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  1. Your PC seems to be a total control freak:
    "languages/english: Permission denied"

    "[Francais (Translation by zooloo of the D'Oghmatiques)] has 4 top-level TRA files"
    That is dead wrong, there is only the one Tra file in the folder...

    Check the English and French sub folders of the Languages folder. There should only be one file in each.
    Right-click on each file and click on the Properties line of the context menu.
    Check that the file does not need to be Unblocked because it has come from another PC.

  2. From the mod help file:

    Please note: when you encounter a joinable NPC for the first time in a new game, that NPC is added to your saved game. Consequently, using this mod to change such NPCs after you've visited the area they're in will do nothing to that saved game, and uninstalling a component's modifications after a party member has already joined will have no effect on that save.

    A workaround:
    (1) Alter the save game to send the NPC to some place where you won't encounter them again. If you left Irenicus's dungeon a good place would be the starting area, AR0602.
    (2) Create your own version of the NPC: via the Level 1 NPCs mod, ShadowKeeper, Near Infinity or whatever.
    (3) Summon them via the Console.

    In detail, how to do this:

    Open Near Infinity, go to the Save directory and click on the "+" next to the save game you are using. Click on the Baldur.gam file.
    Go into View mode, you will see in the lower right corner "Non-player characters". Click on the NPC you wish to banish, for Yoshimo, that would be *OSHI7. Then click on the View/Edit, this brings up the "Non-party character 10" dialog box. (The "10" may be some other number in your own installation.)

    Now you should see this:
    Selection state Not selected - 0 9c8c h

    Selection state Not selected - 0 9c8c h
    Party position Not in party - 65535 9c8e h
    CRE structure offset 13bf4 h 9c90 h
    CRE structure size 2252 9c94 h
    Character *OSHI7 9c98 h
    Orientation SE (14) 9ca0 h
    Current area AR0406.ARE 9ca4 h
    Location: X 1368 9cac h
    Location: Y 1922 9cae h

    Click on "AR0406.ARE", choose another area instead, in the drop-down list of areas. AR0602.ARE is a good choice. Then choose "Update value".
    Close the "Non-party character 10" dialog box, this brings you back to the main Gam file screen.
    Click on Edit tab and choose Save. Now reload the game to effect the removal of the original NPC.

    For Nalia, the Console command would be:
    For other NPCs, the "Non-player characters" box will list most of the correct file name. You need to replace the initial "*" with the correct first letter.

    How to use the BG2 Console. This information below was copied from the BG2: ToB part of the guide to the CLUA Console, as found in the IESDP manual.

    CLUA Console

    Enabling / Accessing the CLUA Console
    Cheat Keys

    Activating the Console (BG2 / BG2:ToB)
    Open the Baldur.ini file (located in the BG2 installaion directory).
    Find the line [Program Options] and add the text Debug Mode=1 underneath.
    Create a new game / load a save game.
    Press ctrl and space together.
    CLUA commands can be entered in the editing area that appears at the bottom of the screen.
    Commands must be prefixed with CLUAConsole:

    Cheat Keys
    After using the CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() command the following cheat keys are activated.
    CTRL+1 Change armor level animation
    CTRL+2 Fade screen to black
    CTRL+3 Fade screen to normal
    CTRL+4 Highlight background-interactive objects
    CTRL+5 Displays animation information
    CTRL+6 Change avatar animation previous
    CTRL+7 Change avatar animation next
    CTRL+8 Highlights the text boxes
    CTRL+9 Highlight the sprites
    CTRL+0 Unknown
    CTRL+A Animation avatar (see CTRL+S)
    CTRL+C Runs NALIAND epilogue
    CTRL+D Display some numbers (framerate related?)
    CTRL+E Alters visual range
    CTRL+F Turn the character
    CTRL+G Display list of areas loaded in cache
    CTRL+H (TOB only) Sets a specific Surge for wild magic 1-100
    CTRL+I Selects animation (see CTRL+L). Can force banters.
    CTRL+J Teleport to cursor position
    CTRL+K Creature under cursor kick out party
    CTRL+L Plays animation (selected by CTRL+I)
    CTRL+M (Followed by ENTER) Debug Dump (if [Game Options] Wild Surge Keys = 1)
    CTRL+O (Followed by ENTER) Write Debug Dump to log file (if [Program Options] Logging On = 1)
    CTRL+P Keep screen centred on selected character
    CTRL+Q Creature under cursor joins party
    CTRL+R Heals character under cursor
    CTRL+S Select avatar animation
    CTRL+T Advance game time 1 hour
    CTRL+U Temporarily highlight Doors + Ground Objects
    CTRL+X Extended position information
    CTRL+Y Kills creature under cursor

