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    - Software Development (this is what I am doing for a living, mostly Java in the banking sector)<br />- Movies, RPGs, MtG... (you get it -> typical nerd stuff)<br />- Biking, hiking (switzerland has so beautiful landscapes)

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  1. Glad to hear that you are drawing more attention to this project by moving to a 'real' modding site I must admit, I only discovered GemRB by accident on sourceforge, so let's hope that increased awareness will also yield to increased activity. Maybe you might want to post a small announcement on other forums (FW, PPG) as well? I guess, I am not the first one that asks this, but if you have it, a sticky here would be nice: Do you have a list of stuff that has already been implemented, is being worked on and especially a list of stuff, that needs to be done and for which you are searching
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