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  1. You are a hero and a gentleman. Thank you!! Just out of curiosity: is there any plan to make it work for BG:EE at any point in the future?
  2. I think she has moved on from older BW games. For now, at least. I know for a fact that she's active in the Dragon Age modding community, though (she released a mod for DAI a few days ago). I would've liked to see her finish her Sand romance mod for NWN2, but hey, the primary motivator for modding has always been to do what one finds fun, so I wish her all the best And her DAI mod is beautiful! You should check it out if you're at all into Dragon Age.
  3. And can a Lawful Good cleric worship Oghma ? And thus, can a Lawful Good cleric summon undead from his deity ? Shouldn't be a problem. I don't think I see the logic here...If a deity is Neutral, then, by definition, they are more tolerant of both Good and Evil. It doesn't follow from the fact that Oghma can accept both Good and Evil worshippers, that Lawful Good worshippers of ANY deity should be ok to summon skeletons, especially if Clerical spells are received from the deity. As has already been said, I just don't see Lathander giving Animate Dead to his worshippers.
  4. That's not actually possible, since Druids must be True Neutral in BG.
  5. Having successfully romanced Coran twice, I can offer some pointers: 1. You have to refuse to sleep with him twice. You'll know it's safe to accept when the conversation revolves around him giving you the moon from the sky. 2. I don't know what specifically affected that fact, but Coran has never brought up the possibility of taking care of the baby in either one of my playthroughs (even on the one where he was unromanced). I think it may have something to do with the fact that Jaheira and Khalid were always in my party when you rescue the baby: Jaheira gets upset at Coran's obvious reluctance to have anything to do with the child (as she seemingly wants one of her own) and Khalid interjects to try to soothe her. This seems to preclude any further discussion of the baby. Keep in mind, I do also have the extra friendship talks installed, so I don't know whether that has any effect. Although I seem to recall that the romance overrides the friendship talks. The content wouldn't match otherwise, so it seems strange to me that the friendship talks would override the whole baby scenario, rather than the other way round. 3. With both of the above taken into the account, I've gotten the same outcome to the romance both times: he professes love and says that he'll stay with Charname no matter what happens.
  6. Heh. Well, it's still entirely possible that Jaheira is older than the PC. According to the Wiki, half-elves can live for over 180 years. And even if she's not, she's probably more experienced than they are. Anyway, I'll look into what can be done. I guess Charname could still have been taken in by Harpers, just not Gorion, and then passed into his care once their initial caretaker died. Heck, they could even have lived in Candlekeep all that time (just that the human NPCs we meet in game wouldn't have known them as a baby), although 50-100 years in that hole would've driven me bonkers.
  7. Hmm, ok. I guess I may have misunderstood, but I remember reading that elves weren't considered adults until they were 100-something. And this doesn't cover gnomes or dwarves. What about them? Do they also follow the same aging 'rules'?
  8. The extent to which BG is biased towards a human (male) protagonist has always bothered me. I guess that, considering how long ago it came out, it's only to be expected, but the problem is, I *never* play human protagonists when I have a choice. Now, the gender bias has long since been solved by mods, but not so the race bias, and that's the one that really bugs me. I mean, over half of the available races are significantly longer-lived than a human would be, and yet, the story only makes sense with a human. Or a halfling. Or a half-orc. For any other race, there are several big issues: - Charname can't have spent all their life with Gorion or been rescued by him as a baby. - People in Candlekeep can't possibly remember them as a baby. - Imoen's comments about their ages, growing up together and considering them as a sibling doesn't work. - Sarevok's grudge against Charname and Gorion doesn't work. With that in mind, I wanted to test the waters by asking the opinion of more tech-savvy people. How feasible would a mod that addressed these difficulties be? I'm willing to undertake the writing part (i.e. hunting down the problematic areas and repurposing them), but I know nothing about coding, so I may be getting ahead of myself. Necessary changes, off the top of my head: - Substantive revisions to the Candlekeep NPCs' dialogue. - Revisions to both Imoen's and Sarevok's dialogue. Here, I was wondering whether it's possible that the baby Sarevok remembers could actually have been Imoen? That would work. And the Solar's comment about role reversal would still be relevant, because Charname would still have been raised in favourable circumstances. - Revisions to the ToB part about Charname's mother. The biggest problems I foresee are coming up with a believable story for where Charname was prior to meeting Gorion and accounting for existing mods. I know that several take race into account and do actually touch upon the PC's race and how it works with the story of Bhaal's shenanigans (e.g. Xan). And I know that NPCs like Minsc or the BG1 NPC romances can comment about memories of the PC as a baby. So that would have to be taken into account. Tl; dr, any thoughts? Opinions? Does this sound at all feasible?
