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  1. Found the answer to a problem I discussed with Avenger a long time ago. New section under the 'Doors' topic - 'Non-rectangular Doors'.
  2. I can if you really want -Y-
  3. It sounds like you needed the 'So Now You want to Add a Night Area' subtopic. Or did I mis-read your problem? -Y-
  4. New version up. As promised, this includes making Wallgroups a separate sub-topic off Area Basics, complete with a full troubleshooting section. -Y-
  5. Wallgroups are a complete PITA, so much so that I'm working on a large sub-topic devoted just to wallgroups and their problems. I see from the picture that you've very carefully lined up the edges of the polygons; you don't need to be so accurate as they'll still work if you have everything overlapping. Where your 'hovering' wall is set makes it effectively a normal wall, which is why it is working correctly, because the baseline is outside the cre-accessible area but any cres that move will walk into its sphere of influence. A really dirty trick to get a hovering wall such as an arch is
  6. Wallgroup flags table updated in topic 'Area Basics' -Y-
  7. It's a 2:1 bias . Apart from using RandomNum() the only way to get a fully random script block this way is to (e.g.) Response #33 Do Something1 Response #33 Do Something2 Response #34 Do Something2again Clumsy and horrid. -Y-
  8. 'Testing' section corrected. 'Containers' updated with additional information from Avenger. Zipfile download re-instated as requested. -Y-
  9. I shot it with this update. I'll try to remember to reinstate it but I'll be out of the country (i.e. away from this PC) for a week. -Y-
  10. 'Testing' - new topic added.
  11. 'Actors' updated - missing 'Useful Baddies' listing added. I can't believe no-one told me this wasn't there!
  12. 'Travel Regions' topic - 'Scripting Travel Regions' section added. -Y-
  13. 'Area Basics' updated. 'Modifying Original Areas 2' topic added. -Y-
  14. I never really saw the use for them. Sometimes I use them, sometimes I don't. It depends if I remember -Y-
  15. 'Area Making' updated 'Doors' updated. See the Updates Page for a brief description. -Y-
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