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  1. I love Lena and I want to see it completed. So please continue your good work.
  2. miker17

    ToB news

    True, but you can always ask her/him. But then again she/he only did the TOB addon for Amber so I don't see any problem with that since this mod is dead for 8 years. And if it is on BWinstaller I think she/he has permission.
  3. miker17

    ToB news

    "Has taken over" without consent of the original author, as far as I know. There would be other words for that, but I will not write them. Do you actualy know that or you are just speculating
  4. miker17

    ToB news

    Roxane has taken over the mod and made the TOB content
  5. Any chance that somebody adopts this mod... ? I hate to see it gone
  6. Another part of childhood is gone....I knew this was gonna happen, i hoped you would stuck it out, since you told us that only few last lovetalks are needed to be done but secretly i knew this is how it would end. T_T
  7. Any chance of this releasing before the end of summer ?
  8. Heyo, any update on progress ?
  9. Damn... since this project was annouced i have married. Had two kids....divorced. Married same woman again and had another kid. Time sure flies. Hope it will be done soon :3
  10. Sorry for late answer XD But yeah, i would like to see this mod completed(SOA and TOB) ... it haves great potential.
  11. Hey wanted to ask ...Do you still work on this mod or its abandoned.
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