    Using the Console
    Adds the gold specified by <int> to the party.
    Adds the spell specified by <string> to the selected character.
    Advances the in-game 'real time' counter.
    Unknown - seems to start a new single (0) or multi (1) player game.
    Creates the creature specified by <string>.
    Creates the item specified by <string>.
    The parameters control the amount/charges of the item.
    Plays the VVC specified by specified by <string>.
    Plays all graphic files in order.
    Displays the text specified by <string>.
    Enables (1) or disables (0) cheat keys, based on the value of <int>.
    Explores the current area.
    Displays the variable specified by <string1> (of type <string2>).
    Enables logging of game messages?.
    Filename to log message to?.
    Move the selected characters to the area specified by <string>.
    Plays the movie specified by <string>.
    Plays the sound specified by <string>.
    Sets the XP of the selected character to <int>.
    Unknown - probably related to water alpha levels :)
    Sets the variable specified by <string1> (of type <string2>) to the value of <int>.
    Unknown - probably related to water alpha levels :)
    Sets the current weather.
    Crashes (starts the store specified by <string>).
    Strings are displayed with their associated strref numbers.
    Strings are not displayed with their associated strref numbers.
    Lists all dialog file in the game, and checks for errors.

    NB. While the console is enabled, the following cheat is also enabled.
    At the stat distribution screen, pressing CTRL+8 will yield maximum stat value.


  3. In the topic "Version 8 of Icewind Dale in Baldur's Gate II (BETA) now available" you will find links to downloading the main IWD1 in BG2 program and the Tweaks pack:

    When I clicked either link I got returned to the main G3 forums page, no download happened.
    Idea is to go to the Downloads page and click on the "In Progress" link. That will take you to a page where both the programs are found. Click on each link, that will take you to a new page with a functioning Download link.

  4. Presently the kit works well for the BG2 part of the trilogy. If you want to start in the BG1 part there are options open:
    For NPCs, Level 1 NPCs mod will turn them into Geometric Sorcerers.
    For the protagonist, you won't be able to speak to Aataqah the Genie the way you can in BG2. I have no skill with dialog files, so I have rigged this temporary solution. Add the following code to AR6516.bcs:
    RESPONSE #100

    If the file does not exist you can create it.
    This also applies to any mega-mod that uses the BG2 engine to play the BG1 game.

    Current ca#dsor.2da file gives all of the spells and powers in one hit. Below is a new version that gives them at the correct levels. Simply delete the existing contents of the file and replace it with the data below:

