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  1. Hello! the NIEMAI.DLG is bugged. BG1NPC adds triggers to all the original states, which is totally unnecessary and do block all the following states. please fix that, otherwise other mods can't work with niemai.dlg. Thank you very much for this wonderful mod
  2. Jarl

    New Baldur's gate?

    So, let's start a wishlist for the BGEE - high quality music & sounds - HiRes HD Movies - antialiasing & more than 256 Colours in BAM-Files - widescreen resolutions - alle the great functions of TobEX - subraces - de-hardcoded mage kits - more different indoor-areas in BG1 (a lot of houses share the same tileset) - both BG1 and BG2-style shields ... Jarl
  3. I tried to add both animations to the area, but i dont get them work under the water-overlay. Can anybody help? Greetings!
  4. Hi! i think OnCreation() causes a scriptblock to be executed absolutely instantly, that means: before the player actually enters the area. So that's why it's mostly used in combination with CreateCreature(), because without OnCreation() (in a small room like a tavern for example) the player may see how the creature is spawned in the first one or two seconds after he entered the area. Greetings!
  5. Any news? If they don't answer continue working and then release this jewel greetings!
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