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  1. Lu_

    Converting movies

    Sam, perhaps you could also recommend a simple and reliable converter AVI to MP4? They offer quite a few online and I've already tried three, but none seems to work properly
  2. Lu_

    Converting movies

    Thanks again Edit> By 'them' I meant the installed files/folders
  3. Lu_

    Converting movies

    It works, thanks a lot! Can you tell me if it's safe to move them into another folder? I hurriedly extracted it into not the most convenient folder
  4. Lu_

    Converting movies

    Thanks, I'll give it a try
  5. Has anybody tried to convert IE movies into something playable? I've just downloaded and tried MVE to AVI converter, but without success It creates the respective .avi files, but the size is 0 bytes The converter is from this place: http://return0.pisem.net/graph.html#mve2avi
  6. No, I haven't found one. Still, IMO it would be best to remove these blocks, better safe than sorry
  7. These are consecutive blocks closer to the middle of the script IF Global ("Minscbyebye","GLOBAL",1) THEN RESPONSE #100 ActionOverride ("Minsc", EscapeArea ()) END IF Global ("Minscbyebye","GLOBAL",2) THEN RESPONSE #100 MoveGlobal (...) END No need to comment here, I guess (though this 'bye-bye' instead of 'bye' amuses me) I wonder if this issue has ever been addressed
  8. Actually, I am 100% sure that InParty () checks if the creature is in party AND alive (while InPartyAllowDead () does just what it says) so my question remains
  9. Here is what I also wanted to suggest back then when the topic was hot, but then forgot somehow Party member's death can be checked via ! InParty () InPartyAllowDead () Is it not better than using either Dead () or StateCheck () trigger?
  10. So having two identical first blocks with Die() in the 'override' script would reduce the chance of failure greatly, correct? That sounds very inspiring
  11. Doesn't MakeUnselectable(0) end the unselectable state? As for luck or hacking, -- neither, actually. While the actions MakeUnselectable() are indeed performed in a cutscene, they last beyond it. I think Bioware just overlooked it (surprise, surprise!) They shouldn't have allowed saving in those two areas where the dream takes place (AR0028 and AR0012)
  12. @ Erg We're talking the original game. EE engine is different, so while what you say of Dead() and StateCheck(Myself,STATE_REALLY_DEAD) may well be true, I am not sure if your experience with EE matters here
  13. It's used on Player2 thru Player6 in your dream(while Irenicus is stealing your soul) Yet if I save in the dream area (AR0028) and reload, party members become selectable. Can anybody confirm this? I don't rely 100% on my experience here, it may be just a glitch. My effing comp has been showing some weird things with BG2 lately (of minor importance, though) and this behavior with MakeUnselectable() may well be one of those oddities
  14. Do you mean that creatures' scripts continue running when they are dead? Or is it only true for party members?
  15. "As it is, it's possible (though unlikely) that there are conditions where the second block would execute but not the first, so I would add OnCreation() to the second block for consistency [...] " I mean in my example the first blocks in an area script, -- I will add OnCreation() to the second block, then, as you suggest For the Die() trigger, here's a problem that I'd love to discuss. Say, you want to make sure that some of your party members cannot be resurrected (namely, Imoen, -- since she, as the authors insist, is a child of Bhaal) The easiest solution is to have in her script kinda IF Die() InPartyAllowDead(Myself) THEN RESPONSE #100 LeaveParty() END (the second trigger is redundant, though) The obvious alternative to this, of course, is to have a respective block in BALDUR.bcs, with Dead("IMOEN2") trigger. I have always thought that adding to BALDUR.bcs is kinda last resource, when you have no other solution, but other than that... they put a lot of insignificant stuff in the original script anyway For the Die(), I too have always had a feeling that it is VERY unreliable. Though I don't know if this is its nature, or maybe it just doesn't fare well with certain triggers or actions
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