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  1. You are a hero and a gentleman. Thank you!! Just out of curiosity: is there any plan to make it work for BG:EE at any point in the future?
  2. That's...a lot more tragic than how things ended up. Surprising, actually, especially since modded BG2 Coran implies that he was the one who left. Then again, I say surprising, but I have no idea how the whole Safana situation was supposed to happen in vanilla BG2...And I still haven't gotten to that part in modded BG2 either. Anyways, thanks for the link, I thoroughly enjoyed the read (special mention for Kivan's hip wiggle in the slaver episode ). It's really interesting to see the source material: I noticed that the rain talk made it into Kivan's romance, for instance ...Which is also
  3. A little late to the party, but I wanted to add my praise for Coran as well. Warning: incoming WoT. I can't really compare him to any of the other romances, since his is the only one I've tried so far (well, besides having to turn Ajantis down), but I did enjoy it a lot. In fact, I was a little disappointed that the romance couldn't continue into BG2 (not sure whether it was because of lack of popularity or always intended). My long-term goal was Kivan, but since I essentially had the whole of BG1 to pass the time, I decided to RP my character as trying to find someone else to take her min
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