  9. I read somewhere that Evil Clerics *can* turn Paladins, and there was a warning not to use the ability if you have Viconia and Keldorn in the same party. But it shouldn't be a problem if your PC isn't Evil.
  10. Ok, thanks, that's good to know. The thing is, everyone is glowing bright blue on the party selection screen at this point (except for Kreia and HK, obviously), yet I can still gain influence with Bao-Dur, for example, but not, say, with Visas or Mical. So I was wondering how many points he had left before it was maxed out.
  11. I know berelinde hasn't been around for a while and may not return to modding. It's a pity, but of course, there are far greater priorities in life, and this isn't a criticism in any way, shape or form. However, I was wondering if a) she had considered passing the torch to someone on the Sand romance and b) whether someone was willing to take it up. I've seen that Tchos has kindly agreed to help Domi bring Neeshka's romance to completion (even if I don't know whether anything has come of it), so I was wondering if something similar was possible for Sand. Of course, I understand that berelinde may want to scrap the idea, or perhaps the material isn't in a sufficient state of readiness and will never be, or maybe no one else is interested/able to work on it. In that case, I will happily give up on waiting to play NWN2 and forever hold my peace on this subject.
  12. Sorry for dragging this thread out, but a belated KotOR2 run is exactly what I'm doing at the moment, and there were a couple of things I was unsure of. So I thought I might as well use an existing thread. 1. I'm playing a FemExile with the restored content and the Handmaiden for Females mod, because, from what I'd read beforehand, she's not only a canonical companion, but also sounded more interesting than Mical. However, getting called 'he' in all of Atris' dialogue was a bit annoying, so I started getting second thoughts about it, even though I actually like Brianna. Anyway, when I got to Dantooine and met Mical, I noticed that there was an option to ask him to join. I thought he would refuse, but, to my surprise, he accepted and proceeded to override Brianna on the party selection screen. However, she's still on the ship, I can still talk to her, gain influence with her and even turn her into a Jedi. She also appears in cutscenes and chimes in. I don't know whether this is intended behaviour, but I'm pretty happy with it, nonetheless, as I can get both her and Mical's storyline that way. I don't really use her in combat anyway. My question was: has this happened to anybody else? And if yes, can I keep it up without breaking my game later on? 2. I've seen people referring to influence scores in previous posts. Where can you see those? Also, if a character is supposed to gain influence for a certain choice, but nothing happens, that means that they're maxed out, right? 3. I'm playing LS. Is it correct that bottoming out influence will get you NPC backstory as well? Because I've managed to get some influence with HK on Dantooine without taking too big a DS hit, but I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to proceed now. Same with Canderous, when I eventually get him. G0t0 too, I guess, even though, from what I'm reading, that's not too bad.
  13. That's possible with Multiple Strongholds from BGII Tweaks, if memory serves. Although I'm pretty sure it's incompatible with Alternatives. At least, it created a conflict when I tried installing both together.
  14. Oddly enough, in my case, roleplaying comes after picking my character. By default, if given a choice of race and/or gender and/or alignment, I will pick a female NG elf (although I do have one half-elf), either dual-wielding melee or mage, not necessarily because it matches my personality, but because that's what appeals to me most. However, if I find myself doing several playthroughs of the same game, I will imagine different personality traits to differentiate between my girls (one is more pensive, the other more sarcastic, the other sassier, etc). The one game so far where my characters have had very distinct presences in my imagination was DAO, but that's because every race had at least two different backgrounds, which tempted me to try them all out and helped create different personas. This happened in ME as well, to a somewhat lesser extent (because there's no choice of race), because of the different backgrounds you could pick and because, this time, I was tempted to try out the different jobs. The only time I play male characters is if I don't have the choice (PST), if I want to try out a romance that's not available for females (Morrigan in DAO, Tali or Jack in ME) or if I want to distance myself from my character (ran a male in DA2 for the achievements which entailed choices I felt were distasteful, like siding with the Templars). After years of JRPGs where the overwhelming majority of protagonists were obligatory males, I still naturally gravitate towards female characters whenever possible. I've never been tempted to play evil because I feel terrible making those kinds of decisions, even though I don't necessarily identify with my character (it's always "she" or "he" to me, not "me").
  15. Hmm...that doesn't bode well for Atton then. I know Bao-Dur has a huge fanbase, but thinking that I might end up preferring a male character who doesn't have a romance track in both KotOR games is just a tad depressing. But yeah, I've heard a lot of praise about the restored content, I have both it and the game installed, actually. At this point, it's only a matter of getting around to starting.
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