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  1. Another question please: Do clerics get the damage/to hit/speed factor bonuses for proficiency points, or they are not counted like the attacks/round?
  2. I gave the kit the combat bonuses via CLAB as you suggested, it's pretty much like blade's spins, but add different bonuses and upgrade with XP level. I like it, but as you said the abilties (called them combat stances for now) apply to every usable weapon... and that I dislike. As they are abilties with a timer, it's easier to balance, but I have yet to make a lot of SPLs. They should upgrade each 3 levels, included they previous abilities adquired. I'm not sure how to do it, when I try it seriously I'll ask doubts again. About the armor, isn't there any way to script around it? Perhaps
  3. Damn I was thinking that maybe I could use the cleric flag, and prevent the character to use any other armor than his custom robes via script (if it's possible and I learn to do so, heh). About the attacks/round, it is a problem. I should make it a fighter kit then, but that is bad for consistency. I'll meditate about it in bed. Good nights all. EDIT: and the bigg was faster than me. Can shapeshifters use robes? If they do, it might be a workaround. Ill check it tomorrow.
  4. Hi all, I have read the BG2 Kit Creation Series (great info Cam, thanks for the time spent writting the threads), and I am a bit frustrated now that I know abit more about the engine limitations. I wanted to create a new Cleric kit, stronger than the average cleric in the offensive side (perhaps not as powerful as a dual Fighter/Cleric), but lacking in the defense. It would be roughly as follows...: - Can attain grandmastery in Staffs - Can attain specialization in Mace, Flail/Morningstar, Warhammer - Bonus dmg/to hit at certain levels - Learn special attacks/moves/abilities with th
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