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    Proposals for further spell tweaks

    Sorry to chime in, but I was just wondering -- is it humanly possible to implement some kind of DnD-ish Counterspelling with tools we have available now? The ideal scenario is this: the game detects what spell is being cast by creature A, and if creature A becomes a target of exact same spell while casting, it suffers heavy concentration check or interruption, at the same time blocking the spell being cast at it altogether. I'm not sure it's within SR(R)'s scope to be honest, but still, closest thing to the right place to ask about this imo.
  2. n-ghost

    Some Concerns About V4

    While we're at it, would you someday consider collaborating with kreso to wrap this thing up for good? I.e., release a final, stable and only™ SR v4? If not, that's fine, just trying to figure out what ultimately happens to this project after all these years.
  3. n-ghost

    SR V4 final

    I mean, it's all about an emotional impact of being forced to kill your stoned friends all by yourself.
  4. n-ghost

    SR V4 final

    It's just that if a party member gets petrified, and you have no means to revert the spell, you can probably kill said party member off as a sort of a last resort solution and ressurect them in a temple later (i.e., the statue is too heavy to carry around, but a chunk of it might be enough of a DNA sample to warrant a True Resurrection). Makes those temples useful at least somewhat too. Otherwise, when spell expires by itself, add a stat penalty that can be cured at the temple or with Restoration/Heal. FtS then fits nicely into an 'annoying debuff' niche (similar to level drain) that can be mildly useful to finish enemies off too sometimes.
  5. n-ghost

    SR V4 final

    By the way, what currently happens if you kill a petrified party member yourself? I.e., does he get ''chunked' and becomes un-revivable?
  6. Come to think of it (if I'm not misremembering: my last semi-serious playthrough was circa 2016 or so), Davaeorn on BGT installs was always kinda erratic. Too much blinking around, some occasional attempts to melee the party (eh), almost no attempts to do his fireball-from-off-screen thing that he was so fond of in vanilla BG1. Not really sure if SCS is to be blamed here, mod interaction can be just weird sometimes.
  7. n-ghost

    SR V4 final

    Woah, it's happening. Demi would've been proud, guys. Some input here. Wouldn't this create all sorts of collateral damage in cityscapes (i.e., random berserked mooks killing important questgivers and whatnot)? Not quite sure about this one. About time, was all too cheesy and I don't remember enemy mages ever using it on their allies anyway. In the same boat with others here, killing the petrified character is convenient, but it wasn't like that lore-wise. I agree with DavidW: make it 24h long (or hell, even 8h), and to keep it interesting maybe add a semi-permanent (i.e. curable with Restoration/Heal spells) -1 str/dex stat penalty on top of that. I, for one, approve, although it feels kinda generic (and extra HPs feel cheesy). How about Shadow Walk? Here's the link: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/shadowWalk.htm Basically, Expeditious Retreat on steroids, with some side effects. Caster is blinded/can't cast for the duration, gains improved invisibility, non-detection and doubles his movement speed, for, say, 1 round/level (1 hour/level as per SRD sounds kinda insane for the purposes of BG). Instant cast similar to Stoneskin and such. This thingy here: ^Probably can be emulated by giving caster a touch weapon that makes other creatures blind/unable to cast spells/invisible/non-detected for a set period of time when struck. Cool or nah? edit: typos.
  8. n-ghost

    House Jae'llat

    Okay, after a week of wallbanging I think I've managed to pull it off. In case anyone struggles with this and stumbles upon this thread somehow, here are few key moments you need to consider: - those drow can't see invisible and eventually run out of divinations; - yes, you need to block that tiny bridge somehow to cut off reinforcements while you're dealing with the first platform; - dimension door; - all the stuff they summon despawns eventually; - you need to pay attention if they try to charm your own summons and break the enchantment asap; - it doesn't matter if anyone in your party dies as long as you all can leave the building later; - ultimately you'll want to separate whatever drow left from your initial assault to deal with them in small groups; - after you kill the heads of the House, you still have an avatar of Lolth (along with some more pesky adds) to deal with. All in all, very fun fight, although borderline insane.
  9. n-ghost

    House Jae'llat

    How do you even I mean, look at this. Just look at this. They even get stuck themselves on that bridge, nevermind my party. There are like at least 8 guards (each can hit my -18 AC PC inquisitor by rolling 2 (!), don't forget 50% MR and crazy saves), 4 clerics (each casts animate dead as soon as I enter), 4 mages (each summons 3 bears on top of that), then you have 3 high level named casters that will add some aerial servants, elementals and an efreeti to that mix. And you're just out of space then. And Anomen turning undead means he doesn't do anything else. And then they hit you with remove magic and you're dead. And you can't even return there later or cheese them with doorway, the wardstone you need to enter vanishes as soon as you're in, it's a one-way trip. And yeah, by the time you finish casting Banishment, Yaga-Shura is through with Saradush. I'll go and put something cold on that burn I guess.
  10. Demi, that IR discussion about mandatory boots to fight demiliches got me thinking. Could the Freedom spell also grant an immunity to all the things it removes for, say, 5 turns? Like AoE Free Action on steroids, so you can actually counter Imprisonment with it preemptively? I mean, it's 9th level spell, and usually any successful Imprisonment attempt just invokes PW: Reload anyway.
  11. n-ghost

    BG1 equippable items: what we need...

    Aurora adds two craft/vendor NPCs, (one in Nashkel and one at some inn in Baldur's Gate) as well as some random boots here and there. Rogue Rebalancing adds some (rogue-ish) belts. BG1NPC adds two magical clubs, both quite overpowered.
  12. n-ghost


    Demi, is everything all right out there ? Just finished BG1 part of BGT, seems smooth enough, save for the things mentioned above and some minor typos (like a few ranger spells describing caster as druid, or ASIII mentioning war dog packs rather than wolf packs). Also, Shillelagh is awesome, I wanna take it home.
  13. n-ghost


    Also that's what happened to the Longstride icon in my current game.
  14. n-ghost


    Demi, if you're reading this, Expeditious Retreat is fun and useful (both for escape and quick travel, especially in conjunction with revised armors). There is an issue though: it doesn't block innates. That, among other things, includes: - all kind of Bhaalspawn powers; - cheesy paladin innates; - HLAs (if corresponding SCS part is installed). Don't know if you can actually block their usage for the duration of spell though. Also it could use a new icon (Protection from Petrification icon is a placeholder at best). Actually, I've discovered the spell by pure luck while checking spell descriptions for typos and whatnot.
  15. n-ghost

    BG1NPC Project v22 bug thread

    Probably not a bug, but rather a suggestion: would you consider making Lake Poets (guys that offer Bardic Reputation Adjustment in taverns) non-invulnerable? Not that there are that many players who would just attack neutral NPCs out of blue, but still, some form of acknowledgement on their side (maybe a piece of dialogue and probably attacked Poet leaving an area as well) could be nice.