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  1. Revised Backstabbing So currently the ranged version doesn't work for BG(2)EE, because ToBex is required for this component to work, but is there any particular reason to exclude BG(2)EE Users from installing the other two (melee) components? (I guess there is...)
  2. That was actually a honest request. Any plan on making this available?
  3. Wand of Cursing (beta) Spellcasting in Armor I like the changes! Revised Armors I'm a little bit concerned about Elven Chain Mails tbh. They look a little bit too good on paper now. With all other armor types trading something for extra defensive capabilities, Elfen Chain Mails gain +10% pr basically for free. They are the clear winners of the change. Sensate Amulet I know it's a bonus merchant item for now, but I want to share some random thoughts. The first thing that comes into my mind is, why the hell is this amulet restricted to clerics? Sensates tend to not specialize in classes, because a specialization would mean to limit the scope of possible experiences. In fact the faction had a high number of dual- and multiclass members. Now that Amulet of Seldarine kinda overlaps with Sensate Amulet, what about giving it some appropriate unique abilitiy like +5-10% bonus to experience gain, which fits the lore of the faction imo. Call me mad, but with KR's nerfed xp-tables in mind I wouldn't call this crazy op and it would help multiclasses in large groups a bit. Yeah it could be 'abused' in soloplay or small groups, but we are not the police and this is broken anyway.
  4. Oh my god, Shar's Blessing. Please...
  5. OMG! I was so thrilled about Revised Backstabbing (especially ranged backstabbing) Revised Critical Hits only to see that both components dont work for BG2EE. Any chance that the developers ever include the required ToBex features? // very sad panda
  6. Cool, thats new to me. And yes too bad.
  7. As for the Bg2EE Items... They are in a much better shape than the BGEE ones. They all (almost) have an item background and unique bams (icon and description image - some of them really beautiful). I think they are a much better and satisfying base to work with.
  8. I like this idea, because it favours true class in comparison to:
  9. Typos: Ring of Clumsiness & Gauntlets of Might "Srength"
  10. Not so important, but... Store Revisions Harp of Pandemonium 3 exemplars in stock instead of 1 exemplar and 3 special ability charges Harmonium Halberd, Mercykiller Ring & Sensate Amulet #0 in stock
  11. Cool idea. x2 isn't op and expands the use of stealth.
  12. Heh, watch out for Yamato+3 (but you need to dw for this one) and Darkfire Bow in ToB for even more fun.
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