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  1. I tried to patch up the existing mod but the setup-druidsor.exe program refused this: // PC races and classes allowed to use this kit, from KITTABLE.2da ~K_S_E.2da K_S_H.2da K_S_HE.2da~ Debug file said: Resource [K_S_E.2da.2DA] not found in KEY file: [./chitin.key] Stopping installation because of error. I don't think setup-druidsor.exe can append text to a file not found in Chitin key of original BG2.
  2. I had to restore my main PC to its factory state so I will need to spend some days getting things back to normal. Especially the 190 updates... In the meantime I can have a stab at this mod.
  3. You will need to manually create the Override folder if it does not already exist. GS install program is expecting that tlk file will be in the main directory, where it was in original BG2. Apparently you can run BG2EE if tlk file is back in main directory. Twelve EE files are not covered by the original mod, usually you just give the GS a listing based upon that for the Sorceror or Dragon Disciple, exceptions to this are marked by an asterisk. Affected files are: Clascolr.2da Clasiskl.2da Clastext.2da* Clasthac.2da Clsrcreq.2da Clswpbon.2da Hpclass.2da Numwslot.2da Thiefscl.2da K_S_E.2da* K_S_H.2da* K_S_HE.2da* Aataqah.dlg is no longer needed, now that the Sorceror class has its own K_@_@.2da files. File ca#dsor.2da needs to be replaced by the new version that I listed in post 163.
  4. I have never touched Weidu in my life, this is all new to me. Just liberated the Copper Coronet.
  5. I replaced all the Aerie.cre files that seemed to have the right class level and XP. Maybe I should replace them all? Edit: I altered all files that had the name Aerie, still no luck, But a wholly new game showed the altered Aerie. That proves my belief that in BG2EE you can't alter an NPC once the game begins. Hence you will need to alter before the game begins or use a method like that shown in post #47.
  6. I will need to learn how to use tpa files, something I have never touched before. Altering the kit files is not hard: 2DA V1.0 * KIT 1 0 2 35 3 43 After adding GS entries to most of the files I can now create the Kit at the beginning of the game! Won't need the genie. GS button has no label when you go to choose that class. Clicking on the button will correctly display the kit description, however. Altering the 2da files was not hard even if they went across the page not down. I copied the contents of the file into a text editor that had provision for turning Word Wrap on and off. Once I was done, I simply copied the altered data back into the file concerned. (The kit could be used in BG1, a GS can start at any level.) I corrected ca#dsor.2da so that abilities were gained at the correct levels, not all at once.
  7. These file omits the GS Kit: CLASCOLR.2da CLASISKL.2da CLASTEXT.2da CLASTHAC.2da CLSRCREQ.2da CLASWPBON.2da HPCLASS.2da K_S_H, K_S_D, K_S_G, K_S_E, K_S_HE, K_S_HL, K_S_HO NUMWSLOT.2da THIEFSCL.2da After adding GS entries to most of the files I can now create the Kit at the beginning of the game! Won't need the genie. Still have not solved the Quick Spell display problem.
  8. "load a save from before entering the area" That is what I was trying but I could not bring it off! Even when party started from the end of Irenicus's dungeon. Starting the game all over again did bring it off, the altered Aerie was found in place of the original person.
  9. BG2EE may draw NPC files from a fixed source hence they can't be altered mid-game? Presumably the game reads the Cre files for all NPCs at the start of the game. If you want to customize an NPC in the middle of the game you will need to be thinking outside the square. After the party entered Waukeen's Promenade, I drew up my own version of Aerie. I could not get the game to accept her.
  10. GS Druid spells won't be available at the start of the game, not until party rests. After resting, the three Quick Spell Slots all showed 0 spells available, actual totals were 6,6,4. Only way to update the spells actually available was to re-select the spell for each Quick Slot. Which only takes a few seconds. Like the problem with Kit name and description not appearing, this bug is not found in the original BG2. Geomantic Sorceror there had Chromatic Orb, Cure Light Wounds and Shield as her three Quick Slot spells. It is not a problem with other spellcasters. It is not a problem for Burning Hands or the other spells that are first in their respective spell levels. BG2EE may draw NPC files from a fixed source hence they can't be altered mid-game? Presumably the game reads the Cre files for all NPCs at the start of the game. After the party entered Waukeen's Promenade, I drew up my own version of Aerie. I could not get the game to accept her.
