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  1. Revised Backstabbing So currently the ranged version doesn't work for BG(2)EE, because ToBex is required for this component to work, but is there any particular reason to exclude BG(2)EE Users from installing the other two (melee) components? (I guess there is...)
  2. OMG! I was so thrilled about Revised Backstabbing (especially ranged backstabbing) Revised Critical Hits only to see that both components dont work for BG2EE. Any chance that the developers ever include the required ToBex features? // very sad panda
  3. I like this idea, because it favours true class in comparison to:
  4. Cool idea. x2 isn't op and expands the use of stealth.
  5. I'm glad to read this Demi. Will 3.1 include all the Items that are not yet touched (like Moon Dog Figure, Jade Hound Figurine, Big Metal Unit, Big Metal Rod, Shakti Figurine, Golem Manuels, Web Sack, all the rods out there etc.)?
  6. Both. *g* They have - in the current build.
  7. Cavalier Has still access to Divine Spellcasting?
  8. +10 for creativity But you have to admit that Valygar would be an appropriate candidat for a feralan kit, at least in term of his sincere, amiable and sunny personality... Stalker Jokes aside, imo the Stalker should outshine every other class/kit in term of stealth. He is the best candidate for a 'hide in combat' feature. Something like: - SHADOW STEP: The Stalker can instantly "teleport" to any place within 15? yards of his sight and immediately becomes invisible - and/or a passive ability with a small (on hit) chance to become invisible Agree on the 'no druid spellcasting
  9. Yet another class with a rage like ability (Feral Rage). No offense meant, but no thanks. I think it's against KR's philosophy anyways... And I can't think of any good way to explain how charname could've become a feralan... As for Divine Remix' Feralan (no offense meant again): Stopped reading here...
  10. Yeah... Awesome... Uhm. I meant to say: overlapping with Fighter/Thief.
  11. True Ranger If not dualclassed to druid this class was really underpowered in vanilla. He needs some serious love imo. EDIT: "Underpowerd" may be a bit harsh, but the class was at least unappealing in comparison to both it's own kits and warriors in general... Archer Besides Call Shots there is not much to add here. It'd be cool if he could craft his own arrows though. But basically, balancing is the main problem here. Stalker Just hate this kit. It's overlapping with Fighter/Thief is beyond good and evil. But you succeeded with Barbarians & Berserkers - I believe in you!
  12. You convinsed me. Empty Body Or you could leave it as it is and exclude it from Ki Pool (once per day ability).
  13. That's pushing it a bit. But I get what you want to say. He is a very versatile fighter, yes, but please keep in mind that there is one big Ki Pool and you must choose wisely which skill to use... Once it's empty the monk has mediocre defensive capabilities at best. The Ki Pool is one good way to balance him. Some examples: - one could make Ki Shout the natural upgrade of Ki Arrow (which Demi already suggested) -> give Ki Arrow it's knockback for low level then... - Quivering Palm could join the Ki Pool (maybe in a nerfed state) to even more force wise decisions Other than that: - f
  14. I think Slow Time really differentiates the monk from all the other warriors. It fits them really nice. But if you are really worried about it. I could live with just a half round duration. It'd be still very usefull if used in the right moment - even with such a short duration.
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