    2DA V1.0
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
    ABILITY1 AP_CA#WSM **** **** GA_CA#DS202 **** GA_CA#DS302 **** GA_CA#DS402 **** GA_CA#DS401 GA_CA#DSSC GA_CA#DS502 **** GA_CA#DS607 **** GA_CA#DS704 GA_CA#DSSC GA_CA#DSTO **** GA_CA#DSSC **** **** GA_CA#DSSC **** **** GA_CA#DSSC **** **** GA_CA#DSSC **** **** GA_CA#DSSC **** **** GA_CA#DSSC **** **** GA_CA#DSSC **** ****
    ABILITY2 AP_CA#XPMOD **** **** GA_CA#DS204 **** GA_CA#DS305 **** GA_CA#DS403 **** GA_CA#DS501 **** GA_CA#DS602 **** GA_CA#DS702 **** GA_CA#DS705 **** GA_CA#DSMO **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
    ABILITY3 GA_CA#DS103 **** **** GA_CA#DS206 **** GA_CA#DS306 **** GA_CA#DS404 **** GA_CA#DS506 **** GA_CA#DS604 **** GA_CA#DS707 **** GA_CA#DS711 **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
    ABILITY4 GA_CA#DS104 **** **** GA_CA#DS207 **** GA_CA#DS315 **** GA_CA#DS407 **** GA_CA#DS516 **** GA_CA#DS605 **** GA_CA#DS717 **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
    ABILITY5 GA_CA#DS105 **** **** GA_CA#DS210 **** GA_CA#DS317 **** GA_CA#DS410 **** GA_CA#DS517 **** GA_CA#DS606 **** GA_CA#DS720 **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
    ABILITY6 GA_CA#DS110 **** **** GA_CA#DS212 **** GA_CA#DS318 **** GA_CA#DS411 **** **** **** GA_CA#DS610 **** GA_CA#DSSC **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
    ABILITY7 GA_CA#DSWS **** **** **** **** GA_CA#DS319 **** GA_CA#DSSC **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****


  5. "I do not know what you talking about... "
    My comment "Save folder is bloated but I don't mind that. Sounds like you need it urgently..." was in reply to your comment
    "But if I would do as you say, my save-games folder will be a bloat and huge one after a some time,"
    My save folder has around 50 folders but that is okay with me. You seem to need more save games more than space on your PC.

    In plain vanilla, standard, BG2 you won't lose all of your items. Your Mods however could alter that...

    Reduced/lost charges in your wands could come from a feature of a mod or from certain creatures like Nishruu.

  6. In Near Infinity you can look at the save game files. Decompress the "sav" file of your latest save game. Then you will need to check every container in the Cult areas...

    NI is freeware, for a copy see:



    To use:

    Press Ctrl+O to open your BG2 game.

    Press on the + sign next to Save, if it is a single-player game. (MPSave otherwise)

    Find your last save game where you had all the gear.

    Click on the Gam file, in the upper right you should see a list of your PCs.

    Click on the name that corresponds to your protagonist.

    Click on the Edit tab then at the very bottom View/Edit the CRE File.

    Towards the end of the Cre file you will see a list of items.

    For instructions on using the Console, download the IESDP archive.


    Check the last save game where you have all that you lost, that will give you the correct container number. This should have the correct store number, where all your items still are. (Unless they were disintegrated.)


    Using NI, a text editor and a spreadsheet it is easy to restore all items to an NPC who has lost them.

  7. Party is now in Hell, the Geomantic Sorcerer has been working well. Druids are second-rate at everything, the presence of the GS means that I don't need one.

    So far the GS has not enough XP to achieve any HLAs, that will come in Throne of Bhaal.


    I had to alter the Harper Pin so that Neutral Good GS Jaheira could wear one, that was easy to do in Near Infinity.

  8. Rewriting files should give you the Playhouse option.

    You can apparently give them Bard Thac0 and HP, with a bit of hacking. Spell selection will be Sorcerer but they can be given spells outside of that screen, that is how the Geomantic and Druidic Sorcerers work. You can give them the name of Bard even though they are really Sorcerers.

  9. You can have a Bard with the Sorceror-style spell casting. In original BG2 there were no Sorcerer kits but you could create them, Druidic Sorcerer and Geomantic Sorcerer are examples. Both could add Druid spells to their repertoire of Wizard spells. (The latter is a re-write of the former.) Said spells were Wizard translations of Druid spells.
    Druidic Sorcerer is created as a Druid and then becomes a Sorcerer.


    I translated the Geomantic Sorcerer to the EE world:

  10. The Geomantic Sorceror kit was inspired by Constant Gaw's Druidic Sorceror kit. I am presently trying to make that suitable for starting at any level, not just level 8. Next I will want to port it to the EE world.