  11. GS Readme makes it clear that the kit can only be given via a (modified) dialog with Aataqah at the start of Chateau Irenicus. Only the Protagonist can gain the kit. It has been around for a while... NPCs are meant to gain the Kit via Level 1 NPCs mod, which is not yet ported to the EE games. Kit name and description remain unchanged, they are still the texts for the trueclass Sorceror. GS is the only kit in my installation that is not available at the start of the game. I tried turning an NPC into a Dragon Disciple, both name and description were successfully altered. This is of course a distinctly EE problem, it does not occur in the original BG2. Culprit seems to be ClasText.2da, it exists in BG2EE but not in the original version of BG2. GS is of course a mod for the original version not BG2EE. I created a new line in the file and I was able to give the GS the class text for the Dragon Disciple. I was able to figure out an accurate entry for the GS Kit: ca#dsorc 19 43 103237 103238 103237 -1 0 102508 -1 The numbers come from the relevant entry in Kitlist.2da: 43 CA#DSORC 103237 103237 103238 CA#DSOR 63 0x00004000 19
  12. "I got this working for myself but I'm not telling anyone how I did it." I just ran the Geomantic_Sorcerer-v4.exe and it installed properly. In post #149, the Spoiler shows the installation log. The details showed that I avoided the portraits, that could have been a hassle. Ditto there are no Are files with this mod... You may find that GS has a lack of problem features, compared to other mods. Higher level features may crash, but that is in the future. How about a direct link to Tome & Blood?
  13. I just ran the Geomantic_Sorcerer-v4.exe and it installed properly, in a way that I did not expect. I was unable to turn Sorceror Jaheira into a GS because she was not the Protagonist. So I created a Sorceror protagonist, had the Genie turn him into a GS. I exported his file, turned the Chr into a Cre and then replaced everything in the way of gender, names and dialog. Now I have a Jaheira who is a Geometric Sorceror, so far it all seems to be working out.
  14. I was able to install the GS Mod on BG2EE, so far it seems to work well enough. Kit name and Kit description are still those for the trueclass Sorceror. Now I will need to turn Jaheira into a GS and see how well the Kit works in actual practice. This is the printout from the installation of the mod: I may have avoided trouble by not using the portraits...
  15. Does anyone have a list of the differences between BG2 and BG2EE? Could we make a program to automatically convert existing mods to work with EE?
  16. One approach, get the mod working on the original BG2, then see how it works in terms of the Infinity Engine. You may be able to get bits of it working on BG2EE. If the GS is overpowered, some of the GS spells/abilities could be dropped. I just created a Geomantic Sorceror version of Jaheira, using the methods outlined in my recent posts in the topic Enhanced Edition Compatibility with L1NPCs, as found in the Level One NPCs forum. Now I will see how the kit works. (Level One NPCs mod does not work on BG2EE at the moment.)
  17. Summary of what data you seem to need. Chosen from drop down menus: Override script AERIE.BCS 248 h Class script SHOUTINV.BCS 250 h Default script AERIEX.BCS 268 h Dialogue AERIE.DLG 2cc h Manually written in as numbers: Name Aerie 8 h Tooltip Aerie c h Relevant numbers are 9184 and 9185, in the original file click on the NPC's two names to learn what numbers you need to enter. When you have entered the numbers into the altered file, click on Update value to make sure you entered the right numbers. Manually written in: Global identifier -1 27c h Local identifier -1 27e h Script name Aerie 280 h Sounds and Biography start at A4h (164d) and at 233h (563d). They can be copied in one go from the original file and then pasted into the altered file. Recent versions of Near Infinity have a Raw tab where you can do this. Here is the relevant data from Aerie6.cre: To turn a Chr file into a Cre file, open it in a hex editor, delete the first 100 Bytes, and then save as a Cre file. If both original and altered files have the Cre format, the relevant attributes occur at the same offsets. To get an individual copy of the original Aerie Cre file, in File menu go to Export and save to the Override folder. This method is suitable for any kit which is installed to the relevant game, BG1 or BG2. (It could also be altered to work for IWD1 too.) Then there is BG: Siege of Dragonspear...
