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  1. Life happens. Sometimes it takes awhile for creative projects to come together, especially when you aren't making any money on them. Thank you for continuing to work on this awesome mod, I'm looking forward to getting to meet Aklon when he comes out!
  2. I'm pretty excited! I just hope that the non-Stadia versions are slightly easier to mod, but even if they aren't 'harder' doesn't mean 'impossible'. People have modded Breath of the Wild and even modded Inquisition and Andromeda, so with enough elbow grease I can see it being done. The question becomes how much hassle will it be and if the hassle outweighs the benefits of even bothering.
  3. I noticed Chosen of Mystra was down when I went to start my latest replay of BG2, including all off shoots like the Tsujatha site. I really wanted to grab Neh'taniel and Tsujatha for this latest run and was wondering if anyone has the latest versions of these files? I have both EET and the original version from GoG so even if not, it's fine.
  4. I was wondering, is there another place to download this? I've tried going to the download links, but the site you have it on isn't loading at all. I really wanted to play through it again, but my old install was wiped after I messed up with the files some months back. I'd really appreciate some help. =)
  5. Sorry, didn't mean for that to come off as such a back handed compliment. It definitely sounded better in my head.. xD I really do love the mod though. Ajantis is fast on his way to becoming one of my favorite NPCs for the entire game.
  6. It's alright. I'm sure I missed a step somewhere along the line, thus causing the problem. I'm just glad it worked, as it allowed me to play a good portion of the rest of the mod before I decided to take a break. Ajantis is simply wonderful Jastey. Adorable, kind, protective, thoughtful, and did I already mention adorable? I've taken to calling him and the character I rolled for his romance the 'Tooth Decay Duo', because all their interactions are so sickly sweet that I can practically feel my teeth rotting out just watching them. Their cuteness was just too much at times. xD Now all I need to do is move onto Spellhold and get the end game portions worked out, and I'll be all done with the engaged portion of the mod. Kudos to you for creating such a wonderful romance and integrating Ajantis back into BG2! :3
  7. *face palms repeatedly* Figured out the problem. The table refused to give me the next message after the initial hint, even though I clicked on it at least fifteen times, and only just now allowed me to combine the two items. Oh well, at least the solution was that simple. Sorry for being a bother. *crawls away in embarrassment*
  8. Hi, I feel really - REALLY - stupid. But could I have some help with the blue powder quest? I found the rune stone, know all about the instructions on the table, but for the life of me cannot figure how to combine the two items together to get what I need. I tried throwing them in various containers, clicked the powder on my character's avatar (which crashed the entire game), and so on and so forth. I know the answer is probably doing cartwheels in front of my face, but I just can't see it. Some help would be MUCH appreciated!
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