. They need loving too. My gnomes would like to say that if anyone suggests a re with Jan, they're coming after you.
  14. Oh yeah one question: After you refuse Angelo and he goes away and gets plastered, does he stay like that until the end? I felt so bad I couldn't continue.
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