  18. :) That is much better than anything found on Pocket Plane Group or the NI Homepage that was listed there! I tried Aerie as a Dragon Disciple, it seems to have worked properly. This is the list of attributes that I believe necessary: Name Aerie 8 h Tooltip Aerie c h Override script AERIE.BCS 248 h Class script SHOUTINV.BCS 250 h Default script AERIEX.BCS 268 h Global identifier -1 27c h Local identifier -1 27e h Script name Aerie 280 h Dialogue AERIE.DLG 2cc h Biography and battle cries can be added to this list. In Multiplayer mode I created a Dragon Disciple NPC. Then in Near Infinity I used the above list of attributes to alter the Chr file. List came from the Aerie6.cre file. A Chr file is simply a Cre file with an added header, said header is the first 100 Bytes of a Chr file. Hence hex offsets for the above attributes in the Chr file will be higher by an amount of 100. A Chr file is created when you Export a party member. In Windows 10, Exported PCs will appear here: C:\Users\[Your Log-on Name]\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\characters If you can't find this folder, Export a PC, it should then appear. You can't Export an official Bioware NPC? Aerie will appear in the game as a Sorceror when I replace the relevant Aerie#.cre file with a file of my own. (I had to manually create my own Override folder for BG2EE.) I will need to figure out which cre file is being used, probably Aerie6.cre. Files with unorthodox names in the characters folder may cause a crash when I try to create a character in multiplayer mode?!
  19. Near Infinity looks for save files in your main BG2 directory. In BGEE and BGEE2, if you have Windows 10 the save path for single games will be: C:\Users\[Your Log-on Name]\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\save (Multiplayer games folder will end with\mpsave) To get EE save games to appear in Near Infinity, you will need to copy the save or mpsave folders to the main game directory. NI does not handle the Character part of an EE save game well, its analysis of the Gam file shows that all NPCs are clones of the protagonist! Until an EE version of Level 1 NPCs appears, it may be necessary to use the Cre files to create NPCs with customized classes. A Chr file is simply a Cre file with an added header.
  20. It takes a bit of fiddling but it does work...
  21. That NPC_EE looks interesting, I will provide a direct link... https://github.com/subtledoctor/NPC_EE For the multiplayer idea to work: your computer must be connected to the internet! Here's a step by step guide to anyone who is not familiar with this approach: You can copy your multiplayer save from the mpsave folder to the single player "save" folder. Then the game can be played as a single player game forevermore. In default Windows 10 you are looking at a path like: C:\Users\[Your name]\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\save You can create your own NPCs here, you are not limited to Beamdog characters.
  22. "I'm really pissing my pants to play in a party of NPCs again rather than mutliplayer no-personality 6-man pack..." You can mix multiplayer and Bioware NPCs. I just added two multiplayer Beamdog NPCs then started the game, I was able to add the three initial Bioware NPCs (Imoen, Jaheira and Minsc) with no problems. It is possible to add the dialog and script of a Bioware NPC to an NPC that you created yourself. This requires Near Infinity. Figuring out what a level 1 NPC has in the way of abilities, if he using an EE kit. (1) Create your NPC in the usual way. (2) Use the Console to create a level draining monster (3) Let monster drain the NPC to only one level. For information on the Console, see IESDP. CreateCreature("<string>") Creates the creature specified by <string>.
  23. I don't bother to build Gem. I just download the latest binary and unzip it into a convenient folder. Here is my gemrb.cfg setup, only good for PS:T of course: GameType=pst GameName=Planescape: Torment Width=640 Height=480 Bpp=32 Fullscreen=0 TooltipDelay=500 GUIEnhancements = 1 EnableCheatKeys=1 SkipIntroVideos=1 GamePath=C:\GOG Games\Planescape Torment CD1:=C:\GOG Games\Planescape Torment\data\ CD2:=C:\GOG Games\Planescape Torment\data\ CD3:=C:\GOG Games\Planescape Torment\data\ CD4:=C:\GOG Games\Planescape Torment\data\ CD5:=C:\GOG Games\Planescape Torment\data\ CachePath=Cache GemRBPath=. PluginsPath=./plugins AudioDriver = openal
  24. PS:T runs nicely on Gem, from the bit that I have played so far. I am doing things all over the place so I have little time to play but PS:T on Gem runs just like the original game.
  25. Here is the procedure: Right-click to bring up the radial menu Choose Select Item Left-click on a useful item Right click anywhere to hide the radial menu. Then the appropriate cursor shows! An item must be in an Item Quick Slot before it can be used in this way.
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