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  1. You are a hero and a gentleman. Thank you!! Just out of curiosity: is there any plan to make it work for BG:EE at any point in the future?
  2. That's...a lot more tragic than how things ended up. Surprising, actually, especially since modded BG2 Coran implies that he was the one who left. Then again, I say surprising, but I have no idea how the whole Safana situation was supposed to happen in vanilla BG2...And I still haven't gotten to that part in modded BG2 either. Anyways, thanks for the link, I thoroughly enjoyed the read (special mention for Kivan's hip wiggle in the slaver episode ). It's really interesting to see the source material: I noticed that the rain talk made it into Kivan's romance, for instance ...Which is also wonderful thus far, by the way, but since I'm not done with it, I'll spare you the extra gushing. Best of luck with Neeshka though!
  3. A little late to the party, but I wanted to add my praise for Coran as well. Warning: incoming WoT. I can't really compare him to any of the other romances, since his is the only one I've tried so far (well, besides having to turn Ajantis down), but I did enjoy it a lot. In fact, I was a little disappointed that the romance couldn't continue into BG2 (not sure whether it was because of lack of popularity or always intended). My long-term goal was Kivan, but since I essentially had the whole of BG1 to pass the time, I decided to RP my character as trying to find someone else to take her mind off unrequitedness, and Coran pleasantly surprised me, in that he proved that he had the potential to be more than a diversion. My case is a little peculiar, since I didn't notice the Charisma requirement at first (my character's natural Charisma was 11), so I spent most of the game wondering if something had gone wrong. Then I realised my mistake and slapped on a Nymph Cloak. Still, it meant that I did the Brielbara quest before the romance triggered, so I accidentally bypassed the entire baby storyline (was planning to take the CN path anyway). Not sure whether that influenced the outcome, but I managed to get the good ending without a hitch. I especially appreciated the part that you needed to have a good grasp of Coran's personality to navigate the romance: he sees the process of seduction as a game, and he enjoys having a competent "opponent", as it were. And if the opponent manages to outsmart him (dragging out the waiting, not throwing hissy fits, not being sappy, etc.), well, you've got the tables turned. Again, due to the fact that there's no explanation as to what happens post-game, I can't tell for sure whether his feelings are meant to be genuine by the end, but it certainly sounds like it. Or, at least, he seems to believe that they are, and there were several unexpectedly moving moments throughout. But then, you did an excellent job at making him more 3-dimensional than the usual womanising stereotype. In particular, the episode with the serving wench took me by surprise when I decided to try not jumping to conclusions. This is also why I was disappointed that the romance didn't carry over into BG2. I know that the "taming the bad boy" storyline is somewhat of a cliché, but then "sorry, I lied" is one as well, and Coran was developed refreshingly enough to make me wonder how a successful romance with him could play out in the long run. Or maybe I was comparing him to Dragon Age's Zevran (another personal favourite). Still, I completely understand that you wouldn't want to continue something which unfortunately proved to be unpopular. I wonder whether the random factor was partly to blame. Anyways, thanks a lot for your efforts, and, to round things up, favourite episodes from the romance: - the kissing game: loved the "correct" outcome to that - the serving wench: Coran being vulnerable?! - hiding in the mist: *fans self* - pre-Sarevok speech: awww...
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