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  1. Can't use items, the radial menu is brought up okay. I press the Select Item and an item is highlighted okay. But if I am trying to use Bandages, I can't create the healing cursor by pressing Enter (or any other key for that matter). I tried hot keys to get around the problem but again no luck. On original PS:T items can be used quite normally. I am on Windows 10, is that problem?
  2. Now I have PS:T up and running. I will try that cutscene. In 'Stalling Spectre', EndCutSceneMode() does work to end the freeze. When you close the Console, movement is normal. So you can test one dialog option after another. However, the situation is unchanged... Console reports: [GameControl]: Position: ar1203 [718.828] Look at the dialog and see what might be wrong, DDeions.dlg? The actions of the cutscenes can also be effected by the Console. Console gave some commentary: [DLGImporter/WARNING]: Can't compile trigger: incrementglobalonce("lawful_deionarra_3","global","law","global",1) [unknown]: [streams]: Invalid seek position 5892193 in file DLGFiles.bif(limit: 3274108) [unknown]: [streams]: Invalid seek position: 5467759(limit: 20068) [GameScript/ERROR]: Invalid scripting trigger: incrementglobalonce("lawful_deionarra_5","global","law","global",2) [DLGImporter/WARNING]: Can't compile trigger: incrementglobalonce("lawful_deionarra_5","global","law","global",2) [GameControl/ERROR]: Invalid window or position: PortraitPosition:4 [ResourceManager]: Found '1203cd11.bcs' in 'chitin.key'. [GameScript/DEBUG]: CutSceneID was called by nameless! [GameControl/ERROR]: Invalid window or position: PortraitPosition:4 [GameControl/ERROR]: Invalid window or position: PortraitPosition:4 [GameControl/ERROR]: Invalid window or position: PortraitPosition:4 [GameControl]: KeyRelease:32 - 2 [KeyMap]: Looking up key: ( )
  3. The location function shows your party at [Python]: ar0901 [453.204] In Near Infinity look for AR0901 in the list of ARE files. Your cutscene can be ended by a command in the Gem console: EndCutSceneMode() Access the Console by pressing Control + Space If the cutscene is needed to move the party elsewhere, this approach won't work. If not, you are rid of the frozen cutscene. A cutscene is a BCS script. Can't find the help docs for the Gem console?!
  4. You could check the cutscene with Near Infinity or Infinity Explorer. Locating the cutscene can be done by looking at the commentary GemRB generates in the Command Prompt or by a text-search in the BCS files listed in Near Infinity.
  5. You really need someone who played the original PS:T, which I have not.
  6. This mod is not only good for permament NPCs, it is good for other situations. You need/want to take on a new NPC, this requires dumping an existing NPC. Under BG2 you have to send the dumped person back through nasty danger back to a tavern. With the mod you can keep the dumped person safe till they can be returned to safety. (EG, in Brynnlaw, dumping someone to make room for Imoen.)
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