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  1. It seems that the mod can create proper NPCs for the first 31 kits, they are the same for both versions of BG2. Problems arise with mods that have different numbers in each game... One approach is to fake the ID of the game so that BG2EE can meet the mod rules for being identified as the Original BG2. In the meantime there is still my custom approach.
  2. Now Geomantic Sorceror Cre files, from the Original BG2, seemed to run on BG2EE without problems. I will need to check whether the Original and EE versions use identical formats for these files. If so, you can use Level1 NPCs to create your Cre files on the Original version then send them over to the override folder of the EE version. Eventually we may get help to alter the mod so that it runs on EE games.
  3. This mod now works in the Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition game system. Because the IWD1EE game has Sorceror kits, the GS kit can be chosen at the start of the game. This mod won't run on the original version of IWD because there is no Sorceror class. Until some genius of IE can create such a class...
  4. Interesting storyline! It might be best if people played a few levels of Watcher's Keep to get a feel for fighting demons and elementals. Not too sure why Daemon was leaving diary-like notes all over the Keep.
  5. I picked up the dodgy Potions in the servant's quarters near the back entrance to the Keep.
  6. I am on Windows, I don't use Mac or Linux. I can give a link to an alternate 7z version. http://www.freewebs.com/ishadnha/DruidSor.7z Someone on Mac/Linux is welcome to convert the zip format to something that is used by those platforms. Here is the zip version: http://www.freewebs.com/ishadnha/DruidSor.zip IWD1EE: the Cre files may have been Baldurized, made compatible with the files from BG2EE. Shapeshifting did not cause the expected crash...
  7. It seems to work for IWD1EE too. Just delete an existing character and replace with a GS. It worked on BG1EE because the relevant file formats were the same for both games. In IWD1EE there is a difference in the Cre formats used, Shapeshifting won't be possible until this is resolved.
  8. I was able to take a save game from the original BG2 and extract a list of the items the party had. Save was only made at the end of the Underdark, it was not final save game. Even so, it was a massive improvement over the generic +# items found in that Bag of Holding. I ran the list of items through a text editor and a spreadsheet, the end result was a list of GiveItemCreate() actions that were pasted into the AR0702, Adventurers Mart, area script. When I entered the Mart the script gave the players all the needed items. Now Nalia gave us the warning and we went to the Keep alright. We have a Dungeon Be Gone mod for Irenicus' Dungeon , we really need a Shadows Be Gone mod for SoA. Marilith was tough, had to rerun the fight a few times. TTPOT.itm, Potions of Extra Healing that have String Ref 30674, "Why would the Shadow Thieves be interested in attacking a wizard?", as a name? Then they have ref 30675 as an identified description, "I see. Well, I'll be going, then.",
  9. If you strike severe problems, look at your characters folder, in Windows 8 or 10 it has a location like: C:\Users\[Login Name]\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\characters I will need to check if it always has priority over the usual override folder or not. It may only start to exist if you do something like Export a character to a Chr file.
  10. It should also be possible to export it to BGT, Baldurs Gate Trilogy. Have Aataqah the Genie appear at Candlekeep. You could rework Aataqah's dialog so it omitted mention of Rielev and other strictly BG2 matter. Exporting this kit to the original BG1 is simply not on, the game lacks the Sorceror class completely. Your best approximation would be a Geomantic Mage.
  11. A while ago the Freewebs uploads started to require 7Z not Zip. Maybe they bowed to negative feedback or maybe I now have a premium account, it accepted a zip: http://www.freewebs.com/ishadnha/DruidSor.zip Name of the readme should be restored to: readme-druidSor.html That only took three weeks, that was not so bad! With a new mod it would be far quicker
  12. Here is the Beta for the new EE version of the GS mod: http://www.freewebs.com/ishadnha/DruidSor.7z 7Z files are easily unpacked by the freeware 7Zip program. Edit: Name of the readme should be restored to: readme-druidSor.html
  13. Excellent, I will have a look at it now... Edit: If you are starting ToB with a wholly new party, that Bag of Holding is a colossal fleece! All of the really good items are missing. I figure that a new ToB party is less powerful than a party leaving the Underdark in Shadows of Amn. Now I will have to spend time getting my party up to speed.
  14. Beta-testing should show whether mod works or not. I am now writing up the ReadMe.
  15. Sorcerors did exist in Shadows of Amn. There were no kits in either the original SoA or the original ToB. I figure that the ToB-only rule was due to the fact that HLAs only occurred in ToB. Currently this is a strictly EE mod hence it only has to cater to BG1EE and BG2EE. Original mod is still perfectly fit for the original game.
