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  1. Thanks again everyone! You've made my day! Anna... got your text! Can I poke you anyway???
  2. Aww... thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!! As for you Grimmy.... it's my party and I'll cry if I want too.
  3. *whew* Glad I didn't miss wishing you Happy Birthday on your actual birthday! Have a grand one, Bri!
  4. g'lain

    happy b-day CamDawg!

    Hey, Cam! You and my brother share the same birthday! Hope your day was amazing!
  5. Happy Birthday, my friend!!!
  6. g'lain

    I rolled 18 and...

    I actually saw that episode of Reno 911. Funny stuff!
  7. Very late again, I am, but Happy Birthday Domi!!!!
  8. Sorry I missed the actual day, Andrew, but I hope you had a great 40th birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday, Dave!!!! :D
  10. Road trip to Mars for ice-skating!!!
  11. I watched the national news channels and they all quit coverage around 10:30-11:00am MST. By that time there wasn't much to say and they were just repeating over and over what had happened, besides reporting on the odd reaction from Washington. They might have had more after that but I was in classes all day. *hugs* To all my UK friends.
  12. g'lain

    Father Nature

    That gave me a much needed laugh this evening. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bev.
  13. g'lain

    It's a Wedding!

    Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing them, Bev.
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