    None of the Sorceror kits can be dual-classed. What you might be able to do is have an imaginary first class of your own choosing.
    If attempting a Thief -> Sorceror dual class:
    Game plan is to create the PC as a Sorceror. Now he won't have access to the Thieving buttons. You can alter Keymap.ini to give hot keys to the explicit abilities concerned:
    Trap Detection=N
    I tested this and it works in actual practice.*
    Set Snare ability can be added as: SPCL412 Set Snare.
    Backstabbing will be problematic, it could be added as an ability.
    Some ability to use Thief items can be given by SPCL915 HLA: Use Any Item. I have not tested this yet.
    *(This can be extended to other classes too:
    Turn Undead=T
    Battle Song=B)

    Abilities with a class level variable could be a hassle. Notional classes give no levels in the classes concerned, maybe replace the level variable with a fixed number. The notional, imaginary, dual-classing happens at a fixed imaginary level in the first class. If starting BG2, a Thief should be at level 8, so the fixed number would be 8. So you could award the Thief with ~70,000 imaginary xp as a Thief and 19,000 actual xp as a Sorceror. You could use a script to set his level to 4.

    Here, explicit innate abilities means abilities that must be used before they take effect, like those found in the Innate Abilities menu. Implicit abilities are always in effect.

  11. Flaw in the original BG2 game: there was supposed to have been a few weeks or months at Suldanesselar after the return from Hell and before Throne of Bhaal starts. Enough time for PCs to be healed and rested. Need to alter any cutscenes at the end in Suldanesselar so that the party is actually healed and rested! Items from PCs killed in Hell should be dumped in this city not in the Forest of Tethyr. Obviously there should be time for resurrected PCs to re-equip their gear.
    It is generally the lack of internal consistency that I don't like.
    Probably have the expansion start from a house in Suldanesselar. Ellesime says that the protagonist was dead for a few days at most, hence at least a few days have elapsed between Hell and ToB. I get the impression it is more like weeks or months. Especially given the time needed for the mayhem spread by the Five.

  12. From the IESDP list of BG2 Actions:

    348 SetupWish(I:Column*,I:Count*)
    349 SetupWishObject(O:Creature*,I:Count*)
    This action instructs the engine to use the fourth column of wish.2da and carry out a RandomNum(2,1) action starting at the top and working down. If the RandomNum returns with a 1 then the appropriate global for that spell is set. Once the maximum "wish choices" have been selected, the dialog continues and casts the selected spell.

  13. Change class in mid game presumably means:

    AddKit(0), to remove an existing kit
    AddKit("Kit") to add the new kit

    Ability scores might need to be altered to make the NPC a proper fit for the new class/kit. SetupWishObject(O:Creature*,I:Count*) seems to be the only ticket here.

  14. In the Level 1 NPCs Mod the existing approach is to take an NPC, reduce them to level 1 and add the features of the relevant kit. By "kit" I will mean a true class as well as a kit for a class

    My approach is to take a valid Cre with the desired kit and then add the NPC features: name, portraits, dialog and scripts. This is easier to program because all NPC features would fit the same data array. There may only be eight features, all of them having the same length from one NPC to the next.
    In actual practice the idea does work, it works all too well. Protagonist seems to be leading a therapy group for particularly neurotic patients. A therapy group not a fearsome band of adventurers.
    You could have a collection of templates, one for each kit. You would choose the template for an NPC, their personal features would be added to it.

    For kits not covered by the templates: you could create some NPCs via Multiplayer mode and then Export them. My approach would take the Chr files, turn them into Cre files, and then add the NPC features.

  15. "The Level 1 NPCs was created so that you only have one game, the game you are playing."
    So far as I know, the Level 1 NPCs mod does not work or work properly on any of the Enhanced Edition games. This won't change in the near future.
    My idea was to create the NPCs in the Original BG2, where the mod does work, and then transfer the resulting Cre files to BG2EE, where the mod does not work.

    "Problems arise with mods that have different numbers in each game..."
    In Original BG2 a kit has a number like 35 in Kitlist.2da, meanwhile in BG2EE the kit is number 42. BG2EE starts out with several kits that the original BG2 never had:
    Dwarven Defender
    Dragon Disciple
    Dark Moon Monk
    Sun Soul Monk
    This gives the potential for different numberings in the two versions of the same game.

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