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  1. Another one: If you have Edwin with you, and also acquired the quest "Prisoner of the Gnolls" (journal entry 27171), when you find Dynaheir you can either recruit her into the party or kill her. It looks like if you recruit her, the script erases 27171 along with several other related Journal entries regarding rescuing/killing Dynaheir. But if you kill her, it does not erase that particular entry. Not sure if this is a BG1NPC related bug, or a known one that's been kicking around for a while.
  2. It appears that the initial Journal entry for Xzar's quest isn't getting written out, nor is the original entry for the related quest ("Dryad of the Cloudpeaks") getting removed. I can't see any EraseJournalEntry 27005 attached to this interjection either. There's supposed to be a new journal entry for 57119. The other expected behavior happens as normal - the forest spirits appear, and the global X#XzarDryad is 6 during the fight, and 7 after completion of the talk with Xzar.
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