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  1. Errm, Galactygon, I think you really, really should have a look at my worldmap mod It already contains a full set of coloured BGI icons, as well as support for BP-BGT, TuTu as well as some other mods... And of course you do have everything (BGI, BGII and even ToB if you wish) on the same map if you play BP-BGT
  2. Thanks, will add the Trade District icon then. Yes, three of the icons were adapted from AOW, some from Civ3 fan art, one from Disciples 2 and the trees and mountains are 100% original from yours truly. But all were tweaked, some quite heavily. I'll add some more refinements before they finally make it into the bam to make them more original It will still take some weeks until I am done with v4 of the map mod, but they will all be in there and maybe some additional ones as well.
  3. A couple of weeks ago I offered NiGHTMARE to add a some new LoI inspired icons to my worldmap mod. Mainly as an incentive for you folks to consider making your mod compatible with it So here they are, hope you can figure out which one is intended for which area Feel free to comment, I'll add changes or additional icons if these ones do not fit your purpose. Btw: I have no icon for the trade district yet, would be nice if you could pass me a small pic of Athkatla with the trade district marked since I do not know where it is supposed to be
  4. Hi CamDawg, Just in case you do not know yet: King Diamond over at FW is actively working on a WeiDU version of Baldurdash and has added a very large amount of fixes in the last couple of weeks. Don't know how realistic this is, but is there any effort in coordinating work? Just wanted to let you know, regards, Yacomo
  5. Glad to hear that you are drawing more attention to this project by moving to a 'real' modding site I must admit, I only discovered GemRB by accident on sourceforge, so let's hope that increased awareness will also yield to increased activity. Maybe you might want to post a small announcement on other forums (FW, PPG) as well? I guess, I am not the first one that asks this, but if you have it, a sticky here would be nice: Do you have a list of stuff that has already been implemented, is being worked on and especially a list of stuff, that needs to be done and for which you are searching volunteers?
  6. Unfortunately no. Your guess here is as good as mine. However, I 'think' that the pathfinding is done using the information stored in the are file, so Smoketest is probably right.
  7. Hello, I have a minor correction to area link entries. Current description for flags at offset 0x28 is 'flags related to tavel time'. It should rather be 'entry point in target area' instead. The flag is only taken into account if the name of the entry point in the area link is empty. If this is the case, semantics of the flag are as follows: 0x01 - move to northern side of target area 0x02 - move to eastern side of target area 0x04 - move to southern side of target area 0x08 - move to western side of target area If you use this mechanism, the game engine will simply center your character at the appropriate side of the target area. Regards, Yacomo
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