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  1. One thing to check is that the Geomantic Sorceror spells are not overriding official class/Kit spells from BG2EE. Things like Shadow Step...
  2. Your PC seems to be a total control freak: "languages/english: Permission denied" "[Francais (Translation by zooloo of the D'Oghmatiques)] has 4 top-level TRA files" That is dead wrong, there is only the one Tra file in the folder... Check the English and French sub folders of the Languages folder. There should only be one file in each. Right-click on each file and click on the Properties line of the context menu. Check that the file does not need to be Unblocked because it has come from another PC.
  3. I don't speak French all that well, so the problem was not spotted by me. I know nothing about HANDLE_CHARSETS or how to properly use this function, I will need to look into this...
  4. Party is now in Hell, the Geomantic Sorcerer has been working well. Druids are second-rate at everything, the presence of the GS means that I don't need one. So far the GS has not enough XP to achieve any HLAs, that will come in Throne of Bhaal. I had to alter the Harper Pin so that Neutral Good GS Jaheira could wear one, that was easy to do in Near Infinity.
  5. I had an idea for an interim alternative to L1NPCs for the EE world: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27726&hl= It works okay in practice, NPCs are the same wackos and neurotics they always were. Eventually there will be a proper L1 mod for the EE world but it won't be any time soon.
  6. The Geomantic Sorceror kit was inspired by Constant Gaw's Druidic Sorceror kit. I am presently trying to make that suitable for starting at any level, not just level 8. Next I will want to port it to the EE world. None of the Sorceror kits can be dual-classed. What you might be able to do is have an imaginary first class of your own choosing. If attempting a Thief -> Sorceror dual class: Game plan is to create the PC as a Sorceror. Now he won't have access to the Thieving buttons. You can alter Keymap.ini to give hot keys to the explicit abilities concerned: Thieving=K Stealth=S Trap Detection=N I tested this and it works in actual practice.* Set Snare ability can be added as: SPCL412 Set Snare. Backstabbing will be problematic, it could be added as an ability. Some ability to use Thief items can be given by SPCL915 HLA: Use Any Item. I have not tested this yet. *(This can be extended to other classes too: Turn Undead=T Battle Song=B) Abilities with a class level variable could be a hassle. Notional classes give no levels in the classes concerned, maybe replace the level variable with a fixed number. The notional, imaginary, dual-classing happens at a fixed imaginary level in the first class. If starting BG2, a Thief should be at level 8, so the fixed number would be 8. So you could award the Thief with ~70,000 imaginary xp as a Thief and 19,000 actual xp as a Sorceror. You could use a script to set his level to 4. Here, explicit innate abilities means abilities that must be used before they take effect, like those found in the Innate Abilities menu. Implicit abilities are always in effect.
  7. Wait? I want to play it now, my approach works. If anyone can produce an EE version of this mod that is good I might add. My help is probably more trouble than it is worth, in WEIDU I am semi-literate on a good day.
  8. "The Level 1 NPCs was created so that you only have one game, the game you are playing." So far as I know, the Level 1 NPCs mod does not work or work properly on any of the Enhanced Edition games. This won't change in the near future. My idea was to create the NPCs in the Original BG2, where the mod does work, and then transfer the resulting Cre files to BG2EE, where the mod does not work. "Problems arise with mods that have different numbers in each game..." In Original BG2 a kit has a number like 35 in Kitlist.2da, meanwhile in BG2EE the kit is number 42. BG2EE starts out with several kits that the original BG2 never had: Blackguard Shadowdancer Dwarven Defender Dragon Disciple Dark Moon Monk Sun Soul Monk This gives the potential for different numberings in the two versions of the same game.
  9. It seems that the mod can create proper NPCs for the first 31 kits, they are the same for both versions of BG2. Problems arise with mods that have different numbers in each game... One approach is to fake the ID of the game so that BG2EE can meet the mod rules for being identified as the Original BG2. In the meantime there is still my custom approach.
  10. Now Geomantic Sorceror Cre files, from the Original BG2, seemed to run on BG2EE without problems. I will need to check whether the Original and EE versions use identical formats for these files. If so, you can use Level1 NPCs to create your Cre files on the Original version then send them over to the override folder of the EE version. Eventually we may get help to alter the mod so that it runs on EE games.
  11. This mod now works in the Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition game system. Because the IWD1EE game has Sorceror kits, the GS kit can be chosen at the start of the game. This mod won't run on the original version of IWD because there is no Sorceror class. Until some genius of IE can create such a class...
  12. I am on Windows, I don't use Mac or Linux. I can give a link to an alternate 7z version. http://www.freewebs.com/ishadnha/DruidSor.7z Someone on Mac/Linux is welcome to convert the zip format to something that is used by those platforms. Here is the zip version: http://www.freewebs.com/ishadnha/DruidSor.zip IWD1EE: the Cre files may have been Baldurized, made compatible with the files from BG2EE. Shapeshifting did not cause the expected crash...
  13. It seems to work for IWD1EE too. Just delete an existing character and replace with a GS. It worked on BG1EE because the relevant file formats were the same for both games. In IWD1EE there is a difference in the Cre formats used, Shapeshifting won't be possible until this is resolved.
  14. If you strike severe problems, look at your characters folder, in Windows 8 or 10 it has a location like: C:\Users\[Login Name]\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\characters I will need to check if it always has priority over the usual override folder or not. It may only start to exist if you do something like Export a character to a Chr file.
  15. It should also be possible to export it to BGT, Baldurs Gate Trilogy. Have Aataqah the Genie appear at Candlekeep. You could rework Aataqah's dialog so it omitted mention of Rielev and other strictly BG2 matter. Exporting this kit to the original BG1 is simply not on, the game lacks the Sorceror class completely. Your best approximation would be a Geomantic Mage.
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