  16. "Try setting this: REQUIRE_PREDICATE FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~mel01.cre~ @2 /* TOB Check prior to compiling.*/ To be: REQUIRE_PREDICATE FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~mel01.cre~ @2 UNLESS GAME_IS ~bgee~" It occurred to me that the ToB check may no longer be relevant, in Original BG2 Throne of Bhaal was an optional add-on. Hence you could have Shadows of Amn installed but not ToB. By contrast, in BG2EE, Throne of Bhaal is a part of the overall game, it is always installed. In BG1EE the HLA files are there, even though they won't be used in actual practice. Hence installation proceeds smoothly. "Install Component [Portraits for Druidic Shapeshifting DO NOT INSTALL THIS IF YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE THE KIT TO A NPC]?" This warning seems unnecessary too, portraits are easily changed by NPCs in BG#EE. Wrap a list of changes made so people can translate to languages other than English and French.
  17. I am nowhere near ToB but if you need a playtester, count me in. (I can console-in some proper gear.) I will be testing on BG2EE.
  18. Quote from "How-to: Converting existing mods to the EE engine" gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=26671 "Portraits Given that EE is written for a larger screen by default, the small and medium size portraits have been bumped up. The epilogue portrait remains 210x330, but the medium portrait is now 169x266 (from 110x170 in BG/BG2) and the small 54x84 (from 38x60 in BG/BG2)." Large/medium portraits seemed to work okay already. Only the small portraits needed to be resized. So I took the BG2 medium portraits, 110x170, and downsized them to 54x84. IrfanView enabled resizing of portraits in batches: File -> Batch Conversion/Rename Check box next to "Use advanced options(for bulk resize...". Then choose an output folder that is different to the input folder. Manually alter the final M in each file name to an S. Once you have altered the first name, the Tab key speeds up going from portrait to portrait. That seems to be it! A quick test showed mod could work on BG1EE. Adding a file called MEL01.CRE to the override folder enabled the install to happen even though Throne of Bhaal could not be installed on BG1EE.
  19. There is a problem with the portrait not returning to the natural form. It affects both Protagonist and NPCs. Problem only affects the natural form portrait. Problem only affects portraits, it does not affect Inventory paper dolls or the PC's animation in the adventure screen. In the Change Portrait Effect the relevant entries should read like this: Timing Mode Instant/Limited - 0 Dispel/Resistance Not dispel/bypass resistance (2) Duraton 3600000
  20. Now the Shapeshifting portraits need to be increased in size for the party roster at the right of the screen.
  21. Success! I deleted the original Druid Sorceror setup program, setup-druidsor.exe, and replaced it with the DivineRemix program, setup-divine_remix.exe. DR program was given the name of the GS program. Now everything seems to be running smoothly. I will need to check out the pictures and see how they work or don't. Currently, Quick Spell Slots still has the problem with the number of spells available being set to 0 when the party rests, but that is a minor annoyance. (By definition GS violates the number of spells known table, this may be part of the problem.) I just sent a message to Caedwyr, though he has not been active in these forums for three years now.
  22. I would not know how to edit the program! "Use this instead: ~K_S_E K_S_H K_S_HE~" That worked. Fourteen files down, nine to go. There are two ways to handle this: rework the original code or modify existing code for some EE mod. I am trying to rework the original code and I still can't append text to files that are purely EE, that are not found in original game's Chitin.key file. This mod would be viable in BG1:EE and maybe original BG1 too. Need to remove higher level spells and HLAs.
  23. I tried to patch up the existing mod but the setup-druidsor.exe program refused this: // PC races and classes allowed to use this kit, from KITTABLE.2da ~K_S_E.2da K_S_H.2da K_S_HE.2da~ Debug file said: Resource [K_S_E.2da.2DA] not found in KEY file: [./chitin.key] Stopping installation because of error. I don't think setup-druidsor.exe can append text to a file not found in Chitin key of original BG2.
  24. I had to restore my main PC to its factory state so I will need to spend some days getting things back to normal. Especially the 190 updates... In the meantime I can have a stab at this mod.
  25. You will need to manually create the Override folder if it does not already exist. GS install program is expecting that tlk file will be in the main directory, where it was in original BG2. Apparently you can run BG2EE if tlk file is back in main directory. Twelve EE files are not covered by the original mod, usually you just give the GS a listing based upon that for the Sorceror or Dragon Disciple, exceptions to this are marked by an asterisk. Affected files are: Clascolr.2da Clasiskl.2da Clastext.2da* Clasthac.2da Clsrcreq.2da Clswpbon.2da Hpclass.2da Numwslot.2da Thiefscl.2da K_S_E.2da* K_S_H.2da* K_S_HE.2da* Aataqah.dlg is no longer needed, now that the Sorceror class has its own K_@_@.2da files. File ca#dsor.2da needs to be replaced by the new version that I listed in post 163.
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